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 REMEMBER   Handicaps in any block of 4 will change    if you have 3 wins or 3 lose in your first three matches you will alter by 5 up or down and following your forth match adjusted again if need be 

Week 4

Retford Liberal v Harworth B (div 1 ) ;-First game saw Ben Smith take on Steve Boughton. In Bens first visit he knocked in a sublime 48 closely followed by a 21. A few red colours from Steve then got him back into the game but Ben potted a superb pink to make it 1-0. Next up saw Lee Ryan get a 35 point start from Jordan Mann. A scrappy affair saw Lee take most his chances. Jordan struggled to get going and find the pace of the table but a fine 51 from Lee settled the frame just before the colours. Chris Hewitt then gave the maximum start to Jade Boughton. After a slow start Chris found his way back into the frame only for Jade to pot some lovely balls with colours to leave Chris needed 4 snookers on the Green. Chris persisted as Jade managed to escape from nearly all of them but got the 4 fouls required and took the frame on the black. The last game saw Daz Preston take on James Boughton. James player extremely well and potted well. Daz couldn’t get going in the balls and found himself 45 behind on the green. After a few snookers and in offs he managed to get to 28 behind with 22 remaining but James pitted a good brown and blue to take the frame.
Great night all round. Good luck for the season Report by Chris Hewitt



Clowne v Breakers X (Div 2)  1st game in league for Bert had a sweat on, but kept going, potted some good balls Dave not having much run balls wobbling in the pockets 1 up to the home side   Robbie up next nip and tuck with Griff  but kept going to win and put us 2 up.   Stubbie not over the night before, could not contain Kev 2-1   Suggs playing a rusty Daz Peacock played well and came home a good winner 3-1   3 nubies all winning good luck to them  Report by Ricky Wyld


Woodend Pub v Clipstone S C (Div 2)   The team performed well straight out of the blocks – well done lads. All frames were thoroughly entertaining. Both team gave us an enjoyable evenings’ snooker – thank you all. Special thanks to Matty and Julie for an excellent spread of food during the evening. The visiting team also commented favourably – thank you. Finally, a mention to the Woodend Man of the Match – which was awarded to Rookie. His first time in competition and he handled it with professionalism and enthusiasm. Well done, Rookie.















Following the A.G.M. a number of changes were voted in every member attending has one vote  you the members decide what the committee has to do

1.  Competitions to start earlier   so get your forms in !!!

2.   Handicaps in any block of 4 will change    if you have 3 wins or 3 lose in your first three matches you will alter by 5 up or down and following your forth match adjusted again if need be 

This does not effect New Players in their first block of 4 they will alter after each game

3.   A vote of 17 for 12 against  for the  Miss rule to be use in league matches  but ONLY FOR a deliberate miss


A.    If you pot a red and end up at the back of the pack and can see black, if you choose any other colour you must hit it or the miss rule applies

B.    if you can see a red full ball and choose to go off a cushion to hit another, hit it, or the miss rule applies

C.     If the object ball is at the bottom of the table and you don't reach halfway you have not made an deliberate effort to hit it.   miss applies

The Miss Rule WILL NOT apply to missed snookers or trying to fine cut a ball and missing, it is only for a deliberate miss  I don't expect it to be use above 3 times a season


All the winners

2017/2018 1st 2nd jt 3rd jt 3rd
Division 1 Arena Young Guns Breakers   S Black Market A  
Division 2 Retford Liberal Arena "Bassetlaw  C" Warsop Exservicemens  
Team KO Arena Bassetlaw Breakers S Breakers Boys Stanley St B
Scratch J Mann D Presgrave A Camm H Staniland
Handicap T Cook  C Elliott J McNally P Taylor
League Pairs J Shaw & D Hynes M Gee & L Gee B Elliott  &  C Elliott  M Croft & G Neal 
Aggregate Pairs A Day & C Longbottom B Elliott  &  C Elliott J Shaw & D Hynes M Whiting & D Tomlin
High Break J Mann     80      
Player of the Year J Shaw   100%    8-8      
Captains Cup Stanley G Breakers S Grove Mill Arena Bassetlaw




Handicap semi final.
Charlie Elliot vs James McNally.
In a very scrappy first frame neither player was able to shine with James finding it hard to get a break together to reduce Charlie's 50 start which led Charlie to pinch the frame.
The second frame was better with Charlie chipping away at the reds only for James to find his form and knock in a very good 30 break.
With not much in it on the colours Charlie kept his head and played his own game which for anybody that knows Charlie always involves a bit of luck to win on the Pink.
Well done Charlie.
Report by Jason Tompkin.



Week 25

Bowling Club v Hodthorpe A (Div 1):-   The last home game of the season saw already relegated Bowling Club take on Hodthorpe A. Up first Phil against Barry. A close frame throughout but Barry taking the point for Hodthorpe. 2nd men on, Ian taking on Daz. Ian played a good game limiting Daz's chances coming through 87-40 to make it 1 all. Third frame was a frame both players will try to forget. Littered with fouls and in-offs with Trevor eventually taking it on the pink to give Bowling Club a 2-1 advantage. Final frame Chris vs Olly. Olly probably the best player on the night with several good small breaks and finishing the frame with a yellow to pink 20 to finish the night with a 2-2 draw. A good night's snooker unfortunately marred by one players abusive and threatening behaviour towards his opponent. Unfortunately this is not the first incident we have witnessed this season and a return to the second division will be welcomed by all the Bowling Club players Report by Chris Pasturel

Hodthorpe B v Clipstone (Div 1):-  Great result for home side. D Mansfield got five points in his whole frame (four was a foul) got to be the lowest score by only scoring one point. Other frames could have gone either way. Well done to both teams very good to watch Report by D Mansfield

Week 23

Breakers S v Tickhill B (Div 1):  2/2 draw, start by Dinger,1/0, Scott v Chris made it 2/0, a very good pink from John Hartley beat Daz Millichip, and Simon v Dave, close match, couple of flukes helped Dave score 26 points, and some good pots helped him to the win Report by Shane

:Dinnington A v Stanley St G (Div 1):-    A cagey nights snooker saw Stanley take away 3 points from unlucky Dinnington. The first frame was anyone's come the blue and Pat played a nice snooker but was glad to watch the blue settle over the corner pocket, Daz failed to get out of the snooker leaving Pat an easy pot to make it 1-0. Second up saw Tim take Dinnington's only point of the night with a nice all round game that left Wayne needing snookers come the colours. In the third frame Richard never really got going and Russ ran out an easy winner in the end. Last up saw Proc (now known as Kev) and Andy take it all the way, the frame looked likes Procs (Kev's) after a great brown and blue saw him land on the pink for the frame, the ball hugged the cushion and stayed agonisingly over the bag, Andy had thought the frame was over a minute ago played a great shot on the pink to land nicely on the black to give the Stanley boys a nice 3-1 win. Report by Daz Pyatt

week 22

Breakers S v Arena Bassetlaw (captains Cup semi-final)  2/0 win for the pool player ,Andrew started very well, lots of long pots, nearly 40 in front, a couple of little breaks, got it to 20 points, an in off on the green, helped, potted green, played a cocked hat on the brown, got it, blue and pink potted, missed black round the rim of the middle bag, was left a thin cut on the black ,but played it as a cocked hat ,nailed it 1/0,2nd frame soon caught the 20 start up, then 20 in front, nice 24 break opened a big gap, another red and pink ,frame and match over, handshakes, thanks to Stanley street, and Graham for being the ref ,looking forward to the final, not bad for only a pool player, lol. Report by Shane

A draw between Harworth B and Hodthorpe A at the Comrades Club on Thursday.1st up saw a clash of the big hitters when Jordan Mann played Daz Presgrave. Jordan got off to a good start with breaks of 21 and 16 and gained a fifty point lead. Daz then got in and made a 29 break to get back into the frame. Some good safety play then followed from both players with Jordan getting a slightly better run of the ball. Jordan got his chance with the last red on the table and scored enough for Daz to concede. A good frame which could be a preview of the scratch final. On 2nd Stave Boughton took on Matt Widdison. Matt made the better start and gained a twenty point lead but Steve gradually pulled back the deficit to make it close on the colours. The frame went down to the last two balls with Steve needing both to win. He duly knocked in the pink and had first go at the black but angled the pocket and left Matt an easy pot with the rest to level the atch 1-1. Up 3rd Graham Fry played Roy Butterfield. Another close frame saw Roy hold the early lead but a nice 23 break by Graham saw the lead change. The game stayed close and inevitably came down to a black ball game. It was Graham that potted a great long black to put the home side back in front. On last Mick Burns took on Barry Godley. Both players struggled to get going missing balls they would normally bury. Mick held the lead throughout the frame and when he potted the blue Barry needed a snooker with just pink and black left. After a couple of shots Barry got his snooker which Mick missed and hit the black. Now Barry could win and duly knocked in the last two balls to sicken his opponent and grab a draw for Hodthorpe Report by Mick Burns

Week 21

Hodthorpe B v Exservicemens (div 2):--  2-2 Good result for home side could have gone either way

Well done to Arena Bassetlaw for winning the Team Ko

Congrats to Arena Bassetlaw, cup winners, thanks to Stanley street for holding the final, Graham for being the ref, unlucky breakers S  the snooker gods, not on our side tonight but that's snooker, no complaints, well done team on making the final, next year might be our time.  Report by Shane

Week 20

Dinnington A v Dinnington Qs  (Div 1):-  Q&A night at Dinnington as both teams needed the points for different reasons. Dinnington A got off to a good start as Daz P slowly clawed back the handicap to leave Daz O needing a snooker come the colours that he didn't manage to get, 1-0 the the A team. In the 2nd frame Proc and Denis where neck and neck all the way to the colours and with the game levels come the yellow it was up for grabs but Denis rolled back the years to clear the table with a great clearance, 1-1. The next frame matched up Alan and Ian, both players had chances but this one like the last was anyone's come the colours, Alan put the coughing to one side and potted a great pink to make it 2-1 to the A team. The final Frame saw teachers pet Richard get off to a nice start against john, the 30 handicap was soon wiped out and every time john left Richard a chance he was punishing it, by the time only the colours where left John needed to many snookers to put up a fight. 3-1 to the A team  Report by Darren Pyatt

Week 19

Breakers S v Langold Pocket (Div 1):-   3/1 win in the snooker tonight v languid pocket, Daz v Paul, solid play from the big lad made it 1/0,K Baines v Scott a misfiring Scott missed the pink,1/1,Dinger v Roy, looked like Roy's frame, Dinger kept chipping away black ball game, only for Roy to go in off, unlucky Roy, last frame of the night Simon v Alan, first win of the season for Simon, very solid frame, didn't miss much, always a pleasure playing the pocket, back to winning ways, for the pool lads. Report by Shane

Week 18

Breakers S v Stanley St G  (Div 1):--This week Stanley G men travel to title chasing Breakers S could they carry on the winning run after last weeks 4-0 against Stanley C  team and yes they could coming away with another 4-0 win .First up super sub Mick Camm v big Daz Metcalf with 40 start Daz not firing and taking his chances 1 nil .next up Andy Camm v Scott Bradley with Andy potting well and a bit of run plus a 38 break two nil expecting the wheels to fall off up next Paul Hughes v Wayne Heath nip and tuck all the way this one with Wayne taking it on the colours last up Dinger (grinder) Bell v Pat Gee with Dinger a good 40 up Pat halved the deficit then got in again and made it all square with a few colours left then an unusual in off on the brown by Dinger left pat brown blue and pink for frame 4-0 good match with some good banter all the best for the rest of season to Breaker S ...report by Andy Camm

Week 17

Honours even between Harworth and Breakers  S. A 2-2 draw battled out at he Comrades Club. On 1st Scott Bradley became Jade Boughton's latest victim as she continued her good form. Some fine long potting maintained Jades start and she ran 83 out an easy winner 83-40. On 2nd Jordan Mann gave Dinger Bell 55 start. As expected the start proved to be too much as Dinger increased his lead with a 24 break and Jordan conceded with several reds still on the table. On 3rd James Boughton played Daz Metcalf. James had a 45 start and held his lead throughout with Daz struggling to get going 2-1 to the home side. On last Steve Boughton played Daz Millichip. The closest game of the night followed with the lead changing hands often. The game came down to a black ball finish and it was Daz that got the final pot to level the match at 2-2. Good match and a good laugh as well. Report by Mick Burns.

Team knock-out (semi)

Breakers S v Stanley St B (Team Ko):  Breakers S  Won by 14 points, in the team knockout cup, at Hodthorpe club v Stanley street B, close match, they won 1st frame by 20 points,2nd frame by 4 points we won 3rd frame by 20 points, dinger gave Nigel 34 start in the last frame,7 in front after potting the pink, and took the black as well Report by Shane

Week 16

 Charlie Elliot v Bruce Elliot (Handicap):--. In the battle of father vs son the in form Charlie came to the table in confidence getting a 40 point start per frame over his son and this was soon to be proved with Charlie taking his opportunity's in the first game putting the game beyond the reach of Bruce to go 1 nil up. The second game did not pan out for Bruce very well with the reds down one end of the table and the colours at the other and not really giving the breaks Bruce needed to close the deficit of Charlie's 40 point start. In a late fight back from Bruce proved to be fruitless as Charlie took the game, match and bragging rights on the pink. Report by Jason Tomkin

Breakers S v Stanley St C (Div 1):-Good match 3/1 win for the pool players, Scott v Kev, close frame but Scott opened the gap up on the colours,1/0,Daz v Willy, few twists and turns in this one, great brown, lucky blue, fantastic pink, and black over the bag, made it 2/0, Dinger v Mick, another close game but Mick pulled away on the colours,2/1,Shane v Karl, gave 25 start, soon caught up, opened a gap But Karl potted a great red out of the snooker, then pink, looked like it was all going Karl's way, when I potted the pink, he then found an in off, and left a free ball, took the pink for the blue, leaving him at snooker required, good blue and pink made the frame safe, great set of lads enjoyed the match, first win in a while lol. Report by Shane

Week 15

Woodend Pub v Ex-servicemen's (Div 2):-  The spoils we're shared in this local derby, some good snooker played but the standout performance was by Jim Shaw.

Week 14

Dinnington Qs v Stanley St C (Div 1):-  Good match with the Stanley Street guys going well into the night. Darren Oldfield kicked off the night with some good potting against an off form Kev Firth who couldn't get going. Next up a tactical battle with Phil taking the points and keeping it tight leaving few chances which Nigel couldn't take advantage of. Next up Ian and Karl with Karl knocking in some full length table pots going forty in front, Ian clawed back to have a chance going to a respot but wasn't to be and Karl took it. Finally Dennis and Mick with a cracking match which looked like going Mick's way until Dennis played a couple of good safety shots and finished off with some nice pots. Report by Ian Rookes

Breakers S v Hodthorpe A (Div 2):-  2/2 Draw, on another night, could have been 4/0,2 black ball games, Big Daz v Oliver, Daz in front all the way, then Oliver took blue ,pink and black, to win the frame, Dinger v Barry, think Barry gave 33 points away in fouls, is this a record ?,only 1 winner in this frame, Scott v Danny funny frame, Scott not in it, then last red, colour, and colours up to black, cocked hat played and missed, left Danny along straight black which he knocked in, Shane v Keith,45 start given, chipped away 13 in front, with pink and black left, missed pink by Keith left the frame to the breakers captain, had some bad news tonight with the passing of Roz,1 lovely lady, who worked behind the bar at breakers, for many a year, will be sadly missed, well done young Oliver for the respect shown, to the big lad, well played Hodthorpe always a pleasure, thanks for the match. Report by Shane

Hodthorpe B v Stanley St A (Div 2):-     Well done to away team very good and close games. Could have gone either way. Well done to Callum for getting his highest break of 25 to win first frame Report by D Mansfield

Week 14

Dinnington A v Dinnington C  (Div 1):--Local derby time at Dinnington, Richard and Frank got things started, a scrappy frame early on with both players failing to take advantage but eventually Richard woke up and wrestled the frame off Frank to make it 1-0. Next up was Alan and Mat, some good safety play made it a really tight frame at the start but Mat then stepped up the pace and Alan didn't have an answer on the night, 1-1. The third frame saw Darren take on young Luke, a steady 20 break from Darren wiped out the handicap early on but instead of letting that effect him Luke kept on playing his own game and potted some great long shots to keep the scores tight. By the time it got to the colours both players did their best to throw the frame away with some crazy in-offs but Darren left Luke half a chance on the pink and Luke kept his nerve to pot the pink and a great black to make it 1-2. Last up saw Proc and Pip fighting it out, Proc started off on fire and the 15 handicap was soon caught and Proc just kept going, by the time it got down to the colours Pip was at the needing snookers stage and although he tried his best to get them the frame was already gone, 2-2 on the night, a fair result with both teams not deserving to lose a match that was played in great spirits from both teams. Report by Daz Pyatt

Stanley St C v Tickhill B (Div 1):-   Two black ball respot, some great safety from each team all made for a great encounter which ended with honours shared. Report by Karl Goulding

Week 13

S Robinson v R Pendleton (Captain's cup );--Shane 2-0 win v Roy ,got 5 start, very close first frame, opened a twenty plus gap, but Roy came back, potted last red, missed the green, on the yellow, Roy took yellow green and brown, to put him 5 in front, got the blue to make it level potted the pink to go 6 in front, bout of safety play on the black, potted a good black up the rail,2nd frame, colours were all in a bad position, Roy potted the first 8 reds and 1 blue, to put him 8 in front, 2 flukes by me changed the game, double kiss on the yellow, cost Roy the frame, took the colours up to the blue, to leave Roy needing a snooker, but with the black over the bag was always hard to get, pleased to get over the line, semis for the pool player lol Report by Shane

Hodthorpe B v Institute A (Div 2);-  Very good games could have been a draw possibly a win Report by Danny Mansfield

D Duncanson & S Nettleship v G Dennis & C Frost  (Aggregate Pairs);-   Great night of very quick snooker, Guy knocking an easy 64 break to batter us and take a small advantage over. 2nd frame was a complete turnaround, small breaks and unusual misses and we took a good advantage into the final frame. 85 point start for the ex-servicemen (easy you think). No points scored by us and we were behind, never a sniff. Well done Craig and Guy, nice to see real snooker players, good luck in next round

S & J Mallender V D Metcalf & S Bradley (League Pairs):-  Steve and Josh managed to come out on top in the league pairs 2-1Nip and took in first with a good clearance on the colours by Josh to take the frame. Second Daz and Scott managed to get in front but Josh on the colours looked to seal it after an amazing green to blue left snookers required but a great snooker by Daz and the final 2 colours took it to a decider. Steve and Josh took the decider. Great game, Steve just left Daz nothing and when did play a bad safety left nothing and Josh just pots. Cheers guys.

Breakers S v Hodthorpe A (Team Ko)  Team K O result, Breakers S beat Hodthorpe A ,big Daz v Lee, close game all the way, Daz missed the pink, Lee potted pink and black to win by 14, Daz Millichip v Roy, steady game from both players, Daz won by 22,Scott v Daz Daz had a 32 break, to get his team back in the game, Scott got a twenty plus break at the end of the frame to win by 19,final frame of a long night, Dinger v Ollie,32 start for dinger, no big breaks ,but lots of safety play from both players, Dinger got over the line, good effort from both teams, semis here we come lol

Week 12

Harworth v Stanley St G (Div 1):-  Honours even between Harworth and Stanley St G .First up Steve Boughton played Wayne Heath. Steve had 15 start and increased his lead steaditly. Wayne was restricted to just 20 points while Steve scored well and won by 40.On 2nd Pete Pashley took on Pat Gee. Pete had 40 start but struggled to get going and Pat cut the deficit with a good 30 break. While Pete had a problem with one of his eyes Pat took advantage and scored well to level the match. On third Jordan had to give Russ Cairns 55 start. The balls didn't run well and Jordan was showing his frustration. With breaks of 19 and 21 Jordan narrowed the gap and on the colours there was nothing in it. Jordan seemed to lose the plot and was hitting each shot harder and harder but still led by five points with just pink and black left. He then blasted the pink around the table and left Russ a chance which he gladly took to win 80-76.On last Graham Fry played Andy Camm. Graham had 40 start and played well to keep Andy out of the balls. He
extended his lead and although Andy tried to get the snookers required it was Graham that came out on top to make the match all square at 2-2. Report by Mick Burns.

Breakers S v Dinnington C (Div 1):-  Good 3/1 v Dinnington C ,up first Daz Millichip v Chris Salt, solid play from Daz kept Chris out,1/0,big Daz Metcalf gave Brad Parker 40 start, black ball game, only for the Dinnington player to go in off,2/0,the captain v young Luke Gee,25 start given, caught up, then a small break from Luke, put him back in front, an in off the blue, blue and pink potted, made it 3/0,last frame Simon v Frank the potting machine burke, only 1 winner here, handshakes all round, good match for the pool players, keeps us in the running, merry Xmas to all. report by Shane

Week 11

Harworth B v Stanley St C  (Div 1):-  A good four/nil win for Harworth B team over Stanley St C. On first Steve Boughton out scored Carl Goulding. Steve built an early lead and held a 20 point advantage throughout the game to put the home side one up. On second Jordan Mann gave his usual sixty start to Will Goy. Jordan only made two scoring visits unfortunately for Will they were breaks of 49 and 54. On third Pete Pashley played Nigel Bond. Pete had 10 start and built an early lead .Nigel made the game closer until Pete made a 27 break which pro ex crucial and put Harworth three up. On last Graham Fry played Mick Kirk a close frame followed. With Graham in front Mick made a31 break to over take him. The frame came down to the colours and inevitably went to a black ball game. It was Graham who cut the black into the middle bag to earn Harworth a four nil win. Report by Mick Burns.

Breakers S v Dinnington (Captains Cup):-   A2/1 win in the captain's cup v Alan Simpson, gave 15 start per frame, a few twenty plus breaks helped,1/1 twenty plus in front, yellow resting on the brown, got the snooker, Alan missed left a free ball ,took the blue for another snooker, opened a 37 point gap up with the colours on, kept Alan in trouble, rattled the green, it came out safe, and got the white behind the pink for another snooker, then handshakes, thanks for the game. Report by Shane

Tickhill B v Breakers S (div 1):-  Cracking first frame between Lee and Shane with both players playing well with the Tickhill player coming out on top, next up John played Daz horrible frame this with both players struggling for form but it looked like the Breakers man would win it only for our John to wake up and clear the colours from brown to black to win it, next up Eric played Daz Millichip poor Eric just can't get a win at the minute and went down again, last up Dave played Dinger getting thirty start I potted some good balls but what won it for me was the run I had even getting snookers when I missed and fluking pots when playing safe so in the end an embarrassing game for me. Good to see the breakers lads again as always Report by D Hartley

Week 10

Breakers S v Black Market A  (Div 1);-  Mixed night ended 2/2 dinger v Ade, looked like a dinger win all the way, but Ade cleared the colours up to the black to win, Daz v Tom, big lad on potting form,36 break, and a couple of twenty made it 1/1,Scott v matt very close game,13 behind ,with pink and black on, Scott got the snooker, Matt missed Scott potted pink and black,2/1 then the captain's played Shane v Ian, with most of the colours safe, always going to be low scoring, I rattled too many ,Ian potted a great pink, to share the points, a good night for all. Report by Shane

Week 9

Breakers S v Bowling Club (Div 1):-  Bad night at the office, Paul v Trev, Paul left lots of Easy starters, Trev opened a big lead, Paul came back, Trev potted blue and pink, game over, big Daz v Phil 50 start proved too much, Daz Millichip played very well against Jeff, only 1 winner in this frame, Shane v Chris got it back to 6 points, played a good safety, Chris knocked a great pot in,35 behind on the colours, got the 2 snooker, and the colours up to the pink, only to leave a pot into the middle, well played bowling club, don't think we had any run tonight. Report by Shane

Dinnington A v Hodthorpe A (Div 1):-   Points shared between Dinnington & Hodthorpe, Darren slowly pegged back Danny's start in the first frame but with no one taking the frame by the scruff of the neck it ended up the best part of an hour gone when Darren finally took the blue and pink for the frame. The second frame had a similar look to it with both proc and Roy struggling to pull away, in the end Roy edged it for Hodthorpe, 1-1. In the third frame Alan had two early chances to pot the black, and one on the blue, normally he would have sunk all three but missed them all and this left Matt with his 15 start to grow in confidence, Alan made a valiant effort near the end to get back in it but Matt had pulled away enough to see it through, 2-1 Hodthorpe. The final frame Tim (for once) received a 5 start off Barry and both players potted some nice reds but were both unlucky with the white, it ended up going down to the black and after a few great safety shots by both players Barry got a really unlucky double kiss leaving a simple black for Tim to make it 2-2 on the night. Report by Daz Pyatt

Arena Young Guns v Black Market A (Div 1);-  Honours even between Arena Young Guns and Black Market A. Josh and Brock battled to and fro but it was Brock that took the frame. Mat pulled the win from jaws of defeat against James to send them 0-2 up Another masterclass by Hayden who had the cue ball on a string against Phil who got the biggest cheers of the night when he finally scored a point but couldn't pull Hayden back 1-2 Excellent last frame with Steve and Terry, Steve putting pressure on from the start but pulled back nicely by terry. Terry needed a snooker with pink and black left with the black just over a ball width away from the top cushion, he got it with a fantastic shot leaving Steve with what looked no way out but 4 cushions later he found the way out. Terry carried on very nearly repeating the snooker and a 15 minute duel on the pink when Steve missed game on only for Terry to stick it over the bag. 2-2 on the night some great snooker played by all Report by Steve Mallender

Week 8

Breakers S v Young Guns (Div 1):-  Good 3/1 win for the pool kings, Paul v josh looked like josh was gonna win this, but Paul found some form taking the last 4 colours to pinch it on the black, big Daz v Glen, the youngster played very well, leaving Daz needing snookers he got a couple, but not enough, Daz Millichip v Macauley, he flukes the first pot as always, but a couple of twenty breaks by Daz took the game away from Macauley, final frame Shane v Hayden he pool king kept it tight, a twenty break, opened a gap that Hayden could not close, top of the pots tonight lol. Report by Shane

Dinnington C v Stanley St C  (Div 1):- It was a pleasure to play over at Dinnington on Thursday night even if we blew our chances to win the match. We were well received by Pip Taylor and his players and the first frame commenced with
 Luke Gee breaking and playing Kevin Firth. The players went toe to toe with the Dinnington table the winner. As the two players cancelled each other out, it came down to the colours, and Kevin got the first chance when he cleared to the black and he put his team one frame up. (60-41) In frame two, Frank Burke played Karl Goulding in a scratch match. Karl got in front early only for Frank to steal the lead and again in this frame, it would be the colours which would seal the frame. Frank potting the green, brown, and blue to leave Karl fourteen points behind. Soon after Frank potted the pink to level the match.(49-29) The next frame was probably the most nail-biting of the four and for long periods of the frame, Mick Kirk couldn't find a way to stop Nicky Spooner from potting. Every time Mick missed, Nicky took a red and a colour. However, this changed when he made a foul whilst rolling up which turned the game. Mick gained momentum and he found his touch and the frame came to life. Mick narrowed the scores and he soon drew level and with more good play he gave himself a chance to steal the frame on the final pink but he received a kick which diverted his pot and Nicky took us to the final black. With neither player wanting to lose, both players showed excellent resolve and they each exchanged safety after safety shot until Mick left Nicky a small chance which he jawed and from this, Mick won with a thin cut into the center to again put Stanley Street C one frame up. (79-74) The final frame of the night brought together team captains; Pip Taylor of Dinnington C and Jack Wilson of Stanley Street C in a frame which saw the Dinnington C captain held his nerve well in the face of a barrage of early potting from Jack. The fifty-five point start was a little too much for Jack to chase and Pip came out on top with Pip himself doing some useful potting to keep Jack at arms length.(69-30) On the night, two apiece was a fair result and both teams were satisfied Report by K Goulding

Tickhill B v Harworth B (Div 1):-  Tickhill played Harworth on Monday night up first Stan played Lee in what was a good close frame with the handicapping being spot on as it finished with one point between them in Favour of Lee, next up Dave played Pete in what was a very poor frame with both players struggling for form but in the end Dave came out on top so two up to Tickhill, next up John played Jordan who couldn't get in at first but when he did it resulted in a good forty nine break which made a game of it and with John cutting in a remarkable pink to take it to a black ball which he nearly got in the end Jordan potted it so two one, last up Chris played James who got fifteen start but couldn't get going and with Chris playing well the frame was soon over, in the end a good 3-1win for the Tickhill lads Report by Dave Hartley

week 7

Harworth B v Bowling Club (Div 1):-  Harworth suffered their 1st home defeat against the Bowling club on Thursday. Steve Boughton lost out to Ian Baines in a tight frame on the final black. Then Graham Fry lost against Phil Clarke. The game looked like it was going to Graham but a few snookers kept Phil in touch. When Graham attempted the final black down the cushion he missed and left the black over the middle pocket for Phil to snatch the win. On 3rd Pete Pashley played Jeff Newton. Again it looked like being a close frame until, with five reds left, Jeff got in and made a very good 32 break which proved to be crucial and gave the away side a 3-0 lead. On last Mick Burns took on Trev Harrison .Mick set off the better and established a lead. Trev was restricted to scoring chances and with the last four colours on the table he needed a snooker. It was Mick that got the chance though and cleared the Brown, blue, pink and black to rescue a point for Harworth. Report by Mick Burns.

Breakers S v Langold Pocket (Div 1):-  Good 3/1 win v the pocket, captain up 1st v John, little 20 break, opened the gap, and John could not pull it back,1/0,big Daz played great ,32 break, and a couple of 20 odd breaks, made it 2/0, Daz Millichip v Roy, game of 2 halves Daz started well, but Roy finished strong, with a snooker on the pink and nicked the frame,2/1,last frame solid from dinger v Alan, little 20 break from dinger, cut the gap and ran out the winner, good match, handshakes all round. Report by Shane Robinson

Dinnington A v Tickhill B (Div1 ):-   Points shared as Tickhill visited Dinnington, Lee got Tickhill off to a great start hardly missing a ball 1-0 Tickhill, second up Darren steadily chipped away at the 25 start Eric had and by the colours Eric needed a snooker, 1-1, the third frame was a cagey affair but in the end Alan nudged enough in front to give Dinnington a 2-1 lead, the last frame was even tighter and Richard was unlucky to in off on the pink leaving Chris a nice pot off the spot to make it 2-2 on the night Report by D Pyatt

Stanley St C v Black Market A (Div 1):-  A good team performance by the home side saw them beat the fancied Warsop side well. First to play Lee Ryan, who after knocking in a mid-twenty break, found his potting boots for the second time in the frame and he thumped in 32 break and Ade Westwood had plenty of words but no answers on the table. In frame two Steve Tracy played Herb Brocklehurst and the Stanley Street C man never let the Black Market A player get going, in fact, this frame was another comfortable win for the Home side. Frame three brought Dave Smith of Warsop and Kevin Firth together in a tight frame which went all the way down to the wire. With the final black potted and scores even, the two fought over a respot. In truth, the Warsop man was dreadfully unlucky not to win with a black which refused to drop in the top pocket and shortly after that Kevin downed the black with a flourish. Could Stanley Street C's final man bring home the final point? Standing in his way Matt Scott who started slow and for 80% of the frame it looked that Karl Goulding the Stanley Street C final man would win, however, Matt finished the stronger and he snatched a deserved win.  Report by K Goulding

Week 6

Hodthorpe B v Woodend Pub (Div 2)  :- well done 3-1 to the visitors could have gone either way

Arena Young Guns v Stanley St C (Div1 ):-  Tuesday saw a spiffing encounter at the Arena. Some great snooker from Ben Smith and Hayden Staniland were of note. it was first time out for Ben Smith who debuted for Stanley Street C and though he gave 40 start to his young'gunz opponent he made short work of him and he added his name to the
 high break table with a handsome 39 break. Next, Karl Goulding took no risks in a scratch frame and over came his opponent to put the visitors two frames up. The third frame saw Will Goy do 90% of the spade work and he was well on the way to making three score  three nil, however his opponent dug in and Will missed one to many pots and his opponent flourished, with Will gutted. The last frame saw a safety master class from Hayden Staniland who gave Mick Kirk 40. Practice partners; this frame was very different to what Mick was usually used to on Sunday nights at Stanley Street and he found himself behind very quickly. T hanks to Hayden's good play Mick found himself in all sorts of trouble, snookered many times, and many times he missed. With only one winner, Hayden finished off Mick and the match ended all square. Maybe a fair result but maybe the visitors will feel a win should have been theirs. Report by Karl Goulding

Week 5

Breakers S v Harworth B (Div 1):-   The pool kings hosted the Haworth team, second time in 2 weeks, we have played them ,funny old game!  Simon Whitlam lost to Graham who potted some great balls, Scott played lucky Steve, lots of lucky shots but left the pink, over the bag too level the score 1-1,P Hughes played Peter who was both lucky and unlucky in this frame Paul won on the pink, final frame Dinger v Jordan, lots of safety shots from Dinger keep Jordan out, so it ended up a 3-1 win for the pool kings, always a pleasure playing Haworth, lots of banter, and handshakes at the end. Report by Shane

Stanley St C v Stanley St G (Div 1):-  The first two frames went to the home side but the last two needed a dogged approach and the last two home players fought tooth and nail in the face of tough resistance, otherwise the match result could have ended up very different.

D Hartley & C Cousins v S Smith  & J Mann ( Aggregate Pairs):-   Wednesday night saw Tickhill pair Dave Hartley and Carl Cousins take on Harworth pair Stan smith and Jordan Mann in the aggregate pairs getting thirty five start the Tickhill lads started ok before Jordan took a long red to start on a brilliant seventy one break, that's how the night went with Jordan getting breaks of thirty five in the second frame and numerous twenty odd breaks, last frame the Harworth lads got thirty five start and it was soon all over. well done to the Harworth lads and good look in the next round

Team Ko

Harworth B v Breakers S (Team Ko):-   Breakers S progressed to the next round of the team knockout with a hard fought win at Harworth. !st frame saw Steve Boughton play Daz Metcalf. Daz pulled back his handicap deficit with a 26 break but Steve held on to a small lead with some fine long potting. The game came down to the last two balls and it was Steve that took pink and black to win by three points. On 2nd Graham Fry played Daz Millichip. Off level the frame was close all the way and with the last three colours on the table Graham was two points ahead. Daz stepped in and took the blue, pink and black to sneak the win.3rd frame Saw Stan Smith take on John {Dinger] Bell. Dinger gave 45 start to Stan and slowly {very slowly] clawed back the start. What was a very long hour later, with Stan three points ahead, Dinger potted pink and black to win by ten. On last Jordan Mann had to give Shane Robinson 84 points start which proved to be too many. Jordan tried his best and reduced the deficit to around 40 but with pink and black tied up it was Shane that came out on top to send Breakers through to the next round. Good match and good luck for the rest of the tournament. Report by Mick Burns.

Stanley St G v Stanley St C (Team Ko);-  Not a classic by any means but when the talented players did show themselves the match flowed. The first frame saw Kevin Firth victorious over Pat Gee after losing the toss, but managing to keep his nose ahead in a topsy-turvy frame he emerged 15 points in front when the final black was potted. The second frame saw Nigel Bond victorious over Wayne Heath after he eliminated his 10 points arrears, and he emerged a justified winner by 23 points. The third frame saw the battle of Lee Ryan and Jason Birnie. Taking a fifteen point lead into the frame; Lee looked to be cruising, but it was Jason who emerged the winner by 8 after he potted the key colours. With 30 points to play with plus his handicap start of 55 points taken into account gave Karl 85 start, it was left to Karl Goulding to stop Andrew Camm from playing, and his game plan didn't look to be not going to plan as Andrew cut the gap to 91-49 with only four reds left. However, the frame became more open as Karl dropped the game plan and though Andrew scored another 26 points, from various visits it was Karl who knocked in more (33) to spoil Andrew's efforts to win the match. Stanley Street C beat Stanley Street G Report by Karl Goulding

Woodend Pub v Hodthorpe B  (Team Ko):-  Good start for the woodend boys made by Tony but big wins in the 2nd and 3rd frames for the Hodthorpe team left a mountain to climb for gav, a good win for Hodthorpe though with some good snooker played.

Dinnington Qs v Woodend Pub (Captains Cup)  Ian Rookes beat Gav Parry 2-1 captains cup A tough night of some good and bad snooker. First frame looked to be Ian’s 22 up on the blue but Gav had better ideas with a long blue then bouncing off two cushions laying on a nasty snooker. Ian missed and Gav cleared up to take the lead. Second frame Gav started potting and Ian came back from 30 behind to push to a black ball game and took it to a deciding frame. Neck and neck all the way up the last couple of reds saw Gav miss a couple with the tight match table pockets for Ian to take a couple of colours and then knock a long pink in and finish nicely on the black for a tough win.

Tickhill  v Black Market A  (Team Ko ):-   Monday night saw team knockout night at Tickhill, up first Lee continued his good form and beat Ade by thirteen points second frame saw Scott play well against Brock to win by forty three points on third John lost against Phil by fifteen points which gave Chris a fifty one point start in the last frame which he held on to even though Pat took the game to the last few colours, so in the end a good win for the Tickhill lads.

Week 4

Harworth B v Dinnington A (Div 1):-     Harworth continued their good start to the season with a 3-1 win against Dinnington A. !st frame saw Steve Boughton take on Kenny Aston. A close game with Steve pulling back the 10 start and going ahead. On the colours there was not much in the game but it was Steve that potted the crucial balls and won 63-41.On 2nd Jordan Mann gave his usual 60 start to Darren Pyatt. Jordan began well with a 29 break and gradually closed the gap. Darren played a lot better towards the end of the frame and inevitably it came to a black ball game which Darren potted to win. Unlucky Jordan scored 94 points and lost on the black.3rd up it was Graham Fry against Mark Lancashire. Another tight frame followed with Graham holding a small lead throughout most of the game. Mark then took the lead with just pink and black left but Graham potted the pink to force another black ball game .It was then Graham who got a slice of luck when an attempt to pot black into the corner pocket missed but went round the angles and dropped in the middle bag to put the home side 2-1 up. On last Mick Burns played Neil Procter. Both players struggled to get going but Mick increased his lead slowly. With Neil finding it hard to pot anything Mick pulled away with a couple of 7 or 8 breaks and Neil conceded on the colours when Mick was 40 in front. 3-1 to the home side. Report by Mick Burns.

Stanley St C v Breakers S  (Div 1);-  Lee Ryan and Daz Metcalf the only talent on show in a hard on the eye match which ended with the visitors wining 3-1  Report  by K Goulding

Hodthorpe B v Arena Bassetlaw (Div 2):-  good result for the visitors. Could have been a draw but the visitors played well

Week 3

Breakers S v Dinnington A (Div 1):-   Good 3/1 win, for the breakers team, Daz Metcalf set the ball rolling, with a 36 break, paying Mark Lancashire, Daz Millichip had a 27 break in his game v Daz Pyatt, Paul Hughes played solid v Neil Procter, S Whitlam played Richard Turner, who potted very well, to get the Dinnington team there first point, one happy captain, well played team. Report by Shane

S Robinson v Jack Wilson  (Captain's cup)   Shane v jack Wilson, Shane won 2-0,34 break in first frame, ran out easy winner first frame, second frame,6 reds potted but not a colour ,jack 20 in front, but Shane got the last four colours, to win on the black, good game from both players Report by Shane

week 2

Harworth B v Dinnington C (Div 1):-   A home win for Harworth against Dinnington C. Steve Boughton gave the home side a good start with a win over Tom Salt. Steve had a 35 point start and increased his lead early in the frame with some good potting. Tom did get going mid-way through and narrowed his deficit a little but Steve kept coming up with the pots when it mattered and ran out a good winner 75-42.Jordan Mann played 2nd against Nick Spooner. Jordan, giving 60 start, got off to a flyer with a 36 break and gradually pulled all the handicap back. With the scores close on the colours Nick got in and potted green, brown and blue to leave Jordan needing a snooker. Nick then proceeded to go in-off the pink twice and watch Jordan pot the pink to make it a black ball game. Nick had a great chance to pot the black in the middle pocket but missed and a grateful Jordan knocked in the black to put the home side 2-0 up. On 3rd Stan Smith against Pip Taylor. A long battle followed as both players struggled with their potting. Stan did pull back the 10 start he gave but the game changed when Pip put Stan in some tough snookers and built a good lead. Around 50 minutes later it was Pip who came out on top 64-37 to give the visitors their first point. On last James Boughton received 45 start against Chris Salt and his lead well. Chris narrowed the gap to 25 mid frame but some fine pots on the colours meant James went clear again and won the game 86-46 to give the home side the 3-1 win. Report by Mick Burns.

Stanley St G v Tickhill A (Div 1):-   Thursday night saw the visit of Tickhill Institute B to Stanley Street and Mick Camm broke off with a 25-point lead over Lee Scott of Tickhill B in frame 1 and despite having a few chances here and there it was Lee who got in and made the most of the early chances. With Mick struggling to take reds with colours, Lee would soon take the lead but took his foot off the peddle to leave Mick a glimmer of a chance on the black something he was unable to capitalise upon and Tickhill went one frame up.(47-65) Frame two brought John Hartley of Tickhill B up against Pat Gee and the Tickhill man broke off with a 45-point start. As the frame progressed, Pat's safety brought forth chances and he cut the lead with a couple of double-figure breaks. By the time Pat knocked in his double-figure break, this time of 14, he'd gone in front for the first time. Both players potted reds but both, without colours and so with only the colours remaining Pat lead by 10.Pretty soon the frame was at an end as Pat potted the yellow, green, brown, and blue and the handshake came.(75-51) The third frame saw the match up of Carl Cousins and Wayne Heath and to be frank the Tickhill man can have no complaints after his A-game let him down. With no pressure applied to Wayne's potting, Wayne was given a free reign to let fly from all areas and pretty soon the frame was gone and the lead switched hands on the night.(59-15) The last frame saw G-Team captain Andy Camm taking on Dave Hartley of Tickhill in a frame in which the visiting player got 45. Pretty soon a slip-up in safety and Andy had halved his deficit but afterwards, each exchanged fouls and the lead stayed at 23 in favour of the Tickhill player. A fluke by Andy nearly lead to Dave's lead being erased but Andy lost position and another chance slipped by. With the deficit cut to 11, Andy got another chance but again his position play let him down and he couldn't make full amends. A sloppy pink from Andy meant that the Dave still lead. Dave got a small chance to pull away and from it, he'd make eight to go ten in front. Andy managed to gain the lead for the first time later in the frame, after his opponent missed a number of snookers and it was these transgressions which would start to add up, adding to the pressure on Dave's shoulders. On the whole, each man hadn't convinced on the night but Andy Camm just edge it to inevitably come good at the end and win the frame but the score line flattered him somewhat.(122-69) report by k Goulding

Stanley St C v Dinnington Qs (Div 1):-   Wednesday night saw the visit of Ian Rookes' Dinnington side to Stanley Street and the frame brought together Dinnington Q's Daz Oldfield, who won the toss and broke; and Lee Ryan of Stanley Street. In the early passages of play Lee; conceding 25 point s looked to score but found a telling safety shot which brought about a mistake from Daz and he scored 23. Daz found scoring tricky early and continued to suffer. When left in, Lee added some breaks to go 22 in a front but a lapse in his concentration towards the end, saw Lee miss the final yellow to leave Daz a chance to clear for the frame. As the yellow, green, brown and blue disappeared, Lee looked down at the floor but Daz played a poor positional shot from pink to black and he was unable to rap up the frame giving Lee a second chance and he took it to win (72-63) The second frame was a match-up of Kevin Firth of Stanley Street C and John Horsfield. Giving ten points start to his opponent, Kevin soon had the lead and really this was a one-sided contest with the Dinnington Q's man struggling all the way through on his debut. Kevin kept the pressure on his opponent with some good scores and the handshake came early.(65-13) The third frame saw Dennis Turner of the visitors play Karl Goulding. Dennis broke off 35 points behind and despite his best efforts, Karl kept his nose well ahead in the frame and could have won the frame earlier had things had gone his way. Dennis continued to try to address his deficit by playing for snookers but Karl managed to keep scoring and another frame went the Home-side's way.(79-35)  By far the best frame of the night saw Stanley Street C's Mick Kirk play Ian Rookes in a frame in which he broke off and soon lost his 25 point handicap lead. Mick slowly came into the frame and soon he found his potting and he knocked in a 17 to go back in front. Ian gave a couple of fouls away and pretty soon the lead was back but Ian rallied and he chipped away again at Mick's and soon he had a pot to go in front by one with just the pink and black remaining. Needing the pink and black still Ian tried to sink the pink but the first pot came Mick's way and he made no effort to play position for the black instead he made sure he got a safe black. Ian tried a cocked-hat black and missed but the black went safe and Mick again played Ian safe. The mistake came Mick's way after Ian over hit his safety and presented Mick with a tough long range black which he potted for the frame. (75-62)  report by k Goulding

Week 1

Bowling Club V Stanley St G (Div 1):-  Following a disastrous Summer League the G men travelled across town to the Bowling Club  Captain Harrison lead the home team to take the first point although Wayne Heath went in front Trev took most of the colours to win on black.  Home side 1-0  A scrappy second frame followed Phil Clarke kept in front most of the way. but Mick Camm with the help of a few snookers took the second on the Pink.  the next two frames Jeff Newton v Pat Gee (Pat won) and Ian Baines v Andy Camm (Ian Won ) match ended 2-2  cannot comment on last two frames as I when home for as my cocoa was going cold . thanks to bowling club great night in good company  report by Mick Camm

Breakers S v Arena Reds (Div 1):-Good 3/1 win v the Arena Reds, well played Daz Millichip ,very solid frame, Daz Metcalf followed it up with a win after giving 50 start, Paul lost on the black, and the captain had a good frame, did not miss much, and kept Phil out the frame, with a solid display, Report by Shane

Hodthorpe B v Breakers X (Div 1);  : Enjoyable night of snooker with the highlight an excellent 62 break by Guy Dennis unfortunate to land tight to the green or it could have been more then the evening rounded off by a very good 50 break by Ricky Morris well played Breakers X judging by tonight's performance they are the team to beat in division 2 as they look to secure a swift return to division 1 Report by Danny Mansfield

Tickhill B v Stanley St C (Div 1) ;  Last season's Division Two runners-up Tickhill Institute B played host to Stanley Street C on Monday night and it was a great game. First to play for Stanley Street C was plus 20 man Will Goy,
 and he lined up against Tickhill B's minus 20 man Lee Scott, who began well, breaking down the forty point handicap and snatching the frame. (78-64) Plus ten man John Hartley played Stanley Street C's Scratch man Kevin Firth in frame two and as soon as he'd overturned the handicap the frame was as good as Kev's. (62-38) in the third frame Tickhill B's Scratch man  Carl Cousins snatched back the lead against Stanley Street C minus 5 man Scott Wilson who didn't take
enough chances when it counted and it showed in the final scores. (74-47) Carl just being a little bit more clinical. The final frame of the night over at the Institute saw Stanley Street C player Mick Kirk playing from scratch against minus 5 man Chris Hambrey. Having been out played for large chunks of this match Stanley Street C still managed to come away with a draw as Mick Kirk sunk the final pink before his opponent. (55-47) report by Karl Goulding







Winter League starts week commencing 11th September 2017

                                               TO  ALL  TEAM  CAPTAINS

 Welcome to the new Season

Please find on the web-site     

                             Fixture   lists  /   Player’s handicaps .   Div One & Div. Two help sheets

 Paper  startup packs will be available soon and contain the above plus Competition  forms /Score   cards or markers   

Watch the web site for       

                             Team   knock- out draw   and  Captains cup draw

The  new  season  to  start  w/c  11th  September 2017  

No  matches  w/c 18th & 25th  Dec  for  Xmas, w/c  1st  January For New Year 

No  matches  w/c  2nd April for Easter     

Note :-  Black Market plays at Warsop ( WMC )   

Institute A   plays at Tickhill

Grove Mill   plays at Retford

28 teams have registered for the new season   14 teams in each Division 

Corner Pocket  goes in to Division 1   Breakers B have moved to Retford Liberal club,  Woodend now play at Black Market and a second team from Grove Mill have entered the league

Visit the web site at www.worksopsnookerleague.co.uk or facebook for all other information

League rules are on the web site

Please send all results through the Web-site (NOT facebook)  were possible within 24 hours of playing

Remember   .       

                     1.     All new players start off plus 10 or less

New Players are handicapped after each frame. Adjust by 5 either up or down after each of there first four frames then revert to normal handicapping this only applies to NEW PLAYERS All other players adjust handicap as normal

2.       The handicaps are now open ended and players can go find their true mark but 60 start maximum remains

3.       Table Levis are75p per frame home and away

4.       Each  team  must  be  represented  by a registered   player  from their                              team at  the  A.G.M.                                

                   5        Highest break trophy please inform me of any breaks over 30

6.       Please  refer  to  Web site, Facebook  for  all  competitions  and  league  tables

                   Good  luck  to  all  teams






2016/2017 1st 2nd jt 3rd jt 3rd
Division 1 Hodthorpe A Stanley  St  G Arena Young Guns  
Division 2 Harworth  B  Tickhill  B Worksop Bowling Club  
Team KO Warsop WMC Grove Mill Arena Bassetlaw Clowne Liberal
Scratch G Dennis D Presgrave A Camm J McNally
Handicap T Broughton   T Wilkinson  L Gee W Race
League Pairs L Gee & M Gee J Joynson  &  T  Salt N Bond & H Staniland A Simpson & R Turner
Aggregate Pairs N Bond & H Staniland A Day & K Marsh M Kinnell & R Young R Pendleton & S Armstrong
High Break Craig Frost  102      
Player of the Year D Wallace      
Captains Cup Woodend Pub  Bowling Club Grove Mill Clowne Liberal



The Scratch Final brought together two of the league's most dependable players over at Stanley Street Sports & Social Club on Saturday night. From Hodthorpe A; Darren Presgrave, took on Guy Dennis from Breakers X watched by many spectators in a packed room. Referee Graham Mason and scorer Mick Camm took charge of the final

Darren Presgrave broke off and each player had a shot a piece, before an early foul brought Guy his first chance at the table. Looking good, Guy made thirty-four which caught Darren a little cold, but he rallied and despite not starting quickly he used the balls left on the table to get his cue arm going and play his way into the match, all be it at the expense of the first frame which went to Guy.

A frame up, Guy broke and again he was first to score in the early exchanges but he couldn't capitalise fully.
Some good safety from Darren allowed him to make a mark in the match and he chipped away at Guy's lead with small contributions and Darren looked to be cueing better. The players each exchanged safety until Darren found more of his Winter League form and a hard fought twenty-nine break resulted. Guy came back to the table and hauled himself back in charge of the frame after a potting a long red from the top cushion and he went on to convert a few more high-value colours to go 61-48 in front. With only the colours remaining, Darren narrowed the gap and kept things tight, though a brown came the way of Guy. A major rally from Darren saw a mixture of good safety and attack and the Hodthorpe A man went level after potting the black and he levelled winning the frame 74-65.
Darren broke off in frame three and the two players looked for early chances. The players were clearly enjoying the battle. As both players missed the odd chance, they laughed and joked with each other in the spirit of the game.
Guy however took advantage of two of his chances and he made two, thirty-breaks, enough for him to reassert his control on the match and he won the frame 72-40.

Guy broke off needing just one more frame for the title, but a frame of champagne snooker this wasn't, not by any means. Darren dug deep and his safety game brought him dividends. Guy started to miss balls he'd normally pot. In fact, as hard as this frame was on the eye, it brought no big breaks and it must've given Darren heart to see Guy making a few unforced errors. Of course this led to the longest frame of the night and the downside to all this was the scoring dropped like a stone and when Guy conceded the frame he did so with the scores on 46-09.
Darren had levelled for the second time and he'd hauled himself into a final frame decider, breaking off for the final time with spectators wondering who'd take the match he found the top cushion. Guy however took the first step towards wining the fifth frame with a well-played snooker tight against the green and Darren was in trouble. Playing with side, he conceded a six point foul after misjudging his escape and it left Guy in. He went on to knock in the highest break of the night a thirty-seven break to take control. Darren was down, but hadn't thrown the towel in and with reds on cushions he tried to develop them. The lead grew to 63 points before he got onto the scoreboard and when he did score he had some poor luck in terms of positional play, but still managed a twenty-one break and other notable efforts to cut the gap to 63-50. With only the green, brown, blue, pink and black left on the table Darren fought hard to get himself back into to the frame but left Guy a cut into the right-hand-top pocket which he potted and after he knocked in the blue, he went twenty in front with eighteen on the table. Needing a snooker, Darren again refused to throw in the towel and after a delicate touch, he had Guy in trouble snookered behind the black. Needing a tiny swerve to escape, Guy clipped the blue and a few shots later, Darren misjudged a safety shot and it resulted in Guy knocking in the blue for the frame to win by 75-50 and he also won the match.


Week 26

Dinnington A v Stanley G (Div 1):  Dinnington A welcomed Stanley G for the final match of the season with both teams sat at opposite ends of the table. Stanley had a slim chance to take top spot and Dinnington were hoping to steer clear of the relegation spots. If you'd have asked what the odds were for Dinnington to win the last 4 matches of the season 3-1 to avoid the drop you'd have got pretty decent odds but Daz, Richard & Alan all won in the opening three games against Pat, Andy & Russ and that meant Proc could relax in the last against Wayne already knowing Dinnington were safe. So the night ended 3-1 to Dinnington with Stanley ending the season in second spot, thanks to the Stanley lads for a great nights snooker played in great spirits

Stanley St B v Bowling Club (Div 2);  The Worksop Bowling knew that a win would suffice for their promotion aspirations on Tuesday night. But in their way were George Hagen's Stanley Street B team who themselves had been edged out of the promotion picture the week previous, but could they prove to be a spanner in the Bowling Club's works? First to play was Nigel Beeston for the Home team in a frame which looked to be nip and tuck, until Nigel took the initiative with a well constructed 22 break to leave his Bowling Club opponent T Harrison; needing snookers and though he tried to find them the frame went to Nigel.(45-36) Into the second frame, and Ian Baines played Mark Hagen in a frame which saw Ian hold on to the very last gasp as Mark mounted a challenge late on in the frame and despite a Mark having frame ball it was Ian who equalised the scores for the Bowling Club.(61-66) George Hagen went go toe-to-toe with Phil Clarke in frame three, one which was little on flare and only went one way after George missed chance after chance, in fact his opponent Phil really didn't break a sweat and the frame went only one way, to the away side. Tom Bowns played Chris Pastural in a right cracker in the final frame of the night, one which went all the way. Giving 15 points start Tom started the quicker and he levelled the frame scores quickly, but it was Chris who pulled himself together to take onlookers to the colours, in fact as the colours disappeared it was Chris who moved favourite for the frame with only the black at his mercy, this pot for promotion may have gone through Chris' mind but he missed it and after a few exchanges of safety it was Stanley Street B team's young rocket Tom who emerged the winner.(62-60)

Stanley St C v Breakers X (Div 1);  An atmosphere you could cut with a knife, humour you could find in a comedy club, you wouldn't think that one of these teams were threatened with relegation and the other could still finish in the top three, but Wednesday night was back to business at Stanley Street. On paper it was a game that each team had to win, and win well, so did it deliver? First to play for the Home team, Karl Goulding who played David Gladwin who gave 15 points start. Both players didn't, however, cover themselves in glory and chance after chance went begging and though Karl moved a little more in front Dave always shortened his lead to let him know he was around. More chances were missed but eventually, Karl claimed the frame despite having to escape from a number of Dave's snookers.(54-35) Steve Tracey played next for the Home side, but Craig Frost made Steve's sixty points start not count for much, in fact, Craig's all out attack was great to watch. Within a matter of moments Steve's lead had evaporated and though he did have chances to increase his slim advantage, he could only hand chances to Craig who emerged the worthy winner and he kept the X-Men's hopes of a win alive.(86-72) Frame three and Kevin Firth played Guy Dennis. This frame was one in which we saw Guy also giving sixty points start. Guy; limited to small breaks here and there brought down Kevin's advantage, until after a sloppy foul on the colours from Kevin saw his lead cut to 10 points. Guy tried to finish the comeback, but Kevin found some great no-fear long potting, and it was this which swung the frame in Stanley Street's and Kevin's favour.(91-72) Last to play was Paul Milverton for the X-Men and Mick Kirk for Stanley Street C, who probably wished he'd not turned up. Paul broke off and Mick seemed to look to try to pot with every chance he had at the table. Of course the downside to this was he'd eventually give Paul good chances on a familiar table, Paul having played for Stanley Street a number of years ago. With poor shot selection continuing to dog Mick, Paul took full advantage of his opponents sloppy play and there was only going to be one true winner and this was Paul(62-25).

Week 25

Harworth v Clowne (div 2);  Harworth gained a 3-1 to help their promotion hopes against Clowne on Thursday night. First up Graham Fry took on Neil Thompson. Graham received 20 start but Neil started the better and closed the gap. The frame score remained close throughout and with just pink and black left the scores were level. Graham then went for a pot in the corner bag, missed, and watched the pink drop into the middle pocket. He then knocked in the final black to give the home side the lead. On 2nd Stan Smith had a 20 point start against Richard Field. Stan played a solid game with good safety restricting Richards chances and held his lead well. Richard could only muster 21 points overall as Stan put Harworth two up. Jordan Mann gave his customary 60 start to Steve Metcalfe in the 3rd frame and although Jordan played well Steve held on to a good lead. On the colours Jordan required snookers and got a couple but a couple of good pots from Steve at the end secured a point for Clowne. Unfortunately there was no fourth player for Clowne so Mick Burns gained a point for Harworth without playing a shot. A 3-1 win gives Harworth a great chance of winning the Division title. Report by Mick Burns.

Welbeck A v Stanley St C (Div 1);  Finally it came; it had to didn't it, after last week’s almost win, Will Goy secured his first win of the season!  Welbeck A were the hosts of Jack Wilson's Stanley Street C team on Tuesday night and first to play for the Home team was Richard Hill playing off -60 and giving his opponent Lee Ryan; playing off -25, thirty-five points start. This was a one-sided frame and Lee made his advantage count, he also made matters worse for Richard by knocking in a 30 break. Lee looked back to his best and made life tough for Richard all the way through the first frame, until enough was enough and the handshake came from Richard. (100-4) Next to play, Will Goy playing off +20 played the best frame of his season so far against Welbeck's Ricky Wyld who played off -30. As Ricky started the brighter, Will found chances here and there to profit and keep the majority of his handicap intact, and both players looked to score whenever they could, a pattern again which was true for the entire frame. You may think that Ricky had an off day but his safety was good and it kept Will honest. But in keeping Will honest it also made Will lift his level of play and when Ricky tried to snooker him he hit on numerous occasions, keeping most of his lead unscathed. Balls disappeared, and Ricky found two snookers on the final pink and black to tough. And though he tried, he could only foul whilst looking and the frame was over (82 52. Next to the table we saw Mick Kirk playing off -5 against Tom Newsome who played from -20. This was a frame which almost went Tom's way and with 97% of the work done Tom held a lead but Mick came back taking us to the black. Both players exchanged some excellent safety shots, until Tom's safety was the first to crumble and Mick pounced for the frame.(63-57) Last to play Karl Goulding off +15 and his opponent Tony Shaw -15. Karl broke off and looked to have set a pattern by going in-off. To rub salt into Karl's wounds Tony added a quick fire twelve break and Karl needed to halt Tony's quick start and he began by easing his way into the frame by negotiating a couple of safety exchanges. As both players let the other in, it was Karl's safety, either by luck or by judgement that presented him with a to make a fifteen, only for Tony to make hay. As Karl potted the final red with a blue he moved 32 in front and despite Tony snookering Karl and getting two fouls he still couldn't readdress the way the frame was going, and later in the frame Tony tried in vain to lay a snooker but fouled and he offered his hand for another concession. (73-35) Report by K Goulding

Anston v Breakers X (Div 1)::   Probably a good night for Anston to be fair, with breakers taking an early lead with David potting well against Jordan who couldn't get started. Next up Dennis who has been on good form had to keep it tight against Craig who looked like getting the start back but couldn't find the finishing pots on the low colours. Guy and Ryan next which saw a good match with Guy potting well but falling out of position leading to a snooker on the brown giving him a 22 on 22 remaining chance which he cleared up from and forced a respoted black to take the frame. Finally Daz and Dave both players potting well but struggling to find position saw Daz just get ahead towards the end to finish with a win and draw overall

Dinnington A v Breakers S (Div 1):  A real cagey affair as Dinnington took on breakers with both teams needing points, all four frames could have gone either way but in the end Dinnington got a 3-1 win that leaves them still hopeful of avoiding the drop.

Stanley St C v Clipstone SC (Div 1):  Stanley Street played host to a four frame cracker this week. Karl Goulding played first, from his new handicap +15 against Clipstone's Pete Burrell. Though the score doesn't suggest it, Karl managed to win but Pete would feel that luck maybe wasn't in his corner, though Karl potted when he needed to and escaped a tricky snooker late in the frame.(62-31) Clipstone new boy Alex Barlow played in the second frame from +20 against Kevin Firth who played off scratch. In the early encounters, Kevin saw that Alex was capable of some decent play and it was Alex who dominated, but Kevin dug in and narrowed the initial gap to thirteen. In response, Alex found another gear and shots he went for soon started to hit the back of the pocket and the deficit between the two grew and grew until the handshake came from Kevin.(30-74) The third frame of the night was perhaps the most riveting but ended in an anticlimax for the Home side. This frame saw Will Goy playing off +20, giving his Clipstone opponent; Eddie Reilly 45 points start, not something he has been called upon to do much! As the frame went on Will stuck to his task well and looked well equipped for his first win of the season. Just the brown, blue, pink and black left and only eight points between the two, Will began to stagnate and he gave points back to Eddie. Eddie who'd been kept quiet, suddenly unleashed two top notch pots to potentially win him the frame and soon after, despite looking for the two snookers he required, for Will the frame was over.(57-84) Jack Wilson's task was obvious in the last, playing off -30 against Alan Dunkley. He'd have to give 60 points start and if he managed to do this successfully, then his side could claim a draw. Alan however, started quickly, and he was the first to add to his score, two long reds, but each of them was without a colour. Now leading by 62, Alan's safety let him down and Jack on a number of occasions pounced, the first for 9, the second for 28, and the third time for 20. Jack now had Alan in his sights With just the final colours remaining, Jack snookered Alan for four points and again for six and this gave him a cushion from which he went to despatch the yellow and the green and move eighteen ahead. Alan tried a vain fight back with a late brown but he gave another opportunity to Jack and the frame was gone.(81-56)

Week 23

Harworth v Langold Pocket (Div 2):  Harworth go top of Div 2 with a win against Langold Corner Pocket. Steve Boughton got the home side off to a good start with a win against Alan Eyre. Steve increased his five point start early on and held a good lead throughout the frame. Alan was restricted in his scoring while Steve potted consistently to run out a comfortable winner 70-27.On 2nd Jordan Mann gave a 60 point start to Kev Baines. Two consecutive 29 breaks by Jordan erased most of Kev's lead but a 15 by Kev regained him an 18 point lead late in the frame. Some good safety by Jordan got the scores closer and when the chance came he cleared the last four balls to put the home side two up. On 3rd Pete Pashley took on Paul Tinker. Pete gave Paul 10 start and couldn't get going. Paul extended his lead ,with a bit of luck and some good pots, while Pete struggled to find his range. In the end Paul came out on top with a 62-19 win. Last up saw Mick Burns get 35 start from Roy Pendleton. Some good safety from Roy early in the frame
saw the lead narrow but then Mick started potting a few balls and pull away again. With Mick 37 ahead on the colours a few points were exchanged with snookers and inn-offs but Mick maintained his lead to give the home side a 3-1 victory. Report by Mick Burns.

Stanley St C v Dinnington A (Div 1):  Two scrappy frames each negotiated well by their players saw Dinnington A two up in an hour and forty minutes only for Stanley Street C Captain Jack Wilson to conjure a frame for the Home side from forty or so behind after a poor start. Could the comeback be on and 2-a-piece be the final score? Mick Kirk had the frame within his grasp only for a weak shot selection, in which he could and should have laid a snooker on a green but allowed his opponent a way back into the frame, which he took, gained momentum and left the Stanley Street C lads licking their wounds for a third successive week

Tickhill B v Breakers B (Div 2):  First frame Lee took on Jason in what was a one sided frame with Lee potting his way to a good win that takes him down to -20 ,next Scott took on Chris in a close frame with Chris needing the last two colours to win a fluke on the pink left him a tap in on the black to win, next Carl took on Karl scrappy frame this with the colours going safe only for Karl to win it ,last up Chris took on Jamie good frame this with both players potting well with Jamie coming out on top. all the same good night with a good set of lads.

Week 22

Stanley St C v Arena Reds (Div 1):  The whole team must have killed a monastery of nuns. You live and learn! 4-0 to the Reds

Hodthorpe B v Dinnington A (Div 1 ):  Second win of season so far for home side. All close frames could have gone either way. Good result

Week 21

Dinnington A v Anston (Div 1 0::  Anston came out on top in the local derby at Dinnington, the first frame saw Daz start off well and with just one red left on the table Jordan was needing a snooker. The balls where sat quite well and Jordan soon had Daz tied up with some great safety and from needing a snooker the frame was now anyone's and after 50 minutes it was down to a black ball game, both players had a couple of goes at the black and then Jordan rattled the bag leaving Daz a full length pot for the frame, Fluke of the night to follow as Daz missed the pot only to watch the black travel the full diagonal of the table and drop in, 1-0 Dinnington. The second frame was a scrappy frame that saw both Jules and Dennis knock in small breaks, by the time they got down to the blue Dennis needed a snooker and as he watched Jules pot a nice blue it looked a certainty it would be 2-0 but as the Dinnington lads celebrated the blue the joy turned to horror as the white slid into the middle bag giving Dennis a way back into the frame, A few safety shots later Jules left Dennis an opening that he grabbed clearing up the last three colours to pinch the frame, 1-1. In the third frame proc had a nice 25 point handicap start over Ian but on Ian's third visit a nice 24 break soon got rid of that and Ian continued potting well and never left Proc a sniff, Proc had his first pot on a red when the frame was over and shook hands once he had seen the point go on the board, 2-1 Anston. The last frame was a tight one and both Richard and Daz had chances to pull away but in the end Daz did just enough to get over the line and give Anston a great 3-1 win

Stanley Stanley Street C v Warsop WMC (Div 1):  The Black Marketers of Warsop were the visitors to Stanley Street this week and hosts Stanley Stanley Street C changed Karl Goulding for Kevin Firth. Kevin Firth took on Herb in the first frame of the night and if he'd have kept up his early good play then the frame would have been a one-sided affair. With the frame three-quarters through, Herb found a weakness and Kev missed a number of snookers and on occasion left free balls to ease Herb back into the frame. Very soon Herb took advantage of Kev's tightening cue arm and lead switched hands and before long the first frame was Warsop's. The next frame saw Steve Tracey play Terry Wilkinson; who in fact struggled with the pace of the table. For most of the frame, it was one-way traffic as Steve put away the majority of his chances and left Terry looking for snookers which he didn't get and the second frame went the way of the home side. Ade Westwood shook hands with Mick Kirk in the third frame and though both players missed chances here and there it was Ade who was the more clinical and though Mick pushed him all the way he couldn't stop him winning the third frame. With the last frame of the night to play for, it was up to Jack Wilson to rescue it for his home team. Playing against Ian Scott; Jack found that Ian's potting and break-building was just too good for him and in no time, Jack found himself conceding the frame having only registered eight points

Tickhill A v Harworth B (Div 2):  Lee v Stan on first. Lee continuing his good form to take the frame. Carl potting really well not leaving graham many chances to take the second. Jordan on next against Chris, Jordan giving his normal 60 start and making good breaks the largest 38 to catch Chris and clear most of the colours to take the frame. last up john v Pete a scrappy frame, a failed double on the black leaving Pete to pot it and take the frame. A draw a fair result and a good night with the Harworth lads.

R Pendleton & S Armstrong v J Joynson and T Salt  (Aggregate Pairs )::  Roy Pendleton and Scott Armstrong are looking good after another convincing result. Playing Joynson and Salt receiving 12 start they were never really in any danger. After a few bits of luck they won the first frame by 41. The second frame was the total opposite with Salt having the run this time not leaving Scott anything and they raced into a 40 point start but somehow Roy Scott pulled it back to finish 9 points up. Final frame receiving 62 it was always going to be tough for the Dinnington pair. This proved to be correct as they went 80+ in front and after Salt had a sniff he missed the black and offered his hand.

Week 20

Harworth B v Woodend Pub (div 2):  Harworth stayed in touch with the leaders with a 4-0 win against Woodend on Thursday.1st up the in-form Pete Pashley played Dave Woolen. Pete received 10 start and held the small lead through most of the frame. With just pink and black left on the table Pete led by just 3 points. After a couple of shots each it was Pete that finally potted the pink ball to put the home side one up. On 2nd Stan Smith got 10 start from Tony Broughton. Again Stan held the lead through the frame and pushed on to a 20 point lead. Tony made a 17 break to make the scores close but again Stan pulled away on the colours and ran out a winner 69-41.On 3rd Jordan Mann gave his customary 60 start to Wes Holland. Jordan gradually reduced the deficit against a nervous looking Wes and with a 22 break the scores were close with the last five colours on the table. Wes was restricted to scoring only 12 points in the frame and when Jordan got the chance he cleared up with 25 to make the score 3-0 on the night. On last Mick Burns took on Graham Forte. Mick got 15 start and pulled away a little at the start of the frame. With the help of a couple of snookers Graham kept in touch but a timely break of 18 meant Mick held a forty point lead with just one red left. A few shots later Mick potted the green and the handshake followed giving the hone side all four points. Looking forward to a top of the table clash with Tickhill next week. Report by Mick Burns.

Stanley St G v Stanley St C (Div 1):  Kev Firth took to the table against Pat Gee in an edgy first frame, and despite some indiscretions the away team man Kev; won it and the C-team went one ahead. (0-1)Next, to the baize, Andrew Camm who played Karl Goulding in a frame which started fine for Karl, but very soon went  Andrew's way due to some good play and he ran out a justified winner with a 35 clearance to level the scores.(1-1) Next came the clash of Russ Cairns and Mick Kirk. This frame began a pattern of tactical battles and it was Mick who emerged the winner after a hard-won frame which put his side back into the lead.(1-2) Needing the last frame for victory, the away side, lined their captain Jack Wilson up against Wayne Heath in a fight for glory. This frame was hard on the eye and went all the way down to the final black as in the previous frame, but Jack dismissed the black to take the frame and win.(1-3)

Tickhill A v Institute A  (div 2);  First up we had Lee against Peter with Lee soon catching up the handicap and going on to win well. Next Mark played Andrew in what was a great frame going to a black ball game with Andrew winning it. Frame three Chris played Ken who played very well to force another black ball frame with Chris just getting over the line to win. Last up Scott played Stuart who just managed to hold his lead to win. A draw probably a fair result on the night.

Week 19

Dinnington A v Breakers x (Div 1):  with both teams needing the points breakers looked like making it a great start as Dave never looked in trouble, but one loose shot on the brown gave Richard a sniff, and he took the remaining 4 balls to pinch the frame, 1-0 Dinnington. second up Craig had to claw back a 60 handicap, Darren had an early chance that he knew if he missed it would let Craig in, one missed red later the 60 was down to 30 something and although Craig left Darren a few decent chances he never capitalised on them and Craig ran out the winner, 1-1. The third frame was a cagey affair as Proc did his best to protect his handicap lead but by the last red guy had made great in roads and it was any ones frame then Proc played a safety shot that ended up a brilliant snooker as with the blue over the bag the white nudged it twice as it settled over the lip of the pocket with the blue sat nicely in front of it, a shot/fluke he must have seen his captain Alan play a 100 times when practising against Richard ! guy made a great effort to hit the red but glanced the black and that left him needing a snooker, 2-1 Dinnington. the final frame ended up a marathon, great safety play from both Daryl and Alan even forced a re-rack, but after the re-rack you still could not split them. eventually, with the aid of the 35 start Alan got off Daryl, Alan pulled away and in the end ran out a comfortable winner, 3-1 Dinnington. thanks to the beakers lads for a great nights snooker played in great spirit. report by Richard & Darren

Stanley St C v Arena Young Guns (Div 1):  Another draw for the Stanley Street C team this week and it could have easily been a 3-1 win but for a fluke. Frame one went empathically the Steve Tracey's way after he potted his way to victory against Warren Lowell. Frame two, however, saw the debut of Richard Richardson against Josh Mallender
who took the frame by the scruff and easily won to level the tie. Frame three was by far the hardest on the eye until the latter stages and this went Harri Spencer's way when he fluked the final black against Karl Goulding to put his side one ahead. Karl may feel a little perturbed because twice he'd jawed the black for the frame. The final frame headlined the talents of Mick Kirk against Hayden Staniland and it was practice partner Mick who weathered Hayden's earlier scoring to come out on top with a hard-fought win for his side. Report by K Goulding

Craig Frost v Mark Roberts (scratch);; Craig Frost is our new high break king after his scratch match against Mark Roberts of the Bassetlaw Arena C. in imperious form, Craig who'd dispatched Lee Ryan in the earlier round with some decent breaks wasted no time in the first frame of the night with a 79 break and his opponent Mark must've already been thinking damage limitation. But the main headline occurred in frame two when Craig got in and made another massive break which made his earlier effort look small. With the second frame won, Craig carried on scoring and eventually broke down on a 102, and Darren Pressgrave's highest now took second place. Not content with his work Craig won the evenings last for an emphatic 3-0 win and not a bad night out

Week 18

Harworth B v Stanley St B (Div 1):  Harworth's good run came to an end on Thursday as they went down at home 3-1 to Stanley St B. The 1st frame saw Steve Boughton play Tom Bowns. A scrappy game with both players finding things difficult. The lead switched between them and, inevitably, came down to a black ball game. After a few attempts each it was Tom that finally potted the black with the rest to take the 1st point .On 2nd Jordan Mann gave Nigel Beeston 60 start. Jordan struggled to get going having cue problems and Nigel was able to pull even further ahead. The game was all over when they got to the colours with Nigel some 76 points in front 2-0 to the visitors. On 3rd Stan Smith took on George Hagen. A close encounter followed with Stan gradually pulling back the 15 start he had to give. Both players played good safety and when it came down to another black ball game Stan led 57-56.Both players had chances to clinch the frame but eventually it was George who sank the final ball. Last on Pete Pashley played Mark Hagen.
Pete received 30 start and held his lead well early on but a twenty four break by Mark closed the gap. Pete did finish the stronger, however, and ran out a comfortable winner 88-51 to secure a point for the home side .Report by Mick Burns.

Stanley St C v Breakers S (Div 1):  This match had a draw written all over it before play and a draw was the outcome. First to play was Karl Goulding who played Scott Bradley. Scott, missed chances here and there but did move by a point in front with just the pink and black left on the table, however Karl moved the black over the bottom pocket whilst playing safe and Scott’s left Karl a long range tempter which he potted, following it up with a black for the frame to drop his handicap to 5. Next into the firing line was Will Goy who played Dinger Bell who had an on-off day for Breakers S. Dinger's normal potting was missing, until he found his feet after Will had missed numerous chances. Dinger narrowed the gap thanks to a break of 24 and with some okay play he went on to take the second frame, but it wasn’t a classic Dinger performance. The third frame was the Kevin Firth show. The Stanley Street C man played Mark Elliott of the Home side who gave him 20 points start but never got going and missed vital pots at crucial times and Kevin punished these with some good potting to send his team into a 2-1 lead with the final frame beckoning. With results going Stanley Street C's way this week, the fourth frame was a must win though Mick Kirk who lined up for his side, had an uphill task. The Stanley Street C man took a fifteen point lead into his frame with Breakers S player Darren Metcalf. Soon any hopes of a Stanley Street C win were quickly extinguished as Mick who had the first chance to punish Darren, couldn't take advantage and the Breakers S man made a break of 24 to move in front. Once in front, Darren added to his lead and though Mick gored away at Darren’s lead his sleek long potting and handsome safety notched a point in the Breakers S scorebook and the match was drawn.


Stanley St A v Clowne Liberal (Div 2):  Needing wins aplenty, Stanley Street A hoped that they'd add to last week's 4-0 win with a win over this week's visitors Clowne. First into the firing line was Cliff Headley; claiming a 20 point start for the home side against Steve Metcalfe. Steve started the brighter after a mistake which was to be one of many from Cliff. Steve went on to add 16 and pretty soon Cliff found Steve too tough a player to keep in check. The Stanley Street A man kept going for his shots and the Clowne man lapped it up and soon Cliff needed too many snookers to viably win the game. (82-45)  Frame two came next and it was the turn of Jess Woodward of the Home side; who claimed a 40 point start against his opponent Neil Thompson. This frame saw the Stanley Street A man kept away from the table whilst his opponent scored. Neil potted well and the scores were soon brought level. But with the job on half done, Neil compounded Jess' agony as he potted the match ball and the Clowne went two ahead.(81-57)  Frame three saw Jack Pettinger playing the last of his four provisional games off a mark of 15 against his opponent Anthony Windle. This frame was by far the closest and each player missed their fair share of pots that they'd normally have downed. But the real drama arrived as the frame came down to the final to balls with Jack three points behind. His opponent Anthony ran in-off and left him a pink ball cut into the middle for the frame. Jack however, new to the pressure of this situation, also fouled, going for a frame winning thin cut. The drama not over, the Clowne man played the pink around the table only to give Jack another chance for the frame. He stunned in the pink and left himself a tricky straight black for the frame and again tragedy struck as Jack ran through into the top pocket after striking the black and the frame was gone.(61-59) Taking to the baize last was Anthony Pettinger claiming a 5 point start against Richard Fields in a tactical frame which lasted twenty-five minutes. Anthony was the first to score and he inched himself further ahead of the Clowne man with a couple of reds. The Clowne man missed pots and was slow to settle to the table but Anthony was relentless, in the safety and potting departments he made his visits to the table count and pretty soon he'd moved fifteen ahead with some conservative match play. Balls disappeared, and the Clowne man found form but by then it was too late. With only four colours remaining Anthony led by 14 points. As the brown and blue were dispatched the handshake came and the final score read(55-32).

Tickhill B v Breakers Boys (Div 2):  Tonight an in form Lee played an out of form Bruce but Bruce started by far the better reducing he lead only for Lee to start playing better to run out the winner, next Scott played Charlie who started by far the better getting pot after pot before Scott got going to take it all the way to the black which went Charlie's way, next up Chris played Don with Chris potting very well at the start taking a 40 point lead only for Don to get some good snookers and Potts to make a good game of it but it was Chris who got the pots on the colours to win it, last up Carl played Wayne in what turned out to be a cracker going to the black with Carl getting first chance only to miss leaving Wayne a pot into the middle which he got. At the end of the day all square and a good night.

Arena Bassetlaw v Breakers B (Div 2):  High break of 33 to James McNally, Good result for both teams. Them boys from Breaker can clearly play.

Week 17

Hodthorpe A v Stanley St C (Div 1):   Hodthorpe A’s title challenge got another boost after the visit of fourth place Stanley Street but early indications didn’t play out this way. Karl Goulding won the toss and did his level best to get in and out with leaving opponent Matt Widdison too many good chances. Taking just five points start, Karl added to his lead and went twenty points ahead until Matt knocked in a useful 12 break and found his way back into the frame. Each player matched the other; until with just three colours left, Karl took the blue and played the pink up the table only for Matt to foul using the long rest, and after a few chances of laying a snooker passed Matt by, Karl potted the pink and the away side went one ahead.(49-29) Olly Turner gave his opponent Lee Hempsall a potting class in frame two. Thirty behind at the break Olly soon ate into Lee’s lead and it seemed as though Lee was playing to Olli's strength all the time, rather than making Olly work for his chances, Lee kept trying to pot himself out of trouble rather than use a safety game and force a mistake. With Lee clinging on to the hope of finding snooker with five balls remaining, Olly potted another ball and the handshake quickly came. (92-52) In the third frame Lee Ryan gave a five-point lead to Hodthorpe’s Barry Godley. In the early encounters, both players missed some easy balls. However the frame didn’t follow this pattern for long, and though Lee showed the odd glimpse of his talent it was Barry who took the frame by the scruff. With Barry knocking in the evening's first 20 break, he pushed into a 30 point lead which would prove to be enough to win the frame despite Lee’s efforts to lay snookers.(66-35) Probably the most watch able frame of the night was the last between Dave Peddle and Mick Kirk. Dave broke off giving 25 points to Mick in head start. Mick came to the table and found potting relatively easy with a red and then a fourteen break in this first two visits to go into a forty lead. But a forty point lead wasn’t enough to stop Dave, and he tightened up his safety and put Mick through hell, his match play was superb and every time he scored he got in and got out. This put Mick under all sorts of pressure. To back up his safety, Dave also backed it up with some excellent long potting and to this Mick had no answer. Dave soon chased down Mick’s lead. Mick having led by 40, conceded 79 points and only scored another 13 himself, such was the quality of Dave's game. (79-53) Thanks Hodthorpe A for a great night! See you next season. Report by K Goulding

Dinnington C v Stanley St G (Div 1):  16 weeks undefeated but came crashing to an end at Dinnington well done to Dinnington C  but also well done to the G team for a record run 

Stanley Street B V  Tickhill  (Div 2)  ;  Tickhill visited Stanley Street B on Tuesday night and played on a slow cloth which certainly didn't suit their individual player style. The first pairing of the night saw Nigel Beeston emerge victorious after a nip and took frame with each player on the attack. With just four balls left; Tickhill player Scott Armstrong trailed by nine and blew his chances to send Nigel to a black ball finish by missing a decent chance to level the scores. Nigel came back and finished the contest. In frame two, Mark Hagen chased down his opponent all through the frame only to trail by one point with just the pink and black left. However the Tickhill player unleashed two good pots for the second frame and the scores were level. Frame three saw the most one sided frame of the night when Brian Fisher demolished his Tickhill opponent right from his first chance and the Stanley Street B lead was reinstated. The final frame of the night was a battle which went Phil Stevens of Stanley Street B's way. Trailing by 36 with 27 on the table, Tickhill B player John Hartley clawed his way back into the game and soon he found a few good snookers which enabled him to go for game. Now with just the blue, pink and black left on the table John potted the first and second balls, but left himself no shot on the black and so he played safe. Phil did the same and it found a flaw in the Tickhill player's safety, as it left Phil a tricky black off the top cushion into the middle pocket, a shot he knocked in for a 3-1 win. Report by K Goulding

Arena Reds v Welbeck A (div 1 ) 1st frame Phil Clarke v Phil Robinson; this frame was a case of missed pots and shots and low scoring from both Phil's but it was the arena Phil who won in the end. 2nd frame Glen Neal vs Tony Shaw ; this was same as the first with missed pots and shots and also a bit of a brain freeze by Tony when after playing a safety shot was unlucky to knock the brown in which was over the green pocket and after glen put him back in he then went on to pick the cue ball up put it in the d and potted a great red before we all realized what he had done, but in the end it was Tony who took the last 3 balls to win by 4 points. 3rd frame Peter Stevenson v Ricky Wyld; Peter started off with a 50 start and with Ricky really struggling to get going it was Peter who ran out an easy winner. 4th frame frame Alan Emmingham vs Richard Hill ; this was a very good frame with both players playing very well and played a very good manner. it was Alan who won very easy to make it 3-1 to the reds. it was great pleasure to be part of this match which filled with fun and laughter and well played to Phill , Tony , Ricky and Richard for making it a great night report by  m Kinnell

Dinnington A v Clipstone (Div1 ):  A much needed 3-1 win for Dinnington against the Clipstone boys, Lanky set off having to chase the 50 points start Ed got of him. After a nice start the colours went a bit messy but digging in lanky put Dinnington 1-0 up. The second frame was the quickest of the night with both Kev and Daz potting well, by the colours Daz had nudged in front just enough to leave Kev needing a snooker, 2-0 Dinnington. In the third frame Alex took control early on with some nice pots and Alan was always playing catch up, even when it got to the colours Alan still needed them all and after some really nice safety play Alex gave Alan a chance, a bit of luck on the pink made it a black ball game that Alan potted to be in the lead for the first time in the frame, when it mattered, 3-0. In the final frame of the night Clipstone's young gun Alan Dunkley showed Dinnington's Richard Turner all about frame management and Richard was left scratching his head as Alan salvaged the Clipstone boys a point with a resounding 71-43 win, 3-1 to Dinnington. Thank you to the Clipstone lads who are always great sports win or lose.


Harworth  v Arena Bassetlaw (Div 2);  A resounding 4-0 victory for Harworth over Arena Bassetlaw in a table top clash. First up Jade Boughton made her season debut receiving 60 start from Mark Roberts. It was Jade who settled first with a couple of 8 breaks before Mark got going and although he cut the deficit slightly it was Jade who held on to a good lead. It seemed like every time Jade potted a red she would pot black or pink to follow and ran out easy winner 102-62.The 2nd frame saw Pete Pashley take on Chris Longbottom. Pete started with a 5 point lead and extended his advantage early in the frame capitalizing on a couple of wild shots by Chris. With a 20 point lead on the colours Pete secured the win 52-24 to put the home side 2-0 up. On 3rd Jordan Mann gave his customary 60 start to Daniel Hoult. Jordan struggled to get going early on but finally got a chance half way through the frame when he knocked in a 32 break. This was followed by another 22 which brought the scores almost level. The match came down to the
colours and it was Jordan that came out on top 101-83.The final frame saw Stan Smith get 60 start from Chris Marsden. Stan played a solid game with a 16 break and several smaller breaks to increase his lead. Chris just couldn't get going and despite trying for snookers late on Stan won the frame 112-43.A great win for Harworth with three centurion scores. Report by Mick Burns.

Kevin Firth & Karl Goulding v Roy Pendleton & Scott Armstrong (Aggregate Pairs) The Stanley Street C pairing will rue missed chances in the face of some good match play by Roy and Scott. With fifteen points start in each frame, Kevin Firth broke off and the Stanley Street pair struggled to keep Roy Pendleton down. As their safety broke down Roy made the first twenty break and their lead had gone. Karl got going and scored eight which kept Scott honest. The Stanley Street pair were always second best in the frame and the remainder of the first frame, the points piled up on the visitor's score. As Roy came to the table late in the frame he knocked another twenty break and the visitors registered 55 points to their name. n frame two Karl and Kevin came out and went for their shots and soon we had a match on as Karl got in and pretty soon too Kevin, both managed breaks to move out into a 30 point lead as they came down to the brown. Scott failed to find a suitable safety and he left Karl a chance with the rest which he took, but Karl failed to find position on the blue and though he later potted it, it was only due to a foul by Scott that the Stanley Street pair lead by 41. Kevin stepped up and potted a tough pink to go 47 in front with just the black on the table. Both pairs played safe until the first chance presented itself to Roy who came up with the 7 points to leave the Stanley Street pair with 40 points to their name. after all deductions, the final frame started from scratch, and as Karl broke it was Roy who was first to make and impact from Karl's slightly loose break. The visitors moved eight in front and pretty soon the frame would be a story of in-offs and hard lines. Both pairs attacked, but the first to crack were the Stanley Street pair and Scott knocked in a 24 break and it was this which pushed the pair out 35 in front. Though Kevin and Karl soldiered on they found the run of the cue ball against them, Kevin potted a blue, but found the top right-hand pocket after going up and down the table. The visitors moved 23 clear, with only colours left on the table and Roy potted the yellow, and Scott the green, by now the lead was 28. Karl laid a snooker only for Roy to hit it and so did Kevin, but Scott ran in off. As Kevin tried to lay another snooker he accidentally pocketed the brown and so his efforts were to lay a blue ball snooker, instead another unfortunate in off resulted and Kevin must've of thought the world was against him. Now needing two snookers, the task was forlorn and though Karl tried, he couldn't snooker Roy, instead he left him the perfect chance to sew up the match with a pot on the blue. This he managed and the visiting pair won by 30 points  Report by K Goulding

Stanley Street C v  Hodthorpe B (Div 1)::  Hodthorpe B were the visitors to Stanley Street C and after losing the toss, it was up to Karl Goulding to break in the first frame giving his Hodthorpe B opponent Danny Mackenzie 5 points start. in an open frame, Karl gnawed at his opponent's lead with patient match play and soon pushed out into his own fifteen point lead with five reds on the table. Danny who'd struggled up until this point found his long game and narrowed

the difference but couldn't add colours when he needed them and Karl pushed out to twenty points in front at the colours thanks to some more useful potting. Knowing he needed to up his game; Danny added the yellow, but his safety which hadn't been good all the way through, left Karl in for a green, and a great long brown which was to be followed by the match ball blue a number of visits later. 48-18. Frame two saw Tony Partington break off with a 25 points lead against Kevin Firth in a frame which saw Kevin slowly get going. Though he pocketed some good balls, his position play or lack of it was the reason for him not cutting Tony's lead. As the frame went on Kevin made do with small contributions but didn't really hurt Tony. Just one red left, Tony's lead was down to sixteen and Kevin secured the ultimate red leaving him a make or break black which he potted to reduce the arrears to just 8. After a nothing safety shot, Tony let Kevin in again, but the players shared the first four colours, and Tony also fouled. Eight points to the good, Tony played safe on the pink looking for just one of the remaining two balls. Kevin however, had other plans needing both and getting them to steal the frame by the skin of his teeth. A long pink and long black in various visits to the table doing the damage. 55-50 Frame three started with Lee Ryan breaking off against Mick Allison giving a sixty point start to his Hodthorpe B opponent. Lee started the brighter finding a seventeen break early and looked to have set a pattern until he tried to follow it up. After potting a red, he went in off his chosen colour, the pink to give Mick six and he followed it up again with the same outcome. Now with a lead of 55, Mick had chances to extend his lead but found the Stanley Street table unforgiving when he went for pots. Lee managed another seventeen break and with one red on the table, thirty points separated the two. At this juncture, Mick lost his grasp on the frame as Lee snookered him and though Mick tried to hit the red, he left a free ball. Lee again snookered him and again the result was the same except Lee took a long black and then a pink. He followed it with a red, yellow, yellow, green and brown and soon the frame had gone and Mick shook Lee's hand 100-81. in the final frame of the night, Vincent Mansfield did battle against the Stanley Street C captain Jack Wilson in another frame in which the Stanley Street player gave sixty points start. This frame was very one sided indeed and Jack's match play cut Vincent down to just five points of scoring. Jack stuck to his plan throughout making an eighteen break and other suitable double-figure contributions here and there in a frame which didn't really see Vincent feature. 98-65 Thanks to Hodthorpe B's great lads for two very enjoyable matches both home and away, all best for the remainder of the season Report by K Goulding

Tickhill v Bowling Club (Div 2)::  Tickhill played the Bowling club on Monday night in what turned out to be a good night of snooker, first up John played Ian in a good frame with John holding his nerve to win it, next up Lee gave 35 start against Tony but with good breaks Lee soon caught up then ran away with it. Next up Scott got25 start against Jeff who was not at his best and with Scott potting well the frame was soon over ,last up Dave played Chris in what turned out to be a cracking frame going all the way Chris got first chance of frame ball on the brown but missed which let Dave in who potted up to the pink which was frame ball only to pot it but go in off which let Chris back in anyway it went to a black ball which Chris trebled into the middle bag. Good result for us against a good set of lads

Week 15

Anston v Stanley St C (div 1):  Having lost the toss, but after being put in to break Karl Goulding broke off against Jordan Joynson with 35 points in hand, and after some good early play from Jordan the differences were narrowed. As both players found the other out, Karl added points here and there with good long pots but wasn't able to add colours. Karl kept ahead in the frame and in the later stages held a 28 point lead after a foul by Jordan with all the colours on the table. Now looking for snookers, Jordan looked to put Karl in trouble and Karl made things worse with a yellow to go even further in front As usual, Karl put his visiting support through the ringer, but he emerged the winner after he hit a couple of Jordan’s snookers. 73-47. Frame two saw Daz Oldfield of Anston taking a 5 point lead into his frame with his Stanley Street C opponent Lee Hempsall. The frame started cagey but Lee found his potting early and removed the arrears and soon pushed out into a lead of 12. However the home team player found a spark from somewhere and levelled the frame. As we came down to the final black neither wanted to lose both players had come this far and for one poor shot and their hard would be for nothing, and each exchanged safety until Lee's safety was the first to be lack lacklustre giving his Anston opponent the chance for the frame but cruelly, the cue ball rebounded off the side rail after potting the black and into the centre pocket. 53-46 Frame three saw Mick Kirk break off against Ian Rookes, taking 20 points start in a frame which saw Mick reign himself in. Ian came out and though he potted reds, the run didn't favour him and he had to play safe and number of occasions. Mick made pots some good pots but he did it with one eye on safety and this game plan looked to serve him well and he kept his lead until Ian came back to the table at the end of the frame and he knocked in a 19 break to knock Mick's lead to just 9 points. A yellow from Mick added two but Mick's safety let in Ian for the green, brown and blue for another 12, and as a result Ian moved 1 point ahead. Not down Mick downed a long pink, trying to get on the black ball to finish the frame, but he missed the match ball. As Ian approached the table the shot for the frame was a wafer thin clip, but he totally missed the black and the frame was Mick's.68-56 The final frame saw Dennis Turner play Kevin Firth, with Kevin getting 10 points start. Dennis broke off and each player paid the other respect with Dennis keeping his handicap start intact. Soon Kevin found a break or two and started to move slightly closer. Soon the scores moved level, as Kevin dragged himself back into the frame and both players traded the early colours. Kevin moved fractionally ahead but Dennis was still in the game and with the blue, pink and black left on the table he still had a good chance of winning that was until Kevin potted the blue and the pink and he secured the final point. 53-35. The score line doesn't reflect the true result for me, The Anston lads were unfortunate. Report by K Goulding

Arena Bassetlaw C v Tickhill B (Div 2);   In a top of the table clash at the Arena, up first pitted Chris L receiving a 5 start against Lee. A very intriguing frame saw each player cancel each other out and it remained a close affair throughout. Eventually a superb pink and a hilarious fluked black from Chris forced a re-spotted black, however Chris' luck turned against him and a terrific effort saw the black rattle in the jaws to leave a simple tap in for Lee to take the frame. 0-1 Frame two saw Tom receiving a 10 start up against Carl. Having potted a couple of balls from the off, Carl felt settled into a frame that he was to be kept on his toes by against an in form player. However this was a frame in which everything seemed to click for Tom by his own admission, and he quickly got into his stride by taking his opportunities well and a well taken 16 opened up a large advantage that proved to be unassailable and the handshake came on the yellow ball. 1-1 Frame three saw another in form player Dan receiving a 20 start taking on Chris. In a similar tale to the previous frame Dan took chances that were given to him confidently, coupled with some excellent snookering play this left Chris in too much trouble to be able to overturn the frame. 2-1 Frame four saw Keith take on John in an intriguing finale, giving away a 35 point start. The frame began nip and tuck exchanging reds between them, until Keith took a chance to knock in a 16 to eat into his deficit. However he struggled to find top gear and John took his opportunities well when given them. Keith managed to find the snooker he required on the green however he unfortunately gave the opportunity back for John to pot green, brown and the blue to see himself over the line. Another cracking night of snooker down at the Arena with a top set of lads, a 2-2 draw a very fair reflection on the match. (Match report by Tom Exley)

Week 14

Stanley Street C v Dinnington C ( Div 1):   Stanley Street Cs first home game of the New Year brought Pip Taylor's Dinnington side Jack Wilson's way. Stanley Street C  Karl Goulding broke off against Chris Salt with a 50 start, but after
some good early play from Chris and a neat 30 break the handicap differences were almost negated. Karl added points here and there it but it was Chris' safety that swung the frame in the later stages and he went 10 points ahead after a couple of fouls. Seemingly going Chris' way, Karl came back into the frame and after potting the final blue left himself a double on the pink which he struck and saw it jaw in the pocket with the black at his mercy. Chris came back to the table and sunk the pink for a justified win by 80-69. Frame two saw Matt Gee take on Steve Tracey of the home side and concede 25 points to his opponent. The frame started cagey but soon saw Steve make a telling break to push him into a sizable forty point lead but as the frame went on Matt settled and came back at Steve until at one point he'd reduced his arrears to twelve. However Steve found the telling pot at the right time and the frame scores were level.   74-47 Frame three saw Kevin Firth break off, conceding 15 points to Pip Taylor in a frame which largely went Kevin's way as he broke down and eventually stole Pip's lead. However after a little bit of good fortune and some good potting from Pip saw him steal the lead back following a couple of free balls. As the frame came down to final three balls Pip required a blue to move 17 points in front which he inevitably got and a pink soon followed it. 80-47 The final frame saw Luke Gee play Jack Wilson, with Jack giving Luke 40 points start. Luke broke off and each player paid the other respect with Luke keeping his handicap start intact. But soon Jack found a break of 22 and he started to make his presence known. Luke moved into a 29 point lead with so useful breaks and with only the colours remaining, Jack needed snookers. After a number of attempts to extract a foul from Luke, Jack eventually got the foul on the fifth snooker. Now 25 behind, Jack tried to clear the balls but stopped short after potting the blue because position wasn't possible. Forced into playing safety, Jack needed both balls for the frame and Luke just a pink. This pink was to come Luke's way in style with a fabulous long pot at pace with the pink on the left side cushion and he took the frame 66-45.
Report by K Goulding
Arena Reds v Hodthorpe A (div 1):  1st frame martin vs lee; lee broke off with a 30 point start and soon added to it before martin scored but soon he found his range and started to close the gap, lee then found the going tough as he missed a few pots and martin closed to within 1 point with the last 4 balls on the table. martin potted the brown to go 3 in front and then missed the blue but it looked like it had gone safe then lee potted a great blue and then a thin cut on the pink to win. 2nd frame peter vs Keith; in this frame peter could not get going potting single reds but no colour and then leaving Keith easy pots to run out an easy winner. 3rd frame mark v tom; this was good frame with mark holding onto his start but tom closed the gap with some good pots , the turning point was when tom potted a great long yellow and then watched as the white then rolled into the middle pocket leaving mark with ball in hand potted yellow & green and then a few shots later the brown to win. 4th frame Alan vs mat ; Alan give mat a 20 point start to which soon turned into 30+, mat still had the lead with 2 reds on the table, the turning point was Alan playing a safety shot double kissed the red and to the dismay of Daz Presgrave fluked it in the middle and then knocked a 16 break to move to 1 point behind and with the momentum swinging Alan's way a few shots potting blue & pink to win so it ended in a 2-2 draw to which after being 2 down it felt like a win to us. report by m Kinnell

Tickhill A V Stanley St A (Div 2):  Good to have the Stanley street lads at Tickhill up first Lee Scott played Cliff Hedley, good handicapping this as it went to a black ball game which Lee won. Next Jess Woodward played Scott Armstrong who was not at his best and with Jess playing well it was one all. Up next Captain Hartley played Hank Matthews with Dave taking a good twenty lead only to self destruct and let Hank draw level but in the end Dave potted a good blue and pink to win it. Last up for Tickhill Chris Hambrey played Lee Cauldwell, so nice to see Lee playing again after a break but he came up against an in form Chris who gave him little chances and ran out the winner. A great night for us and as always a pleasure playing the lads from Stanley street.

Week 13

Harworth B v Ex-servicemens  ( Div 2);   A bad week for Harworth as they suffered a home defeat to Warsop Ex Servicemens to follow their cup exit to Clowne.1st up Graham Fry was beaten by Kev Jones in a close frame decided on the last pink.2nd up Jordan Mann continued his fine form with a win against Andrew Hartshorn which included another great 50 break 1-1.On 3rd Steve Boughton gave 35 start to Mark Elce and although he pulled the deficit back he just couldn't get ahead. The frame was concluded when Mark knocked in the final pink. On last Mick Burns played Steve Nettleship a  tight frame followed with Steve holding a small lead. It came down to the last two balls again with Mick 5 points behind but it was Steve who finally took the pink to give the visitors the win. Report by Mick Burns

Arena Young Guns v Clipstone SSC  (Div 1);  P Burrell played a solid safety game against josh Mallender, P Burrell was unlucky when he left the pick over the pocket josh had potted a solid pink for the frame. Harri Spencer went on second and lost against k hall had a good clearance from brown to black Macauley croft went on third and there was three reds left on and Macauley needed 4 snooker and then kept snookering E Reilly and he was just missing them Macauley had took it down to a black hall and then potted black to win. Steve went on last and had an easy chance to clear up but missed the brown then A Dunkley potted the brown blue and pink to win the game well played lads 2-2

Breakers X v Stanley St C (Div 1);;  The first match of the New Year and The X-Men; looked to move away from the relegation places with a good result against Stanley Street C. The first frame saw Dave Gladwin off scratch playing Kevin Firth off +5. The frame saw Kevin going for his shots and Dave playing his fair share of safety with a mix of the
 odd pot from time to time. The lead changed hands as both players locked horns, but as the Breakers X player came down to the final colours he was 5 points behind. Pots on the yellow and green saw the frame levelled, only for a foul from Kevin shortly after to see Dave move into the lead. A lead which was doubled when Dave added the brown. Now eight points between them, a blue a few visits later a pink saw Dave emerge the winner. Frame two was a battle between Karl Goulding, who claimed sixty, and Richard Griffiths. After a poor break off from Karl, Griff saw Karl's lead stretch to 72, but after Karl played a poor safety, Griff had an opportunity to close in. And close in he did, in fact as the frame went on, another chance came Griff's way and he took advantage with a 31 break. With 75% of his early lead gone and only a few reds on the table Karl kept scoring, but kept giving Griff chances to lay snookers or play a good pots and soon Griff nosed in front. Needing to fight; and with the colours on the table, Karl began to play some good snookers and took back a little control though each player couldn't be accused of being in control. Karl nosed back in front, but a foul later and a free ball, and Griff went to the front. With the blue, pink, and black left on the table, Karl misjudged laying a snooker which left Griff a chance for the frame. Normally he'd have stuck it away, but instead he missed and Karl potted the blue and after another chance was handed to him the pink disappeared but Karl gave no thought to getting on the black which was frame ball and he was forced to play a safety. Griff went for the black but jawed it and left Karl a tricky blind pocket cut back, which he stuck away for a hard won victory. Frame three next, a frame between David Wheat and Mick Kirk who claimed ten. David broke off and it was one of those games where Mick slowly came to terms with the speed of the table whereas David just got on with it and soon reduced his arrears and before long he had a healthy lead. As I said Mick struggled and he went for shots that left his opponent in good areas of the table and this proved to good to be true for David who won at a canter. Frame four was by far the most one sided frame of the evening and it saw Lee Ryan and Paul Milverton in a scratch match. Lee broke off and was first to score, but when Paul's reply came he missed his colour and every time Lee made a break, Paul couldn't match him missing his crucial colours. Lee moved 39 in front, when Paul gave him another chance. This time Lee knocked in a workmanlike twenty-one break which was enough for Paul to offer his hand early and we were tied. Report by K Goulding

C Frost & G Dennis v Roy Pendleton & Scott Armstrong (Aggregate pairs);  Roy Pendleton and Scott Armstrong got the better of the leagues big guns after very hard fought match which looked likely to go the way of Frosty and Guy after some great snooker in the first two frames. Receiving 60 start all was looking ok in the first frame with only small breaks being made until Guy got lucky on a missed pink seeing it drop in the opposite pocket then racking a great 28 break. This bit of fortune seemed to run with the big guns pretty much for the first couple of frames along with what was some great potting and safety play. Going into the 3 frame Roy Scott received 25 start so all was looking good for frosty and Guy. Roy kept Guy quiet and left Scott to try get a few pots which he dually obliged with a great 21 to give them a good lead. Just when they thought they were getting on top up pops Craig with some great pots yet again to close the game to 6. Craig was unfortunate to drop in off the green so Roy had ball in hand but still required a great long pot on the green to keep Guy out. After some thought Roy took the green on and finished perfect on the brown. After potting the brown Roy only required the blue to leave the big guns needing a snooker. Another solid pot under immense pressure left Frosty Guy needing a snooker but another superb long pink put an end to a great match which really did look like going the other way. 3 great frames and quality snooker played by Craig and Guy but unfortunately Roy and Scott took their chances in frame 3 to win a great match.

H Mathews & D Padley v J Joynson & T Salt (League pairs);  A cold winter night at Stanley Street in January brought together Hank Mathews and Damien Padley of Stanley Street A and Jordan Joynson and Tom Salt in the second round of the League Pairs with home pair claiming a sizable forty four point start per frame. As frame one progressed, it was the two from Stanley Street who were stuck in the starting blocks and Tom and Jordan scored 31 unanswered points before Tom accidentally fouled and the Stanley Street A pair suddenly found their potting shoes, Hank with a red and Damien adding seven to release the tension and re-establish some of their early lead. With the colours on the table it was the Stanley Street pair who kept their noses in front to take the first frame thanks to a long pink from Hank (72-55). Up next frame two, but the visitors ate into the Stanley Street A pair's lead again without leaving their opponents straight back at the table. Tom played neat safety here and there and so too Jordan, they both managed the frame a whole lot better and chances were missed by Damian and Hank. A chance came Jordan’s way after Damian's missed long pot and he went on to knock in a fifteen break consisting of some good long pots and the visiting pair had Hank and Damien in their sights. Later in the frame Tom reeled them in still further with a couple of eights and now with noses ahead, Tom tried to take the second frame but missed the pink narrowly in the centre pocket. However the next chance wasn't wasted and the decider was upon us (67-53). The players shook hands for the second time and the last frame shoot out commenced with Damian's break. The Stanley Street A men found it tough and could only make one breaks with colours missed aplenty. Tom and Jordan too struggled to find clear chances and ones were the best they could come up with. Hank and Damien made small contributions but Tom and Jordan cancelled them out the play was anything but fluent until that it is with the last few of reds on the table. Tom threw off the shackles and knocked in a well constructed 34 break and soon the Stanley Street A pair's lead was only a brittle 7 points. With just the blue, pink and black on the table, the Stanley Street A pair needed the blue and pink and the visitors all three remaining colours. Jordan knocked in a blue after a lapse in Hank's safety and he played the pink safe, but then the drama began. Damien and Hank both jawed pots for the match but saw the pink stay on the table. Damien managed to snooker Jordan with a carefully played snooker which he managed to escape from, but better still he managed to keep the pink safe. Hank chanced his arm again for a pot for the match and saw the pink stay on the table, the pink rolled over towards the black leaving no pot, but instead a snooker chance, which Tom successfully laid and Hank missed and unfortunately he left a free ball. Jordan nominated the black and snookered Damien behind it and this snooker proved too tough to hit as Damien failed to escape, putting the visitors ten points in front and worse still leaving Tom a chance on the pink for the frame and match which he dispatched. (73-57)

Week 12

David McCarthy & Nigel McCarthy v Kevin Firth & Karl Goulding (Aggregate pairs); The Warsop Ex-Servicemen pairing will rue missed chances in the face of some good overall play by the Stanley Street C pair. This match saw the lead to and fro every couple of visits and with both Stanley Street C players having trouble finding the speed of the table and acclimatising themselves with the lighting early on, it was up to them to get back into the frame late on. Emerging with an eight point lead after the first frame after overhauling an eighteen point deficit all mainly due to the all important colours .In frame two, Dave found his touch and always looked to score well, in fact he rubbed out the visitors early lead with a well constructed twenty break which could have easily have been more but for the fast running table which eventually did for his position a couple of times. Up until this point, Kevin and Karl had been scoring pretty poorly although flashes of brilliance had showed themselves; all they had done was chip in with odd balls here and there but with their lead gone, trailing by 15 to the Ex-Servicemen pair, they found a new gear at the colours. Nigel potted the yellow and then a green and he extended the lead to 20 points but he couldn't find position on the brown and Kevin potted it. Looking to cash in, Kevin missed a tough blue and Dave put away a long range pot to go 16 in front with just the pink and black left on the table. Dave played the pink safe and it would have been a good shot had it not been for a superb long pot from the top cushion from Karl which cut the lead to 10. Karl and his opposite number played the black safe and a chance fell Kevin Firth’s way a double ruined the Ex-Servicemen's chances of a sizeable lead, and three points were all that the hosts could take off the Stanley Street C pair. So after an hour and fifteen minutes of play the Stanley Street C pair took just 17 points into the final frame and despite losing the lead again as in the other frames, it was the turn of Karl to pot some balls and make some key contributions. As the frame went on, Karl reinstated the 17 point lead with an eight break and nine break for no reply and this was to provide a cushion which as the frame came down to the colours proved a little too much. Nigel potted the yellow for the Warsop pair, but the green was potted by Kevin and the Stanley Street pair just needed the brown to leave the Ex-Servicemen pair needing snookers. However, Kevin missed the brown and Dave dispatched it to go 14 points behind and though he nearly got the blue it stayed on the table. As the pressure built, Karl played safe and so too did his opposite number, but Kevin chanced his arm and he sunk the all important blue ball. Now 19 in front Kevin tried to pot the pink but missed, leaving the Warsop lads looking for a snooker. Nigel tried first to lay a snooker on the pink ball, but the fast cloth sent the pink down towards the bottom pocket and he nearly potted it, but instead he left Karl match ball and he took it. FINAL SCORE: - Kevin Firth & Karl Goulding won by 25 points Report by K Goulding

Anston v Dinnington C (Div 1):  Good night with the Dinnington guys. First up Tom set off like a rocket with good potting but Jordan came back with a few nice breaks to take the first. Next up a confident Luke played a safe game against Daz who struggled potting. Third up Ian kept Matt safe who didn't play to his ability. Final frame saw Dennis make a slow start over the first five reds but then got his eye in making some nice pots to take the final frame. Merry Christmas all.

Arena Reds vs Stanley St G  (div1);    1st frame Alan vs Patrick ; Alan tried very hard but a combination of no luck and running and Patrick playing very well it was soon all over. 2nd frame Martin vs Danny ; this was all about potting and it was Danny who came out on top to put the league leaders two nil up. 3rd frame Mark vs Wayne this was a case of missed pots from both players it all came down to the last three colours with both Mark & Wayne having chances to win and both missing the chance to, after what felt like hours on the blue Mark tried to play a safety shot on the blue missed cued hit the blue and left Wayne what looked like an easy chance to win the frame but missed a straight blue into the middle pocket but it looked he had potted it in the corner pocket , but it stayed over the pocket and up stepped Mark to pot the blue & then the pink to win. 4th frame Phil vs Andy ; this frame like the 2nd all about the potting with Andy playing very well with small breaks and soon taking the lead and Phil struggling it looked like it was going only one way. again it came down to the last three colours with Phil potting a good blue but when trying to pot the pink missed it and left Andy what looked like an easy pot to win, but to the shock of everyone watching he missed it then up stepped Phil to pot a good pink into the green pocket and got perfect on the black to win . this could and should have been 4 0 to Stanley St G but somehow it ended in draw. Hope everyone has good Christmas  Report by M Kinnell

Stanley Street C v Welbeck A (Div 1): Stanley Street C welcomed in form Welbeck A on Wednesday night. Needing that perfect start, it was the Home team that got it. Lee Ryan meticulously worked over Richard Hill in a matter of minutes with the help of a forty four break and together with his handicap the frame was over early with six reds left on the table, but Lee will rue a missed chance of challenging Darren Pressgrave's High break of 100, as the balls were at his mercy.(101-8). in frame two, Steve Tracey started well against Tony Shaw and breaks were shared into Steve knocked in a cool twenty four break but Tony kept coming back at him. Going into the colours Steve was 19 ahead and after a series of fouls the lead was cut further to just a sheet of bronco, only two points in the frame, and Steve looked to have blown it but he found a pot on the brown and he fortunately kissed the blue out over the middle which inevitably sealed Tony's fate as he potted the blue and won the frame with the pink. (77-63) So two in front; , Karl Goulding played Tom Newsome both players started well and Tom scored early but so did Karl. Tom clawed back some of the forty five start he initially gave at the start of the frame to Karl, but Karl scored enough points to give Tom no sniff of overhauling his lead and so when handshake came, it was another Stanley Street C frame on the board though Karl had had a better run of the ball than his Welbeck counterpart.(81-37)  Three down; Welbeck sent it their last man for the night, Phil Robinson, twenty points behind at the break all he needed to do was overhaul Will Goy of Stanley Street C and a point wouldn't be to bad after what had gone before As the early exchanges played out Phil started the better and though each player had numerous chances to make hay, it was the Welbeck player who was the more clinical. Both players didn't exactly score heavily whilst amongst the balls though, but it has to be said the Stanley Street anchorman couldn't live with his Welbeck opponent and soon his lead had evaporated. After a couple of visits, Phil had the twenty point lead and pretty soon the frame. The final score flatters the home side maybe a fair reflection would have been 2-2 as the second frame could have gone either way. It just depends on which side of the fence you are on. Report by K Gouldin

Week 11

Harworth v Breakers B (Div 2):  A win for Harworth over Breakers B this week in a high quality match. In the 1st frame Steve Boughton received 25 start from Jamie Richards and raced into a 40 point lead. Jamie then pulled back the deficit with a couple of small breaks and a snooker or two. Steve, though, potted a couple of good balls to maintain a lead and potted a fine brown and blue to secure the first point for the home side. On 2nd Graham Fry took on Rob Slinger. Graham had an inspired frame and seemed to score every time he went to the table. Breaks of 14,16,18 etc meant Graham ran out an easy winner 88-11.3rd up Mick Burns played Ben Payne. After a miss-cue cueing over the yellow Mick left Ben in amongst the balls. Ben then proceeded to knock in a great 57 break to run away with the frame. Mick did make a nice 25 at the end to save a bit of pride but well played Ben 2-1.On Last Stan Smith played Karl White. Stan had a big handicap start and maintained a healthy lead throughout the frame. Karl did close the gap to
wards the end of the game but a couple of good pots on the colours eased Stan to victory. A good home win and some good snooker played. Report by Mick Burns

Arena Young Guns v Arena Reds (Div 1):  Tonight it was a battle between the 2 arena sides. On first was josh Mallender vs Alan Emmingham, josh getting 30 start started of the better and took control of the frame leaving Alan very little to give the young guns a 1-0 lead. On 2nd was warren Lowell vs Karl Creswick, this frame was a close battle with the points only being a few points apart all the way through, when it got down to the colours it was warren who pot most of them leaving in 3 points in front on the black and although playing a good safety on the black Karl got down and potted a terrific black to level the scores at 1-1. on 3rd saw Macauley croft vs mark Kinnell, this frame saw mark match Macauley in the potting area and took control of the frame to go 39 in front with 35 left, although Macauley played layed a few snookers mark managed to get out all of them and later on cleared from brown to black to give the arena reds a 2-1 lead. On last was Hayden Staniland vs martin O'Conner, Hayden started of the better knocking in a 25 break to take control of the frame early on. Later on in the frame martin slowly started making is way back into the frame with some good safety play but it wasn't enough as Hayden potted enough when he had the chances to win the frame and the end the night 2-2  report by M Kinnell

Woodend v Ex-servicemens (Div 2)   As they say the form book goes out the window in a local derby and it showed tonight with four close frames all going to the home side but good company as ever with all the legion team turning up to watch, thanks for a good night.

Clipstone Sc v Stanley Street C (Div 1): The Clipstone team welcomed Stanley Street C for a long drawn out first division clash, great company, some quality, mistakes here and there, and some gorgeous food. Kevin Firth won the toss and broke off for Stanley Street C in frame one five behind. This frame one saw the lead to and fro plenty of times due to the resilience of his opponent M Ball but soon Kevin found two breaks to push his lead out to a 26 points with only four balls left on the table. Not beaten; his Clipstone opponent found a snooker and pretty soon Kevin’s lead was down to 22. Another snooker miss from Kevin reduced this to 17. With pots on the brown, blue, and pink in various visits to the table, the Clipstone player just needed the black for a remarkable turn-around, the only thing lacking however, was a carefully played safety shot and it was this which his sterling work, presenting Kevin the first chance for the frame which he took to win 55-46.Frame two up next; Ed Reilly broke off for Clipstone sixty ahead, in a frame against Nigel Bond of Stanley Street C. After the early exchanges, both players missed easy balls, but both also cashed in and Ed potted his fair share of balls to leave Nigel wondering how he would get that sixty back when every time he scored so did his opponent. Reds disappeared and with 59 on the table; Ed’s 62 point lead looked untroubled and though Nigel reduced it he wasn’t going to win with conventional methods, as again he jawed a colour, to push his number of snookers required up so he tried a new gambit. Nigel started playing some neat safety and occasionally a fine snooker or two; this would soon turn out to find Ed’s Achilles’ Heel. Pretty soon the sixty point lead tumbled. A number of fouls later and a Nigel became the favourite for the frame with Ed stuck on 85 points. As Nigel mopped up the colours, the blue put the Stanley Street man four in front and a pink followed three visits later for an improbable 95-85, come-from-behind win for Nigel. Frame three and Mick Kirk took to table breaking off for Stanley Street C ten points behind his opponent R Reilly. Very soon Mick looking sharp, had erased his arrears and moved in a sizeable lead which was good enough to prompt an early handshake from his Clipstone opponent 55-15, who with his five point contribution, didn’t look like overhauling Mick. Now three frames to the good, Kevin Hall broke off for Clipstone forty behind, trying to stop Karl Goulding of Stanley Street C making it four nil in favour of the away side. From the break, Karl started the better taking chances that Kevin left him and he grew in stature as the frame went on thanks to some good long potting. Things went the Stanley Street player’s way, the running of the cue ball helped him but essentially Kevin could not stop Karl pulling away from him and the handshake came early for 81-22 win and a Stanley Street win. Report by K Goulding

Tickhill v Clowne (Div 2):  All square at Tickhill and a good night with a good set of lads.

week 10

Anston v Welbeck A (Div 1):  A True masterclass from Richard Hill in the first frame tonight with a 69 break which could have been more. Next up new signing Danny for Anston played a tight game leaving Tom nothing making it one all. Next up Ricky played well going forty odd in front with Ian battling back but leaving a half chance saw Ricky cleared up. Finally Dennis and Phil had a good battle with the final black being taken by Phil. Well played Welbeck. Report by Ian Rookes

Dinnington A v Stanley Street C (Div 1):The Dinnington A-team welcomed Stanley Street C for a first division clash which wasn't easy on the eye at times, but did have it's fare share of quality. Frame one and Karl Goulding broke off for Stanley Street C, twenty in front, a lead he never saw troubled  though Darren Pyatt did have a lot of bad luck the home
side will argue. Frame two and Mark Lancaster broke off in a level frame against Kevin Firth of Stanley Street C. After the early exchanges, both players missed easy balls, until Kevin made a couple of notable contributions to move thirteen in front. Mark had other chances and despite closing the gap occasionally, it was Kevin who was the more clinical an he took the second frame for the away side, moving them two to the good. Frame three and Nigel Bond took to table breaking off for Stanley Street C five points behind his opponent Neil Proctor. This frame was by far the most one sided. Looking sharp, very soon Nigel had erased his arrears and moved in a sizeable lead which was good enough to prompt an early handshake from Neil. Now three frames to the good, Mick Kirk of Stanley Street C tried to make it four when he faced Dinnington A's final man Richard Turner himself claiming a fifteen point head start. Richard started the better as he took chances that Mick missed. Two thirds through the frame Mick suddenly found his form and the High Breaks table looked to be troubled, but he fell short with a workmanlike twenty-eight break to cut his arrears to just ten and after a foul from Richard, it was cut even further to just six. Now you could be excused to think that Mick was on top, but Richard found a reply with a red and a blue a few shots later and as we came down to the colours the lead was twelve points. Not down and out, Mick came back with a yellow and green and though he did try to overhaul Richard, he never could stop Richard's power potting which in the end was what despatched the final pink to win him the frame. Report by K Goulding

Hodthorpe B v Clipstone (Div  1) ; A well deserved draw for home side still looking for our first win.

Team Ko week round up

The Snooker League's Knockout competition didn't fail us again with sides crashing out all over the place.
We start our round up on Monday night at the Arena with Chris Longbottom's; Arena Bassetlaw C facing an uphill task in the shape of Stanley Street G. With the first frame over, the deficit was 18 points, however the tide changed. 33 points were reclaimed by the Home team in frame two and then another 40 in frame three. Leaving Bassetlaw with 95 point cushion which Andrew Camm of Stanley Street G couldn't work miracles on and the second division side progressed. Moving onto the week's busiest day, Tuesday and home advantage was key in a lot these ties but sides themselves had to back it up to with good play to progress. First up Warsop WMC took on Clipstone Sc. Always a tough venue to play at, Warsop's men held their handicaps and despite Clipstone trying in vain to over haul the home team with large handicaps Alan Dunkerley’s side couldn't march on and exited. Over at Grove Mill, the Home team welcomed Stanley Street C and despite losing the first frame by eleven points. Each Grove Mill man played like a pro. and performances from their second and third men would mean that Stanley Street C would conceding six points in the last frame. Not for once though in this match did a Grove Mill man alleviate the pressure with a break of substance and though the Stanley Street anchor man fought back it was a story of 'too much in reserve' from Grove Mill who won by 21 points on the pink. So bang crash wallop out went Stanley Street only other side. In form Welbeck A took on the faltering X-Men. Chances came each teams way and the defining quality between the two sides was who capitalised most. The Welbeck side took this match with a combination of good play and less mistakes. Dinnington C played host to Tickhill B and without taking to much of a gloss off the Tickhill team's deserved win was mainly because the Tickhill team look like a side reinvigorated and despite handicap differences between the two sides the second division team still had to beat the first division outfit. Tickhill could be one to watch for promotion. Shane Robinson's, Breakers S did battle on Wednesday night at Clowne with Shane's side coming off second best as the Liberal Club celebrated victory with a quarter final place. Alan Eyre's Langold Pocket side went away from home to lock horns with newly formed Breakers B.
The Langold side not short on talent played some inspired stuff throughout the course of Thursday night and the match was sewn up early in the final frame. With the week coming to a close we move our attention to Steve Millender's Young Guns who took on Jordan Mann and Harworth B on Thursday night at the Comrades Club. As I always say; never an easy place to come, so potential was there for a shock or two, and that is what transpired. Harworth's team pulled off their second shock of the cup. Starting badly the second division side handed over 20 points after the first frame and then another five went the way of their opponents in the second. In frame three Harworth changed the tide with Stan Smith claiming 60 points back for the Home side, ready for a nail biting final frame between Harworth's Jordan Mann and the Young Guns' Hayden Staniland. This scratch frame had chances for each player, but Jordan was the one crucially who came up with the goods; a handsome and decisive 37 break put his Harworth side in the quarter final. Report by K Goulding

Harworth A v Arena young Guns (Team Ko):  Harworth pulled off a giant killing act in the team knockout this week by defeating last seasons division one champions Arena Young Guns. Things started well for the Arena when Josh Mallender beat Graham Fry by 20 points. A close 2nd frame between Steve Boughton and Macauley Croft followed with Macauley coming out on top by 5 points. The 3rd frame saw Stan Smith and Arron Mallender play each other off a level start. This game proved to be pivotal as Stan played an excellent frame scoring well and leaving few chances for his opponent. In the end Stan won by 60 points to turn the tie in Harworth's favour. The last frame saw Jordan Mann play Hayden Staniland. After the scores and handicaps were added up the players started off level. The game stayed close early in the frame with both players making small breaks until, half way through the game, Jordan potted a long red and went on to make a 37 break. That break proved to be decisive as Jordan ran out the winner. A great result for the home
 side to put Harworth into the last eight. Report by Mick Burns.

Breakers B v Corner Pocket (Team KO); Pocket won this match in a stroll after some good snooker and maybe the rub of the green.

Arena Bassetlaw C v Stanley Street G (Team KO);   Cup week at the Arena saw Martin up first against Patrick Gee receiving a 5 point start. Having had recent visits to this table, Patrick looked comfortable with some nice play, however Martin unfortunately struggled to get going and Patrick managed to take the frame by 18. Up second was Tom up against Danny receiving a 15 start. In a strange frame in which the majority of the reds were potted without a colour following, Tom managed to find his range better on the colours and knocked in an impressive blue by his own admission, followed by a calm pink and black to take the frame by 33. Up third was Daniel up against Wayne receiving a 25 start. Wayne struggled to get going on an unforgiving table and an in form Daniel took advantage by knocking in some lovely balls to take the frame by 40. Last but not least the match all boiled down to Andy D up against Andy C, receiving a 95 start. In an uphill task for Andy C, he made a very impressive opening to the frame by knocking in a 16 from the off, and from then on continued potting sweetly. However this effort was clear to be in vain as Andy D took his own chances well, and reduced the number of reds quickly to prove the effort was too little too late. A very long night of snooker at the Arena and thanks to the G team for a great battle!  report by Tom Exley

Grove Mill v Stanley Street C  (Team KO): After beating the Bowling Club in round one, another tricky banana skin came the way of Stanley Street C in the form of Retford's Grove Mill. Playing the first frame for the away side Lee Ryan with his girlfriend close to giving birth. Lee mindful of his parental responsibilities was happy to finish quickly and also in front at the end of his frame and managed to claim 11 points for his side. Karl Goulding played next against P Shaw who very rarely missed a long pot and with the benefit of a couple of twenty breaks his opponent moved ahead. Soon, damage limitation was the order of the frame for Karl and at the end his Grove Mill opponent claimed twenty eight in a frame where his opponent looked very likely to score heavily. Kevin Firth looked to lessen the damage in frame three and give his side a fighting chance but again his opponent started the quicker and it was only after some good running a few fouls that Kevin stayed in the frame. With the final ball potted Kevin managed to claim a six point lead and we were left with a showdown in frame four. Just six points separated the teams; all deductions taken into account. Mick Kirk stepped into the breach for the away side to try to haul his side's back and make up for any of the night's misdemeanours. As each player traded shots the Grove Mill player's clean, long potting spoke for itself, as indeed it had for all his team. If anything this one thing had been the evening’s defining moment Grove Mill's long potting was superb. Coming down to the colours Mick trailed by 27 points and he needed a clearance to tie. Following a foul, the Grove Mill Anchor man fouled and after a yellow Mick trailed be 21.  On each side, pots and fouls were shared until the destiny of this match was finally satisfied when the Grove Mill man potted a blue which left Mick needing two snookers and though he got one he couldn't find the other. All in all this was a very professional team performance by the Grove Mill side, fittingly topped off with a First Division team scalp. Maybe not in the Harworth class last round, but now the Grove Mill side are my team to watch Report by K Goulding

Week 9

Harworth v Institute A (Div 2):  Another draw for Harworth against Institute A on Thursday night. !st up Steve Boughton played Jim  Hind. A very scrappy frame saw both players struggle to get going but Steve gradually pulled the 20 point start he had to give back. On the colours there was nothing in it and, inevitably, it came down to a black ball game. Jim had a go at potting the black down the cushion only to see the white ball drop in the opposite corner pocket to hand the frame to Steve.1-0 Harworth. On 2nd the in form Jordan Mann against Dave Bottomley. Jordan again giving 60 start began steadily and waited for a good chance. When his chance came he knocked in a superb 50 break to take control of the game .After two or three pots on the colours Jim needed a snooker on pink and black and couldn't get it.2-0 Harworth. 3rd up Stan Smith played Pete Macateer close frame followed with the lead changing several times. With just the last three colours on the table Stan needed one ball to leave Pete needing a snooker. Then Pete potted a great blue and pink to make it another black ball frame. After a couple of safety shots each Stan had the chance of a pot to the top corner pocket with the white in the Dee and the black near the pink spot. Unbelievably Stan managed to miss the black ball completely and hand Institute A their 1st point.2-1.On last Jamie Boughton played Stuart McQueen. A tight frame followed with James pulling back the 10 start he had to give and taking a lead. Stuart stayed in the game though and on the colours it was still close. Jamie needed one of the last two balls to win and decided to go for a thin cut to the middle bag. Unfortunately he played it too thin and missed the pink ball altogether. He made up for this error by potting the pink to the corner to leave, yet another, black ball game, After a failed effort to the top bag by Jamie, Stuart potted black to steal the frame and make the score 2-2. A good match to watch but two pots away from a 4-0.Report by Mick Burns.

Arena Reds v Stanley St C (Div 1):    1st frame Karl Creswick vs Lee Ryan; Karl never got a chance as Lee ran out a very easy winner. 2nd frame Mark Kinnell v Mick Kirk; both players played some great snooker with a lot of safety play with Mark keeping hold of his lead it came down to last 3 colours , Mark had the first chance on the blue he took it on and it rattled the pocket and as he thought it went safe on the side cushion the up stepped Mick to double the blue got perfect on the pink and then the black to win a hard fought frame. the 3rd was put back 1 place as Martin was late so the 4th frame Alan Emmingham v Karl Goulding; this was another great frame as Karl added to his 30 point start but Alan dug in and slowly clawed his way back into the frame, as the frame went on and with Karl still in front it came down to the last two balls , Alan potted a great pink and a great safety shot to which Karl replied with one of his own , a few more shots each and Alan had the first chance to pot the black but it rattled the jaws in the bottom pocket and went safe on the baulk cushion then Karl gifted Alan another chance in which this time he took. 3rd fame Martin O'Conner v Kev Firth; this frame from the start Martin looked in total control , and with the help of a 27 break took the lead and did not look back and ran out an easy winner  so it ended 2-2. Report by M Kinnell

Arena Reds v Stanley St C (Div 1):   The appalling weather saw this fixture rearranged to the Arena as Stanley Street continued its mop up operation. Frame one brought father to be Lee Ryan of Stanley Street C up against Karl Creswick of the Reds who claimed a fifteen point start at the break. Pretty soon it was all clear that Karl was not Lee's match and he won the frame in double quick time and Stanley Street went one up. Frame two next, Mick Kirk played captain of the Reds, Mark Kinnell who claimed a 35 start. Little by little, Mick wore down Mark's advantage and eventually Mick surged in front and won the frame with the blue, pink, and black. Frame four took place next, Karl Goulding of Stanley Street C played Alan Emmingham of the Reds and broke off 30 in front in a frame full of safety. The black and pink tied up; reds were potted by each player only for scant reward.  Alan took the first red and black only for Karl to cancel it out and as the frame went on the more Karl's patient play looked be winning out. The major first chance for the frame came to Karl when he led by 24, needing just the yellow he potted the ball only to see the cue ball wonder aimlessly into the centre pocket.  Alan potted the yellow but left Karl another chance on the green. Affected by the last in off, Karl played a nothing shot, which despite potting the green left him snookered tight to the blue. Karl escape failed and Alan potted his way closer. With only the blue, pink and black the scores were 44-54. Handsome pots from distance pushed Alan into one point lead but a black ball would win it and after an exchange of safety, another long pot gave the Arena man an unlikely win and really Karl will be kicking himself because he should've have had the frame sewn up but 'snooker is a funny old game'. Frame three came next and Kevin Firth of Stanley Street C played Martin O' Conner of the Reds in a frame which saw Kevin lose his tip and Martin make a twenty seven break. Not really enjoying his night and playing with various cues throughout the frame Kevin couldn't keep Martin out and it was the Arena Reds man who emerged victorious. Stanley Street C 2 - 2 Arena Reds Verdict:- It would have been fair to say that Stanley Street should have won, but top marks to Alan who ground one out for the team Report by K Goulding

Chris Hambrey & John Hartley v Karl Goulding & Kevin Firth (League Pairs);  Stanley Street pair take a seven point start into the beginning of frame one. This lead was soon increased as both Tickhill players fouled and both Karl and Kevin made small breaks to move out to 22 point lead. Very soon Chris found his technique and made an eight and a fifteen break before his partner really got going and long flowed. Chances were few for the Stanley Street pair as the Tickhill partnership tightened their grasp on the first frame and moved comfortably ahead and despite one or two chances coming Kevin's way he could only make eight and both John and Chris saw out the frame easily. Frame two was more of a nail bitter and again the Tickhill pair started strongly with an early twelve break from Chris and then another six to put them eleven in front and it was Kevin potted a long red and tied up Chris. But the Tickhill player hit the snooker and left Karl a red and yellow which cut the deficit. John managed a fine long pot but couldn't find a colour and Kevin was forced to play safe. Chris chanced his arm to increase the Tickhill lead, but instead left Karl a red and a pink and then a red and green to cut the gap to eight.  Coming down to the colours the Tickhill pair had managed to lead by nine and Kevin knocked in a yellow to decrease this to seven, but it was Karl who levelled the frame with to smashing pots on green and brown. With the blue, pink and black on various cushions, there would still be drama left in this frame and despite each pair playing some good safety and trying to double the blue, it would only drop after some good fortune which led to the Tickhill pair coming out on top  Despite our pair not getting the desired outcome it had been a very enjoyable evening at the Institute and I do hope to play their again soon because it has been five years since the last time. Also a massive thanks to John and Chris for being so flexible with the timing of this fixture as it has been changed a number of times Report by K Goulding

Tickhill A v Langold Pocket (Div 2):  Tonight Tickhill played Langold and the first frame was a cracker Lee playing Roy who soon pulled the thirty start back then went on to win on the black after both players had chances to pot it. next Scott played Kev but never got going after a good start to his season and lost out to an inform Kev. Frame three and our new player Mark played Paul and after some steady play ran out an easy winner. last up Chris played Alan who played well to run out the winner. Good result for Langold and well done to a good set of lads.

week 8

Harworth A v Tickhill A (Div 2):  A draw at the Comrades between Harworth and Tickhill B.1st up Jordan Mann gave his usual 60 start to Luke Scott and cut the deficit with a 31 break early in the frame. Luke held the lead with a couple of good pots himself and with just one red left he was 21 in front. Jordan then made one of the best clearances seen in a while. With brown and blue safe on opposing cushions Jordan potted the last red and yellow then yellow again and green, From green he moved brown off the cushion then potted brown and disturbed the blue off the other cushion. The rest was a piece of cake as he took the last three balls for a 30 break. But what a good 30 it was. On 2nd Graham Fry played Carl Cousins. Carl went ahead with a good 24 break but Graham steadily got back in the frame and with the colours remaining there was only around 10 in it. It then all went sideways for Graham when he failed to escape from four consecutive snookers and Carl took yellow and green. Now Graham needed snookers and it wasn't to be 1-1.3rd up Pete Pashley played Scott Armstrong. A very good frame followed with Pete starting like a train and pulling around 25 ahead. Later in the game Scott found his form and stated potting well taking the lead. Just the colours left and Pete potted yellow, green and brown and was on blue but missed and allowed Scott to sink blue and pink to win a close frame. On last Keith Fisher played John Hartley. Keith received 10 start and moved further ahead as the game progressed. Keith played very solidly and didn't leave John much to go for. In the end it was another good win for Keith, who is now 4 out of 4 in the win column. Final score 2-2.Report by Mick Burns.

Anston v Dinnington A (Div 1):  Good game against Dinnington A with all frames being decided on the colours which could have gone either way but Anston just managed to get a lucky bounce or a finishing pot.

Hodthorpe A v Arena Young Guns (Div 1):  Roy was a little unlucky to lose this one having led all frame then Josh fighting his way back on the colours to lead by one on the black for Roy to then pot black and follow in with the white . Barry up next kept the dangerous Macca out of the game building up a lead of around 35 to then let Macca claw his way back with two little breaks only to see Barry open the gap again leaving Macca too much to do 1-1 . Daz started well against Warren with a nice 31 break only to let Warren back in with a nice 14 break Daz then hit back with a 29 break all square going onto the colours Warren then played some outstanding safety shots under pressure to keep Daz out with Daz eventually potting pink for game having just the shot before seen himself come within a whisker of knocking black in . Last game saw Hayden get the upper hand of Dave after a really good game of snooker saw both players have the chance to win the game with Haydn eventually coming out on top . 2-2 final result with some excellent snooker from both teams

Warsop WMC v Stanley St C (Div 1):  Karl Goulding captained for the first time away at Warsop and started his frame with a fifty start against Terry Wilkinson who soon broke down the lead with some small breaks. The lead now 22, Karl tried to give Terry something else to think about as Terry had been potting impressively from range and this is exactly what he did. Karl's plan B showed he too could pot, any shots for nothing he took on from range and his lead started to extend. More chances loosened the pressure on his lead and soon another speculative pot from Karl lead to another handsome break from Karl who extended his lead to 46. As Terry tried to keep Karl safe he let him in again and Karl took his chance only for Terry to concede. Frame two and Nigel Bond took a ten point lead into his frame against Herb Brocklehurst and despite some good safety by the Warsop player Herb, it was Nigel who potted some impressive balls at key times in the frame. The table suited Nigel, and he knocked in a fifteen break and it put him twenty eight in front. Later, despite both players exchanging safety and each sharing a couple of the colours Herb shook Nigel's hand. Frame three, Terry Dowson broke off against Lee Hempsall of the away side who got a thirty point start.  In the early exchanges, Lee managed a red but no colour and Terry a red and a black and it set a pattern for the early half of the frame. Each player would profit from the other's mistakes, but key was how many they’d make from their reds and colours and also How many they would concede from fouls. The lead switched sides many times throughout the frame, and so with just the colours left on the table, Lee had the first chance to snatch the frame. He potted the green and then a brown; with a pot for the blue which would have meant a certain pink, Lee unfortunately missed his chance to win the frame and Terry put the frame to bed with the blue and the pink. The last frame of the night was a scratch encounter, Mick Kirk broke off for the away side against Pat Dillon. This -5 encounter had plenty of swings and roundabouts and each player potted some good balls but the frame was only decided on the colours. Each player took chances when they were presented, and when the colours were left, Mick and Pat changed the way they played to look for clear cut opportunities. First to lay a telling snooker was Pat and Mick hit the first one and kept it safe. But Pat laid another which would pay dividends and lead to the clear cut chance. Mick missed the green ball and left Pat in and he potted his way to an unassailable position in the frame and the bragging rights were even. report K Goulding

Arena Reds v Hodthorpe B (Div 2)::   1st frame Glen Neal v Jim Presgrave ; in the early part of the frame Glen could not get going but he stuck at it and some found his potting to leave Jim needing a snooker with pink & black on , Jim was unlucky to pot the pink when trying for a snooker. 2nd frame Peter Stevenson v Mick Allison ; with Peter making his debut for the reds he found it tuff at first but came back well, but with the colours on he needed two snookers and played two fantastic shots to get them, but then the wheels well and truly fell off as Mick ran out an easy winner. 3rd frame Richard Young v Danny Mackenzie; Richard after last weeks chat with his captain played a great frame of snooker and with Danny finding it hard to get some pots  Richard ran out an easy winner.4th frame Mark Kinnell v Tony Partington; in this frame Mark could not get going and with the luck not on his side soon found himself behind going onto the colours , Mark potted a great cross table yellow to leave him perfect on the green then he doubled the brown and a few shots later a great blue , and when trying to pot the pink he left Tony a full length pink to which he potted to win the frame. so it ended 2-2 which probably was a fair result   Report M Kinnell

Week 7

Woodend Pub v Harworth A (Div 2):  Good snooker from both sides but the home team potted the crucial balls, all four frames were played in good spirits and thanks for making the trip to the Harworth boys

Arena Reds v Anston WMC (Div 1):   1st frame martin O Conner vs Jordan Johnson; this was a very good frame with Martin knocking a 31 break to look in total control. but Jordan dug in and played some great snookers to which martin failed to escape from to give him some hope but it was to no avail as martin took yellow to blue to win, 2nd frame Phil Clarke vs Ryan Purcell ; in this frame Phil could not get going when he tried to pot something he left Ryan in to win very easy in the end. 3rd frame Karl Creswick vs Ian Rookes; in this frame Karl struggled to get going in the early part of the frame with Ian pouncing on Karl's mistakes, but going onto the colours they was nothing in it, but it was Ian who took the frame. 4th frame Alan Emmingham vs Dennis Turner; this frame went back forth Alan going into the lead then back came Dennis to take the lead this is how it went onto the colours, after a 45 minute frame it came to the last two balls, with Dennis needing a snooker with the black tight on the back cushion it looked an impossible cause but he stuck at it and got the black off the cushion and with Alan a few times leaving the pink over the pockets and Dennis somehow keeping it out of the pocket after about an hours play it was Alan who potted the pink to win, so it ended 2-2 on the night which i must say was a fair result played against a good team;

Dinnington A v Dinnington C (Div 1);   Local derby time at Dinnington and the A team ended up scooping up all 4 points. First up Mat had to give Darren 25 start, Mat never really got going and Darren took his chances to make it 1-0. Second frame had Tim giving away a 30 start to Frank, but Tim played a steady frame and was soon in front and never to looked back, 2-0. The third frame looked like it was going to go to the C team as Luke made the most of his chances and tied Alan up with some nice safety play but for Alan to give up the table legs would have to fall off and a great escape from a snooker gave Alan the light at the end of the tunnel he was looking for and with the last three reds running in his favour the frame went from 30 behind to levels! Luke tried his best to stop the come back but a nice clearance on the colours nudged Alan to an unexpected win, 3-0. last up was Proc v Phil, Phil had a nice 25 start and although Proc chipped away at the handicap it always looked like going to the colours, and that it did,, to a black ball game,,, both players had nibbles to win the frame on the black but then Phil was really unfortunate to go in off, 4-0 on the night to the A team in a match played in fantastic spirit that could have easily ended 2-2.

Stanley St C v Stanley St G (Div 1):  Frame one Karl Goulding played Pat Gee in a frame in which the run of the ball certainly didn't favour the Home team. Stanley Street C, looking to bounce back from last week's defeat saw Karl rattle a red which handed Pat the first chance, one in which he made twenty from it. The pattern of the frame started to change as Karl potted some good balls but handed chances via awful misfortune. Pat levelled the frame and with the colours left on the table he moved in front. Karl potted the yellow and pulled out a superb green only for more misfortune to strike him down. Although chances did come both each way, it was Pat who was the more clinical and he ran out a ten point winner. Frame two and Kevin Firth played Danny Wallace of the away team in which no player had a start at the start of the frame and no player looked particularly convincing. For long periods of the frame the highest breaks registered where sevens or eights and as the players came down to the last three balls, Danny lead (29-26)  Kev tried to play Danny safe, but he misjudged his shot and left Danny a pot on the blue which he took. But the frame truth be told, turned on the lucky cannon Danny managed to get to bring the pink into a potable position which would leave Kev powerless to stop Danny winning the second frame by fourteen. Into frame three; Andrew Camm played Nigel Bond representing the Home side. Nigel took a twenty five point start into the frame and Andy broke off. Each player exchanged visits until Andy got the first clear chance and he made a tidy thirty break to move into the lead. Now matter where Nigel left Andy, he managed to find a long range pot and he was contented to play safe until another chance came his way. Twenty five behind, and finding it hard to pick himself up, Nigel finally got a chance to close the gap late in the frame, he managed a red and a black but his next red left Andy in and he cleared the table for a imperious forty one break.(111-38) Strange how last season the G-team were fighting for their lives to stay in Division One ? Results at a premium form none existent. Now this season they are up with the big boys. So could it be another 4-0 win for Andrew Camm's G-team?  Frame Four would tell us all, Mick Kirk played Wayne Heath from scratch. Mick who'd struggled for his first five matches this season finally found pots and made small breaks here and there, but didn't leave Wayne in. Finally the home team had something to warm to. When Wayne had opportunities to take advantage of Mick's odd mistake he didn't cash in. With the colours left; Wayne potted the yellow, Mick the green and brown and later Wayne accidentally added the blue whilst looking for a snooker, which prompted the early handshake, a win for G TEAM by 3-1 points

M Hagen & N Beeston v O Turner & B Godley (Aggregate pairs );  The Hodthorpe pairing will rue missed chances in the face of the best Mark Hagen performance I have seen for many years. The first frame was damage limitation. Olly Turner had problems hitting snookers and Mark Hagen had had a twenty break prior to the colours putting the Stanley Street pair forty points in the lead until Barry Godley mopped the colours only concede 15. Frame two started nip and took, but again Mark was the standout player and he broke up the safety play with some wonderful crisp long potting which took the pressure of his partner. Oliver Turner struggled to make an impression on the second frame and his partner fought single-handedly at times as Olly continued to suffer the indignities of being out of sorts and Mark's 31 break ensured 21 would be added to the 15 in frame one. All considered the Hodthorpe men needed to haul back 46 in the final frame. Nigel and Mark tightened up and Barry and Olly made slight inroads but that was all. To round off what had been a night to forget for Olly, he suffered a horrible miscue which saw the end of his tip in the ultimate frame and later Olly shared his partners cue. Later on, Nigel who had also struggled, potted the second to last red on the table to increase the pair's lead to 52 and despite missing a colour he managed a snooker which resulted in Barry's escape conceding seven and the crucially match. Report by K Goulding

Week 6

Harworth B v Breakers Boys (Div 2):  A score draw at the Comrades as Harworth entertained new boys Breakers Boys {ex Anston}. Jordan Mann gave 60 start to Wayne Race in the 1st frame and cut the deficit in half early on with yet another 30 break .Both players exchanged pots after that with Jordan pulling to within 16 points on the colours .A big turning point came when Wayne played the yellow and saw the cue ball, fortunately, drop in tight behind the brown. Jordan failed to get out of the snooker and left Wayne the yellow and green. Jordan then needed snookers and tried hard to get them but Wayne held on to give the visitors the lead. On 2nd Graham Fry played P Oldfield. Graham potted very well to catch and overtake his opponent. On the colours Graham held the lead and ran out a comfortable winner by 30 points 1-1. 3rd up Pete Pashley played Bruce Elliot. Pete received 35 start but couldn't get a shot as Bruce gradually pulled the score back with a few small breaks. With just the last three reds on the table Pete finally got going and regained a small lead but another bit of bad luck swung the game in Bruce's favour when Pete potted a great pink and watched the white ball go down the table, kiss another colour. and go in off. Bruce took his chance and Breakers went 2-1 up. Stan Smith played D Lunn in the last frame and played a very solid game scoring regularly and keeping his opponent safe. Needing snookers on the colours the Breakers player played on for a while but Stan saw the game out to make the honours even at 2-2. Nice to see the former Anston men again and thanks for the company and putting the bar takings up. Report by Mick Burns

Arena Bassetlaw C v Clowne Liberal (Div 2);   On another long night of snooker at the Arena up first was Daniel J against Brian. Daniel found it difficult to get going and find his natural rhythm, and Brian was clinical enough with his chances to reduce the deficit and take the lead in the frame. However Daniel wasn't finished and was still well and truly in the frame; needing the 3 remaining colours he potted the blue and pink but it wasn't to be and rattled the black, handing the frame to Clowne. 0-1 Up next was Martin against Steve. Immediately Martin managed to show his definite capabilities eating away at his deficit with some nice potting, however then came some bad fortune. Having previously escaped brilliantly from a snooker, the cue ball somehow crept in the middle pocket while attempting one himself. Yellow and green gave Martin hope of clawing himself back, however it wasn't to be with Steve closing out the frame on the pink. 0-2 On third was Tom up against Antony. Tom felt confident from the off cueing nicely and potted well when he had his chances, managing to gain a substantial lead in the frame. However the wheels threatened to come off when a mix of bad fortune including an unlucky in off from a yellow, and good play from Antony reduced Antony's deficit to just the one point. Tom dug in and played some nice safeties and snookers to make life difficult for Antony, and the frame was nip and tuck going into the colours. A misplaced blue handed Tom the opportunity to kill the frame and he duly obliged, calmly rolling in the blue and pink to give the team a chance to continue the unbeaten record. 1-2 Up last was Chris up against Kyle in a tightly contested frame where neither player found the opportunity to gather a lead, which made for a great battle to end the night. Needing pink and black to take the frame Chris was desperately unlucky to rattle the pink in the middle jaws leaving Kyle to roll the pink home and take the win for Clowne. 1-3 Hard luck guys and congrats to Clowne report by Tom Exley

Corner pocket v  Stanley St B (Div 2):  Good night all round could have been 3-1 4-0 either way but good draw for both teams 2-2. Roy gave 60 start to Phil and struggled due to Phil's decent long pots but clawed back gradually and eventually after a few snookers and late safety play won with a clearance from brown to black. Kev and mark both could have played better but mark got better of the game late on to win on blue. Andy smith for poster on 3rd started like a train potting everything but slowed down letting Brian fisher in and get the game close. Again after a few decent safety shots Andy finally got over the line with a black ball game. On last Alan Eyre v Nigel Beeston. Nigel set off potting good balls but both players then steadied down but Nigel stepped it up again to come out the easy winner. Fair result 2-2

Arena Young Guns v Stanley St C (Div 1): . The Young Guns’ Macca Croft took to the baize first giving his opponent Kevin Firth 35 points head start and Kevin settled down quickly and soon extended his lead with a couple of reds and blacks and despite Macca doing the same the lead was never troubled. Midway through the frame each player's arm tightened and colours became hard to come by, the player’s would pot the odd red or two and then do exactly same in reply. With the final colours on the table, Kevin potted the odd one or two to stretch his lead to 41 and though Macca played on looking for a number of snookers he still conceded the frame. (84-41) Frame two and Young Guns captain Steve Mallender took on Lee Hempsall, a frame in which started with a 25 point start. After a poor break from Steve it was Lee who started the quicker and he got off the mark with a red and blue, but pretty soon it became one way traffic as Lee left Steve in one of two times too many and the Young Guns captain profited from these errors. By the time the frame drew to a close Steve had a 43 point lead. With just the blue, pink and black left on the table and Lee conceded and we were level. (61-18)  Frame Three saw Warren Lowell play Mick Kick in a frame where the Young Gun got a 15 point start. The frame kicked off and Mick looked to be potting well so much we went into a small five point lead, but he soon found things difficult and Warren closed the gap each time Mick went ahead. With only the colours left in this low scoring match-up, Mick and Warren were tied 25 points apiece. Mick potted the yellow and he moved two points ahead, but this was to be the last time he'd have his nose in front and a combination of some good safety and good snooker play brought Warren the chances to win the frame he potted a green with the long tackle then a tricky brown and before Mick knew it. Warren later rubbed salt into Mick’s wound’s with a match winning blue and a pink for the frame. (43-27) Last up Hayden Staniland played Karl Goulding giving a 55 start. After a decent break by Karl and a few exchanges of safety Hayden smashed open the reds and Karl failed to get the cue ball totally safe. Hayden knocked in an 18 and later a 23 and despite Karl potting the odd reds from time to time he couldn’t get position on a colour and had to play safe. With the scores 61-67, Karl managed to pot a long red and then cut back a black to move fourteen in front but Hayden's game is progressing nicely and his safety notably, he managed to get a five point foul from Karl and soon with a red and black he was a point behind with the colours remaining. Hayden potted the yellow and the green and moved four in front before Karl levelled things with the brown. Seeing his chance at snatching the match Karl got down for the tricky blue with the pink over the opposite pocket and as Karl struck the blue it jawed twice in the bottom right hand pocket leaving Hayden the same chance for game, a chance he took. (90-79) 3-1 to the home side Report by K Goulding

Tickhill v Woodend Pub (Div 2):  First up for Tickhill the in form Lee Scott who played Tony Broughton who just couldn't contain Lee so one up. Next a much closer frame between John Hartley and Gav Parry this one went all the way but it was the Tickhill man who potted the vital balls when it mattered so two up. Next Chris Hambrey against Matt Edwards Chris took full advantage of an off form Matt and ran out an easy winner. Last up Carl cousins against Wes Holland again the Woodend man struggled and Carl took the frame. Well four nil to Tickhill twice in two weeks against Woodend I bet their sick of playing on our table but as always a pleasure to have the Woodend lads in town.

Week 5

Dinnington A v Welbeck A (Div 1):  Consistency and confidence, the two things you need to be when playing snooker! And the Dinnington lads have plenty of one and none of the other at the moment, after all you don't get much more consistent than 0-4 0-4 0-4. On the confidence front lets just say that when D:Ream and "things can only get better" pops up on MTV half way through the last frame you already know the outcome! Big thank you to the Welbeck lads though who all played great frames of snooker and lets see what next week brings for the downhearted Dinnington lads

Stanley St c v Breakers S (Div 1):   The two teams played out a match low on incident, high on effort. The home team's first player Will Goy took on John 'Dinger' Bell who gave him a forty five point start. As chances came Will's way early in the frame he looked to be cueing well and all the Breakers S man could do was cancel him out, but as the frame wore on the John's safety play began to erode Will's game. Safety after safety shot, made Will's potting unreliable and John soon took advantage of missed opportunities to half deficit. Feeling the pressure a little, Will struggled to pot and John laid a few snookers which would eventually tell on him. After Will, missed a couple of escapes, John moved into the lead and with the final colours he took the frame comfortably (79-64). A frame down and under a little pressure to perform Steve Tracey of the Home side took to the baize against Paul Hughes who gave him a five point start. The last frame had been a one-sided encounter and this was no exception. The damage was done in small visits by Steve. These little and often break helped Steve move into a forty point lead and never looked back. Paul had chances but never really got going along he did get the odd red and a colour. Steve's lead moved out to fifty five with one red left on the table and Paul needed snookers and all the balls which he played for but eventually as Steve potted key balls the handshake came.(85-26) Kev Firth took on Daz Millichip in frame three, claiming twenty five points start and again it was another one-sided affair in which the Breakers S man struggled and was brushed aside and then tried to make amends by playing for snookers to make up the arrears and failed. Kev obviously having a hand in this.(78-21) So to final frame of the night, Mick Kirk played Ricky Morris of the away team in a frame from scratch and though I've said it many times it was another, yes one-sided frame in which Ricky raced away from Mick. Ricky benefited early on with a chance which he converted for 22 and various other efforts which wore down Mick's resilience. Another chance for 17 came Ricky's way and he pushed out into a forty point lead and now roles reversed, Mick played for snookers at the tail end of the frame but it was all in vain, Ricky running out a deserved winner.(75-23) Report by K Goulding

Arena Reds v Breakers X  (Div 1):    1st frame Glen Neal v David Wheat; this frame went back and forth David caught up, Glen pulled ahead as it was it all came down to the black with David miss hit shot to leave glen an easy pot into the middle. 2nd frame Karl Creswick v Guy Dennis; with Karl getting 60 point start the frame went back and forth like the 1st but it all came down to the last 4 balls, Karl took on the brown and was unlucky when it wobbled in the pocket and then had to watch as guy potted the last 4 balls to win. 3rd frame Richard Young v Richard Griffiths, again the arena man got 60 point start, but Richard could not pot colours after potting reds and with Griff sometimes missing some pots Richard could not take advantage so like the 2nd frame it came down to the last 4 balls and after a good ten minutes safety on the brown it was Griff who potted brown blue and pink to win, 4th frame Mark Kinnell v John fisher; John was unlucky as it seamed he was battling Mark but also the table and with Mark fluking a snooker when trying to pot a red and Fish failing to get out of it and leaving Mark an easy red it looked all over and after a few more pots each it was Mark who ran out an easy winner to make 2-2 on the night . it was a good match played in good spirit by both teams

Team KO week Round-up      Clowne Liberal, Stanley Street G, Arena Bassetlaw, Breakers B and Dinnington C received byes into the second round of the knockout. But what happened to the rest? Phew what a week? Shocks, missed chances, the ups and downs of the Worksop and District Snooker League's great Knockout competition didn't fail us this week. We start our round up at Stanley Street, a black ball thriller in which though the home side potted the black but the white too, so Tickhill B progressed at the expense of Stanley Street B and maybe next time more stun! Moving onto the week's busiest day Tuesday, teams aplenty put their reputations on the line against lower league opposition. At Clipstone the Institute tried in vain to over haul the home team but the large handicaps stacked up and Alan Dunkerley’s Clipstone side march on. Over at the Arena, the Young Guns started badly and despite good performances from Anston's Peter Oldfield who beat Macauley Croft by 49 points and Wayne Race. Top performer Hayden Staniland; heavily under pressure, dug his side out of the mire and secured victory. Turning our attention to Warsop, the Woodend Pub looked to spoil Warsop WMC's night but fell short and the division one side found a place in round two with good handicap play. Back over to Stanley Street for the A-team who took on Shane Robinson's ramshackle mob, Breakers S. Despite holding the Breakers players in check in the first and third frames, John Bell knocked in a handsome forty break and made Ricky Morris's task a formality. With no shocks reported, we needed something to break-up this monotony, so could we get one somewhere? Our answer emerged over at Retford where Hodthorpe B took on Home side Grove Mill. Over the course of the night the Grove Mill players definitely had more fire power than Hodthorpe B's lowly plus men and the Grove Mill side progressed in style. Once one shock had occurred another came. Alan Eyre's Langold Pocket side locked horns with newly promoted and high flying Hodthorpe A.  The Langold side not short on talent themselves took the prized scalp of Hodthorpe A in a long drawn out match which will do Langold a world of good in their push for promotion back into division one. Guests the Ex-servicemen brought their handicaps, their know-how and their newly found confidence due to their Summer League win to the Welbeck doorstep only to find the Welbeck team on good form and despite some decent performances on each side the division one went through. Wednesday night and Stanley Street for a repeat of last year’s final. The Bowling Club picked a side of grinders and did battle with the unbeaten C-team who dodged a bullet that night.  Over the course of the match, each player had nights to forget and we found our winner on the final black, a cruel way to lose for Bowling Club. Jeff Newton fouled on the black after running into the centre pocket and the C-team were into round two. Over at Breakers, the X-men found their mojo beating Dinnington A and that made it no win in three for Dinnington A. So with the week coming to a close we moved our attention to Mark Kinnell's Red's who took on Jordan Mann and Harworth B on Thursday night at the Comrades Club. Never an easy place to come, potential was there for the shock of the round. Sitting third a point behind the leaders in division two, Harworth would’ve been the last place the Arena Reds would have wanted to have come, but as the night went on the writing was on the wall  Harworth's team  and more points and they pulled off another of the shocks of the round. Report by Karl Goulding

Stanley Street C v Bowling Club (Team KO):  Isn't it funny how the Knockout draw can sometimes bring together a real cracker in the first round? The cracker I refer to was a repeat of last year's final between Stanley Street C and grinders, Worksop Bowling Club who were in the mood to spoil another Stanley Street's night. Playing out a scrappy frame, in frame one both Karl Goulding; conceding five and Trevor Newton of the away side couldn't take their chances when they presented themselves and although Karl nosed ahead, Trevor would let him know he was around and kept re-taking the lead, a pattern all through the frame. Coming down to final few balls, Karl managed to nose ahead after changing tact and playing for snookers and stretched his lead to eighteen points, but was aggrieved when Trevor potted a tough final black. Frame two took place next and into the fray, Kevin Firth, who played Ian Baines of the Bowling Club conceding again a five point start. In contrast to the first frame it was more open and the Bowling Club player raced into a handy twenty five point lead. struggling and unusually nervous, Kev only began to account for his opponent's lead as the reds had gone. As the Bowling Club player made hay on the colours it left Kev with work to do and he limited the damage to fourteen. Twenty five behind at the start of frame three, Mick Kirk soon took the lead by two points against his opponent Chris Pasturel who struggled with the pace of the table early doors. But as the frame went on Mick couldn't add colours. Pretty soon the Chris found a red and a black and went ahead and it was up to Mick to find a riposte.  Mick did just that and pushed into a twenty one point lead from various visits. Just the colours on the table, how things can change suddenly Mick's downtrodden opponent found some magnificent pots and though Mick managed a brown it was Chris who snatched a three point win with the rest of the colours in assorted visits. The players of each side were about to age five years in the space of forty minutes in this last frame decider which was low on quality but high on drama. Frame four and with all scores accounted for it was Lee Ryan of the Home side giving fifteen points to the Bowling Club's last man Jeff Newton. Both players exchanged safeties and before long  Jeff fouled twice and Lee cut his arrears with a red and a black but he to, found it hard going and the pressure began to build on him. His normal stroking, potting game suffered and the Bowling Club player snatched his chance due to an indiscretion by Lee and moved further in front. As chance after chance presented itself, the best Lee could do was eights or sevens and though he took the lead Lee definitely wasn't enjoying thing his own way and Jeff took advantage again of another of Lee's mistakes to knock the night's highest break a fifteen. Coming down to the three colours it was Jeff who held an eight point lead, but he left Lee a blue to go three behind. Out of sorts, Lee got down and missed the pink and left Jeff a reasonably easy pink with the long rest for the match, but the pressure started to tell for the first time on the Bowling Club man and he fudged it and Lee sliced in the pink. After three hours of play a black ball for the spoils, not a classic, not easy on the eye and nobody had covered themselves in glory, with a pot for the match the second time round the Jeff got down, misjudged it and the cue ball ran into the right centre pocket and revenge was pocketed for the Home side. Report by K Goulding

Alan Emmingham V McCauley  Croft (Handicap );  Due to his 25 point start and great start to this Handicap encounter, it was Alan who started the quicker and after taking full advantage of this he was soon one frame up.
Frame two kicked off and Macca knuckled down and instead of Alan racing away Macca ate into that 25 point start and instead of exposing himself to the counter, he ground out points and soon the score was one frame each. With each player needing the last frame decider; it was Macca who wore down his Arena Reds opponent and progressed to the next round, grinding out a hard fought 2-1 win.


Harworth B v Bowling Club (Div 2):  A home win for Harworth B against Worksop Bowling Club.1st up Jordan Mann gave his usual 60 start to Trev Harrison. Jordan cut the deficit with a break of 31 and steadily pulled the scores back. With one red remaining Trev still lead by 11 points but Jordan got his chance and cleared with red, green and all the colours for another 31 break to give the home side a 1-0 lead. On 2nd Steve Boughton played Phil Clarke. Phil received 20 start and increased his lead early in the frame. Stave got going later and on the colours there was nothing in the game. Both players exchanged pots and on the pink both rattled the jaws on several occasions .Inevitably it came down to a black ball game and it was Phil that potted the final ball to level up the match. On 3rd Keith Fisher made his season debut against Ian Baines. In a close frame Keith held a small lead throughout and extended that to 20 points with just four colours left. Ian then took brown and blue to make things tight but Keith managed to sink the pink to give the home side a 2-1 lead. On last Mick Burns gave 25 start to Tony White. Mick had a solid game and pulled back the start and went in front on the colours. With the last four balls on the table Tony needed snookers and battled hard to get them but eventually Mick got the chance to finish the frame with a blue and pink to seal a 3-1 win for Harworth. Report by Mick Burns

Stanley St G v Dinnington C (Div 1):  Made up with cold and dragged out of his sick bed due to lack of numbers, it was Mick Camm, coughing and sneezing between shots and starting the frame with a five point head start who played Dinnington C's Frank Burke in frame one. Despite his obvious chill, Mick started the better and all thoughts of his runny nose were put to the back of his mind, Mick keeping Frank at arms length and it was Frank who was made by Mick to graft for his points and when he did get in, he broke down. When the handshake came early from Frank it was probably because he couldn't find any rhythm and that he'd one eye on not getting Mick's cold. (63-16) Next to play was Danny Wallace for the home side claiming a 45 point start over his opponent Chris Salt. In the early exchanges of the frame, Chris ate into Danny's lead and all he could offer was the odd red from time to time. With his lead cut to twenty, Danny at last found colours with his reds and though Chris matched Danny, he couldn't keep on his heels. The run of the ball began to favour Danny and his lead benefited from the odd fluked pot or snooker. Chris found himself looking for snookers but Danny wasn't for giving away cheap points and Chris shook Danny's hand 51 points behind and just the four colours left. (93-42) Pat Gee played for the home side next against Dinnington C's Matt Gee in a scratch encounter. Both players blew hot and cold in the early exchanges and the match became scrappy. Each player made some small breaks but because the balls where spoilt neither player could get away from the other that is, until the frame came down to the colours and Matt managed to brake free, downing the pink and beating Pat in the process. (46-30)Looking for that winning frame in the last frame of the night was Andy Camm of the Home side and Pip Taylor trying to grab an unlikely draw for the visitors. Pip took a fifty five point start into the final frame and though he didn't play well, Andy reduced it to seven. Pip had struggled early on, but soon be began to find a few pots here and there, in fact he managed to pot a couple of the final colours giving Andy more course for concern. 22 points in it at the end of the frame and with just the pink and the black on the table Andy played on needing to two snookers and all the remaining balls for the frame. Andy's task was made easier as the black was over the bottom left hand corner pocket and be rolled the pink up to it and Pip's attempt to hit the pink without fouling was heavy handed and he conceded seven. With one snooker to find, Andy found another indiscretion from Pip, a foul for six and he could win. After playing Pip safe a couple more times, Andy got the chance to take us to a black ball when he potted the pink and he capped his improbable win with a long black ball pot.(85-81)  3-1 to the G Men  Report by Karl Goulding

Stanley St C v Hodthorpe A (Div 1):  Stanley Street welcomed visitors, Hodthorpe A to their Old Table and of course the 100 man, Darren Presgrave. A slightly changed side home side; obviously anticipating next week's Knockout Cup match, took to the baize with two inclusions, Steve Tracey & Will Goy. Nigel Bond and Hodthorpe A's Lee Godley took to the baize in frame one. This frame saw both struggle for clear chances and each found the other nicking small contributions here and there but nothing significant. As the frame progressed, Nigel began to find a way to grind points out of Lee either by taking them from fouls, or by potting. Lee had chances to stay in touch but he couldn't capitalise and he surrendered the frame to Nigel with a couple of colours left on the table and too many snookers left (70-42). Steve Tracey faced Roy Butterfield in frame two. A more one sided encounter which saw Steve (conceding a five point start) the more dominant. As in frame one the Hodthorpe A player had chances to score but the Stanley Street C man was just a little more clinical. Left with just the colours, Steve now 22 points in the lead, then added the yellow and a scrap for the green ensued in which Steve; whether by luck or judgement managed to fluke a couple of snookers and increase his lead further. As the green disappeared, Roy needed snookers but could find them. (64-29) Will Goy played for the home side in a frame which changed the whole direction of the match, his opponent Dave Peddle. This frame certainly wasn't easy on the eye early on and both players struggled, especially Will who found it hard to score all through the frame. As time went on, it was Dave who wore down Will's initial 40 point lead and after poor safety from Will, Dave reduced Will's brittle lead to just 19. Very soon Dave seized another chance late in the frame to go level when he potted a red and brown, yellow, green, brown and blue. Dave checked the scoreboard but turned down the pink because he couldn't get on the black. With scores tied; Dave managed to pot the pink after each player had had a few attempts, but with each needing the black, the two players exchanged safety and mixed it up a little with odd shot for the frame. As Will finished playing what must have been his tenth or twelfth safety, Dave clinically slammed home a well deserved frame winning black ball for the away side.(70-63) Could it be another hundred break? Frame four saw the home team player Mick Kirk take on the very much in form Darren Presgrave with Darren conceding a 45 point start. The two players exchanged safety both feeling the other out, and each tried speculative long pots. Inevitably it was Darren who got in first and the ominous writing was all over the walls. As Darren went about compiling his break he ran out of position on 21 and his break broke down. Mick who had been a spectator for Darren's early break building fired back and Darren soon got his answer; as Mick knocked in a well constructed break, to his question am I in a game or not? Darren got another chance to cut Mick's lead and he benefited from some good running which kept Mick out of the tail end of the frame and from his fortune and good play, Darren knocked in a 32 break which was enough to take the frame for Hodthorpe A(81-67)  2-2   report by Karl Goulding

Arena Young Guns v Anston (Div 1);  Good match as always against Anston with the score line not reflecting the game. Josh beat Wayne with a steady match game, Arron got the better Ian. Macca some how beat Peeves after being 75 points behind and last Steve beat Dom. Unlucky guys, but are you saving yourselves for the team knockout next week lol.

Stanley St A v Breakers B (Div 2):  Still waiting for their first win of this new campaign, Hank Mathews reshuffled pack did battle with their Breakers B opponents. First into the firing line were Jess Woodward; claiming a 35 point start for the home side and Jamie Richards for the visitors. Jamie ate away at Jess's lead with small contributions, here and there, pretty soon he took the lead. Jess was showing signs of finding his home team table not to his liking. Jess continued to spurn chances to re-take the lead and things looked good for the away player. Jamie's hold on the frame was loosened though when Jess eventually found some rhythm and laid a snooker tight to the brown with only the colours remaining. Jamie escaped, but nudged the yellow toward the blue, itself over the top right-hand pocket. Each player tipped and tapped the yellow onto the blue until Jamie gave away a five point foul and left Jess the yellow now over the top right hand pocket. Both players shared the remaining colours until, with the game tied at 74 points a piece, the Breakers B player's safety faltered first leaving the Stanley Street A man a thin cut for the frame which he dispatched.(81-74) frame two, Damien Padley claiming a 35 point start against his opponent Ben Payne. In this frame the Stanley Street man kept his opponent at arms length, when his opponent scored so did Damien and the points were shared right down to the final three balls. With Damien in a commanding 32 point lead the Breakers B player played on for 30 minutes or so looking for snookers which he didn't get and Damien sealed the win with a pot on the blue.(79-42) Frame of the night, frame three was one way traffic and despite winning on debut Jack Pettinger now playing off 5 would have his work cut out to beat the inform Chris Hewitt. Jack scored early on in the frame but points were to be at a premium and when he left Chris a good chance he made the most of it, knocking in a 43 break which benefited from a fluked pink, Chris made his own luck and some could argue he was due it never looking like he was going to miss. With his 30 point lead gone Jack tried to salvage his lead and in doing so left Chris another chance to score. By the time the blue, pink and black were left on the table Jack was 37 points behind and though he played on for a while, couldn't find any way of finding a way of forcing a mishap from the Breakers B man.(84-47)Frame four came the way of the watching spectators. Anthony Pettinger claiming a 25 point start, took on captain on the night, Karl White in a fast and furious frame which lasted twenty five minutes. Anthony was the first to score and he broke down on 17, missing a reasonably easy green when well set for at least double that. Karl had his first chance amongst the balls and he compiled a nice break to cut the home team player's lead down. But Anthony was relentless, and every chance he had to score he made them count. As balls disappeared, just a few colours remained and Karl played on until, knowing it was a forlorn task to grab numerous snookers and the remaining colours for the frame.(98-38) 3-1 to the A Team  Report by Karl Goulding

Arena Bassetlaw C v Langold Corner Pocket (Div 2); Up first was Martin playing his first match of the season against Kev, picking up his cue for the first time in 6 months. Nice potting and fine safety play between both players when they had their chances made for a great affair, and Martin clawed his deficit back in the frame with a nice 25 break. However to kill the frame, Kev made no mistake with his brown, blue and pink to take a 1-0 lead for the Pocket. On second was Chris up against Roy who was playing catch up by having to give a fearless Chris a healthy start. Chris was set to all out attack mode, shooting on sight. However this approach failed to pay off, and Roy was able to get his hand on the table and pots some balls to try and close the gap. Roy made Chris pay for his mistakes and suddenly the frame was in the balance, and Roy duly completed his comeback with a well taken pink to increase the lead to 2-0. Up third was Daniel against Paul in a frame that I'm sure neither player would look back on with great fondness! With the majority of the reds somehow bunched together near the side cushion from the break off, a re-rack looked on the cards due to frustration from both players. However Daniel managed to plug away at loose reds to gradually increase his lead, leaving Paul with a mountain to climb. With a solitary red left on the table the handshake came, and the Arena's arrears were reduced to 2-1. Last but not least was Tom up against Alan in a frame where both players had to dig deep, struggling to find their true rhythm. A long safety battle was endured, and Tom managed to breathe easier laying a mix of some rather clever and fortuitous snookers to try and make life difficult for Alan to find his feet in the frame. Alan tried in vain to claw himself back with some great attempts to find the snookers he needed, however a failed attempt at escaping a snooker on the blue was enough for the handshake to close a long tough night of snooker at
the Arena. A 2-2 draw Report by Tom Exley

Week 3

Arena Bassetlaw C v Harworth B (Div 2);   Back on home soil up first was Daniel J up against Steve. In a close knit scrappy frame of few chances, Daniel came out on top on the black ball much to his relief in the end. A frame which neither player will seem keen to discuss. 1-0 C's Up next was Daniel H against Graham. Graham showed great ability from the off with some nice pots, duly wiping his deficit and taking control of his frame. Daniel refused to give in and played some clever snookers to make life difficult for Graham, however when chances came on the brown and blue to kill the game he made no mistake. 1-1 On third was Andrew playing his first frame of the season against James, both players acquitted themselves nicely into the frame with some nice potting and safety play shared between them. Andrew clinched the frame with a nice pink on the cushion to take a 2-1 lead for the C's. Up last was Keith up against Jordan in a tasty looking affair with the battle of the lowest handicappers. Despite this Jordan still had to give a 55 start to an in form Keith, although Jordan showed immediate signs of his ability to make his way into contention with a cool 31 break. Nice potting from Keith when he had his chances however still gave Jordan a mountain to climb, and his frustration became clear and Keith saw the frame out with ease. 3-1 to the C's  Report by Tom Exley

Hodthorpe A v Dinnington A (Div I);  Up 1st Oliver v Mark, a 20+ break got Olli in front in a nip and tuck game until mark fouled on the blue to which Olli potted blue and pink for game. 2nd frame saw an off form Proc giving Lee more chances than he could wish for to run out an easy winner, Hodthorpe 2 up. 3rd frame saw Matt take a 20 point lead for most of the frame only for Richard to claw his way back to a black ball to which he missed and Matt potted, 3 up. On paper a tough last frame for Daz giving Alan 60 start, to which he said the pressures off as we were 3 up. Unfortunately for Alan he made a mistake on his 3rd visit to the table, up stepped Daz to construct a magnificent break taking 14 reds and 14 colours for a break of 100 before missing a long yellow, but never the less got a well deserved round of applause from everyone watching. Excellent viewing for everyone there including Alan (i think lol) Well played Daz, was a pleasure to watch. Obviously giving Hodthorpe a 4-0 win.

Stanley St G v Breakers X (Div 1):  The week's star fixture took place over at Stanley Street on Thursday. This visitors; Breakers X found themselves without a win in two and being in the unusual position of bottom at the start of play. Mick Camm was first to play for Andrew Camm's slightly shuffled pack and Richard Griffiths gave him fifty five points start. Griff, broke off and went about trying to make inroads into his sizable arrears. This first frame was a quick affair in which Mick started really well with some fine long pots and he had a confidence about his game, probably knowing that he should be in with a great chance of winning the frame if he limited Griff's table time and the fact he had a 55 lead. Griff searched for an answer to Mick's dominance, his breaks unfortunately broke down. In fact when Griff knocked his largest contribution of 14, he left Mick with a lead of 48 the closest he got to braking down his lead. Going from strength to strength Mick added a few more reds and colours and so too did Griff, but now with only one red on the table and Griff trying in vain to get snookers, he offered his hand to Mick. (87-28) Frame two saw Danny Wallace play David Wheat. Danny started his frame with a eight break and went out into a 33 point lead thanks to his original 25 point start. The X-man replied with a worth while contribution of 16 and Danny's was 17. The scorer wasn't troubled for five or ten minutes as both players exchanged safety, Dave turned pots down but eventually got in making a break of eleven, but he gave his opponent a foul and the frame became a 10 point affair. Seeing his lead cut, Danny looked for a way to counter and small breaks came his way. Dave's indiscipline lead him to try a different tactic and despite Danny having 24 lead he soon saw it cut to 7 due to some very cute snooker play by Dave. As the frame looked to be going Dave Wheat's way, Danny's potting on the final few colours, saw him seal the frame. (85-63). The night's third frame was a scrappy, scratch encounter of Pat Gee, playing for the home side and Paul Milverton of the visitors. Despite looking good in recent matches Pat was a little slow to get going and Paul moved out to 14 point lead with little breaks before Pat got his potting arm going. Both players struggled to make any telling contributions and shared opportunities. As the frame wound down, just four of the colours were left on the table, and it was Pat who got in first to snatch the frame and provide a little excitement. (44-33). Could this bad day at the office get any worse? Vowing to not let this be the case was Breaker's last man John Fisher who locked horns with Andrew Camm. Fish initially struggled with the pace of the table and found his safety shots coming up short and Andrew made gentle inroads into the twenty point start he'd conceded at the start of the frame, but Fish managed score and kept in front as the frame went down to the colours. Andrew felt the frame slipping away, having not convinced at the table. The final punishment came his way, as Fish potted the all important pink-ball to win the frame and register a frame for the away team.(60-50).

Hodthorpe B v Stanley Street C (Div 1):  Newly promoted Hodthorpe B played host to Jack Wilson's Stanley Street C side in a topsey turvey encounter which looked on paper like an easy fixture but saw the Hodthorpe side fight tooth and nail for every frame. Up first for Hodthorpe was Danny Mackenzie locking horns against the unbeaten Kev Firth. As the frame panned out the players traded breaks Kev with a 12 and Danny with 14. As chances came Kev's way he spurned very little, the same however couldn't be said of Danny who tried to match his opponent but his potting let him down at key times in the frame allowing Kev to move into a 32 point lead with the colours on the table. As another chance came Kev's way he took yellow, green and brown before breaking down and Danny conceded. (64-23). A frame to the good; Nigel Bond played Tony Partington; a frame in which Nigel gave away fifty points start. A few safety exchanges and first in was Nigel but he struggled to break down Tony's lead. As the frame went on Nigel cued smoother and Tony's lead looked shaky, despite himself having a few useful contributions here and there. Nigel reduced his arrears to 17, and only the final red and the colours were left before Tony stepped up a gear. He potted the final red and a colour, the yellow and a green to lead by 26. Tony's lead was good enough to win the frame despite Nigel grabbing a snooker and having the chance to tie the frame; but having his chances were snuffed out, Tony clinically potting the crucial blue and pink for good measure and the win.(84-53) Jim Presgrave stepped up to play Karl Goulding. As the frame went on Karl missed some chances but wasn't punished for it by Jim. Despite Karl looking visibly unhappy with his play, and his team a little perturbed he suddenly found his potting eye and speeded up around the table and pushed out to a 26 point lead with only the pink and black on the table and Jim needed two snookers and the remaining balls to win. Karl fouled once, but victory came his way when he potted the pink. (53-33). Last up for the Hodthorpe B-side was Mick Allison against Stanley Street C's Mick Kirk. The home team player received a 45 point head start and never looked back despite a valiant effort from Mick Kirk who knocked in the evening's highest break, a 20. The Hodthorpe player's long potting was his main weapon, if there was a ball to be potted Mick Allison would very rarely miss it and throughout the frame he knocked in ten or twelve long to medium range pots to secure and very well earned frame for his team. (86-56). Well played Hodthorpe B  2-2  Report by Karl Goulding

Stanley St B v Woodend Pub (Div 2):  After a bye last week, it was important that George Hagen's Stanley Street B got a win this week and the visit of the Woodend End isn't the sort of fixture in which that sort of thing is forthcoming. First in the firing line for the home side was Phil Stevens playing D. Wollan who gave a massive fifty points start to the home team man. After winning his first match two weeks ago, Phil tried to make it two but his opponent was too dominant. The Woodend player on top all way through to win the frame (89-79). George Hagen played Graham Forte of the Woodend in the second frame and benefited from a thirty point start to beat him in a frame of very little breaks of note whatsoever. (63-21). Brian Fisher played next for the home side and Carl Haslam was his opponent. In this frame Carl gave 45 points start and made inroads into this and soon looked good to pinch the frame. However how many frames of snooker turn on a sixpence? Brian started to pot balls and very soon his second wind took him over the winning line. (79-65). Nigel Beeston was Stanley Street B's last man, but in his way was Tony Broughton, who gave away a fifteen point start to his Stanley Street opponent. Both men traded breaks each time they got in and it went all the way to down to the wire with Nigel getting over the winning line first. (78-68).  3-1 to the home side Report by Karl Goulding

Arena Reds vs Clipstone (Div 1):  1st frame Karl vs E Reilly; with Karl giving 50 start he played some great snooker to get himself into the frame with the scores tied at 61 each Ed fluked the blue and then fluked a snooker on the pink but it was Karl who putted pink&black to win. 2nd frame Glen vs P Burrell; Glen was playing his first ever league match and did not show any nerves as he started very well potting some good balls and playing some good safety but the turning point was a great break of 29 which Glen up against it .3rd frame Martin vs R Reilly; Martin played a great frame with giving 35 start never looked in trouble and won with ease . 4th frame Richard v Steve Mellor ; this frame was going back and forth but it was Richard who potted the black to make it 3-1; a good night of snooker played a great set of men from Clipstone , and once again well played Glen. report by M Kinnell

Week 2

Dinnington A v Arena Reds (Div 1):  Tim got Dinnington off to a flying start and Karl was shaking hands before the colours, 2nd up saw Darren also make a nice start before the frame started to turn a bit scrappy but although Mark battled well Darren made it 2-0 to Dinnington. Third up saw Richard carry on the trend and he increased his lead over Alan to 35 on his first visit, Alan clawed his way back into the frame but the good start saw Richard over the line , 3-0 Dinnington. Last up for Dinnington was Alan who was also hoping for a good start but he had to sit back after the break off to watch Phil knock a nice 40 break in, although Alan tried to get back into the frame it was always going to be a struggle and Phil took the last frame, 3-1 to Dinnington, thanks to the Arena lads for a great nights snooker.

Hodthorpe B v Hodthorpe A (Div 1)   Dual of the promoted teams 3-1 to the A team !  Highlight of the evening a 62 break for Darren Presgrave on his return to the A team

Stanley St C v Anston (Div 1):  Stanley Street C welcomed the newly promoted Anston WMC on Wednesday night. Needing that perfect start, it was the Home team that got it. Lee Ryan meticulously working over Wayne Race in a matter of minutes with the help of a thirty and a thirty three break with Wayne only having only a few breaks of note.(85-28) In frame two, Nigel Bond started well and knocked in a cool twenty four break to reduce his opponent lead to 19. As the two players exchanged visits Nigel moved into a 9 point lead (69-60) and looked with only five balls on the table to be the favourite. But how things change at snooker, Nigel gave away twenty points in fouls, something which swung the momentum of the frame in Peter's direction and he eventually took the frame.(92-74) So level after two frame; Karl Goulding played Ian Rooks and though Karl missed a couple of easy shots, he made up for these indiscretions by downing some very long pots to beat Ian who never really could get a chance to get in amongst the reds and black.(96-23) Stanley Street C needed to capitalise, Kevin Firth played Jordan Joynson in the final frame of the night. Again the story was similar, Jordan kept off the table, restricting his rhythm and keeping him quiet for long periods of the frame. When he did get in he could not take full advantage of his good fortune. With three reds on the table and all the colours Jordan conceded and captain Jack had his first win of the season.(70-17) HIGH BREAKS LEE RYAN 33, 30

Stanley St A v Harworth B (Div 2);  Tuesday night saw a right cracker at Stanley Street. A Division Two clash between Harworth B and home side Stanley Street A. Stanley Street captain Hank Matthews dropped himself, but stuck with Cliff Hedley who played Pete Pashley and it was a frame which had the crowd on edge, going down to a re-spotted black. Pete had the first chance to take the frame with a real sitter over the top left-hand corner which he missed and Cliff missed one into the right centre pocket. As each player missed chance after chance it was Pete who eventually stole the frame with a superb pot which must have been a relief. (55-48). Lee Cauldwell took on Graham Fry in the next. A frame fought off scratch, Graham never got his cue arm going, Lee made some useful contributions including a 15 break to draw the match level.(57-19). Next the match-up of Snooker Royalty, George Smith took on Jordan Mann in by far the frame of the night. Jordan started slowly and George used all of his snooker experience to keep Jordan away from the table. When George scored, so did Jordan. With only three reds and all the colours on the table it was George who led the frame by 50. But with 51 on, Jordan stepped up a gear and knocked in a 29 break as he went for the frame winning clearance. George tried to keep Jordan away from the table but instead he let him in again and Jordan snatched the frame with the brown, blue, pink and black to win the frame by a single point. (84-83) Damien Padley took on Steven Boughton in the last frame of the night. Damien played some steady stuff throughout and though Steve potted some decent balls, so did Damien. As the frame went on Steve found he needed snookers but Damien never missed any. So Steve conceded. A great match for the neutral (71-28) FINAL SCORE: - STANLEY STREET A 2- 2 HARWORTH B

Arena Young Guns v Breakers X (Div 1):  Back to winning ways for the Young Guns against Breakers X winning3-1 on the night. Wheat put the X men on the board early on against Harri. A nice 32 break from Wheaty put him in control but Harri nearly nicked the frame by clearing brown to pink leaving a shot down the rail on the black which rattled and stayed to the relief of Wheaty who knocked it in. Warren next against Griff. Griff started well with some neat breaks but Warren played well to keep him at bay and take the frame. Then hour and 10 mins saw Hayden beat Fish in a frame full of safety, but Hayden didn't miss any of the snookers he was put in. Lady Josh took the frame from Dave with some excellent pots and flukes. Dave tried but just couldn't get back in it.

Woodend Pub v Bowling Club (Div 2)  :Some good quality snooker on show from both teams, four close frames which could of gone either way but 3-1 to the home side the highlight was a fantastic 27 break by Carl Haslam clearing the colours

Week 1

Dinnington C v Stanley St C (Div i):   Dinnington C were the hosts for a slightly revamped Stanley Street C on Thursday night. Last year's captain Kev Firth played Tom Salt, who conceded a 35 point start and it was Kev who looked the more comfortable. In fact as the frame went on Tom just could not get his cue arm going because it was Kev who was getting in before him and with two reds and all the colours left on the table Tom offered his hand (75-11). Next up, Karl Goulding played Chris Salt and after Karl broke off he left Chris on the top cushion with a tricky safety which he misjudged, Karl scored 16 before playing safe and again, as in the first frame it was Chris this time who couldn't find any rhythm and conceded the frame with five reds and all the colours on the table (78-12). Lee Hempsall took on Matt Gee who wasn't for throwing in the towel. As the frame progressed Lee benefited from a few flukes and some of Matt's poor fortune. As reds disappeared the lead narrowed and Matt knocked in a crucial 22 break which brought the Dinnington C support to life and with this Matt took the lead. Lee tried in vane to overturn this but Matt kept making good pots to push himself over the winning line.(67-37). A second chance at a Stanley Street C win came the way of Mick Kirk who played Pip Taylor. Mick started well with a red and black but his attacking play kept leaving Pip chances to relieve the pressure. As the frame went on Pip only looked in trouble once when he gave away a seven point foul and Mick spoilt an almost certain red and colour with a twenty point lead. All told, it was Mick's shot selection which lost him his foothold in the game and Pip went on to pot some rather good balls to register Dinnington C's second point. (74-36). A well supported game, which was a pleasure to partake in. All the best to Dinnington C for the season to come lads!

Harworth A v Grove Mill (Div 2)  A 3-1 win for Harworth against new boys Grove Mill in div 2.A nervous 1st frame saw Steve Boughton pinch the win on the last black against M Gilbert to put the home side in front. On 2nd Graham Fry took on R Liddle. Graham received 20 start and quickly extended his lead to almost 40 before Mr Rob Liddle got going. Some fine pots on the colours allowed Graham to take the win 66-39.Up 3rd Jordan Mann Gave 40 start to Adam Ward. Jordan played a very focused frame with breaks of 17,18 and 22 to pull the start back and restricted Adam to just 17 points in the frame. When Jordan got the chance on the colours it was all over and Harworth were 3-0 up. A very close frame Between Mick Burns and Scott Bailey followed with both players attacking most of the time. With the last two balls on the table Mick needed one of them. After a goodish safety shot by Mick looked to be ok Scott buried the long pot to leave a comfortable black to sneak the win for the away side. Final score 3-1 to Harworth

Arena Bassetlaw C v Woodend Pub (Div 2)   So the new season begins and first up was Tom playing in his first match for 3 years against Dave. In a frame consisting of great safety exchanges between both players, chances were few and far between however Dave came out on top thanks to the potting of some delightful colours to give Woodend a 1-0 lead. Up next was Chris against Tony and immediately showed some impressive form despite wiping the dust off his cue beforehand! Multiple teen breaks made it tough work for Tony to claw back the deficit, and despite Chris gifting a couple of fouls on the bounce to perversely attempt to spice up the frame he saw it out with ease to level up the scores at 1-1. On third was Daniel against Matt, and unfortunately for Matt he came up against a player with confidence that unleashed some cracking pots on the night in order to stamp his authority on the frame by taking a commanding lead. With his opponent unable to grasp an opportunity to find some rhythm and force his way back into the frame, Dan saw the frame out calmly to turn it around for the C Team to take a 2-1 lead. Up last was Keith against Gav, and in a similar scenario to Chris in the 2nd frame, Keith produced some terrific snooker calmly knocking in a 29 break from the off to well and truly take control of his frame. Gav produced some great replies with some high value colours and showed intent of clawing a way back into the frame, however Keith was on fire and with a deficit too large Gav had no choice but to concede and conclude a first night of great snooker. 3-1 to Arena C (Match report by Tom Exley)

Hodthorpe A v Arena Reds  (Div 1)  Excellent start to life back in division one good standard of snooker every game with the highlight a 35 clearance from Phil Clarke to snatch the frame out of Oliver's grasp albeit with a little bit of luck on the yellow a very good clearance enjoyable night with some old friends

Arena Young Guns v Welbeck A (Div 1)    Richard Hill 34 Break The start of the winter league for the defending young champions started with a 3-1 defeat to Welbeck. Richard on first against Steve, Richard played really well taking to the new Star table like he owned it, knocked in a nice 34 break and soon clawed the start back and looked to be coasting, but somehow with some excellent safety from both it went down to the black after in successive shots both went in off on the pink. First shot on the black tight on the cushion saw the white drop in, 98 points on the board and still lost. Macauley just couldn't get going against Tom who again played well on the table to leave the young ones with a mountain to climb. Our little potting machine josh was on next against Phil and Phil wishes he would have stayed at home as Josh didn't look like missing until he rolled up to the black after potting frame ball and missed. that let Phil in but a good clearance from yellow to blue was enough for josh to win well. Last was
Hayden against Ricky a repeat of last years game but this time Ricky didn't leave hayden anything and was rifling shots in of the lamp shade and both players not buckling in an excellent safety bout, but it wasn't to be for the arena young lads, great night of snooker to watch though.


                                                TO  ALL  TEAM  CAPTAINS

 Welcome to the new Season

Please find on the web-site     

                             Fixture   lists  /   Player’s handicaps .   Div One & Div. Two help sheets

 Paper  startup packs will be available soon and contain the above plus Competition  forms /Score   cards or markers   

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                             Team   knock- out draw   and  Captains cup draw

The  new  season  to  start  w/c  19th  September 2016   No  matches  w/c 26th   Dec  for  Xmas, w/c  2nd January For New Year          

Note            Woodend pub is in Church Warsop    

Institute A   plays at Tickhill

Grove Mill plays at Retford

No under 18s allowed in the following club   Clowne Liberal 

27 teams have registered for the new season   14 teams in Division 1    13 teams in Division 2 There will be one bye in each half  in Division 2

Hodthorpe A  goes in to Division 1  

Visit the web site at www.worksopsnookerleague.co.uk or facebook for all other information

League rules are on the web site

Please send all results through the Web-site (NOT facebook)  were possible within 24 hours of playing

Remember   .       

                     1.     All new players start off plus 10 or less

New Players are handicapped after each frame. Adjust by 5 either up or down after each of there first four frames then revert to normal handicapping this only applies to NEW PLAYERS All other players adjust handicap as normal

2.       The handicaps are now open ended and players can go find their true mark but 60 start maximum remains

3.       Table Levis are75p per frame home and away

4.       Each  team  must  be  represented  by  a                                                                  registered   player  from their  team  at  the  A.G.M.

                   5        Highest break trophy please inform me of any breaks over 30

6.       Please  refer  to  Web site, Facebook  for  all  competitions  and  league  tables

                   Good  luck  to  all  teams







Scratch Final     Guy Dennis v James McNally  After posing for the routine photos, James won the toss and broke and immediately Guy missed the snooker he found himself in. James got in first, both players looked nervy and despite the lead switching hands two or three times, it was James who managed to find his rhythm with the final three balls on the table and he snatched the frame with a blue and pink. (48-37). Frame 2: Guy broke in the second and both players knocked in small breaks to leave the score (14-16).With no real telling contribution thus far Guy suddenly found a thirty break to put daylight between himself and his opponent. As the frame went on Guy added other small contributions and he stretched his lead to 32. When Guy next came to the table he cleared with a 54 clearance to take the frame (17-104) leaving us all square. Frame 3: James broke in the third, Guy was first in with small contributions, he went thirteen points in front (1-14).James replied with a fifteen break to take the lead 16-14 and the players exchanged safety. Guy took the game by the scruff after James’ safety broke down, to compile a workman-like knock of 47 to take the third frame by the score (16-61) with all the colours still on the table. Frame 4: Needing just one more frame for victory Guy broke in frame four. James needed to put the last to frames behind him and play every shot as though it could be his last. Again, Guy got in first, maybe he'd found the pace of the table with his earlier breaks, was he ready to make his opponent pay? So smooth around the table, Guy soon complied at break of 58 to knock the wind out of the McNally comeback or had he?
With 82 still on the table, James did himself credit and fought really tough in the face of implausible odds to pull himself back into the frame knocking a well constructed 74 to take us the deciding frame.(58-74)Frame 5:With the decider looming the players shook hands again and James broke. Both players missed chances early, it was Guy who made small breaks of 16 and 21 to go into a 4-37 lead. James cut this with a 12 break to get within 21, but both players looked for clear chances, both knew the importance of the final frame and an exchange of safety took place. Guy's safety cracked first, leaving James the opportunity to drag himself back into the frame and maybe even to take the match. James compiled a 25 break, his position letting him down so James played a tidy safety shot and Guy's only shot was to roll up to the object ball, a shot he played okay but he left James a sniff of a chance. (41-37)  James knocked in a 16 break to go 20 in front but Guy wasn't finished with all the colours on the table. As he came to the table a clearance would do just this. Guy potted the yellow, green, brown and followed those with the blue leaving himself a long pink into the top pocket, as he hit the pink it was bound for the pocket but somehow it jawed and it was James who ran out a deserved winner after knocking in a pressure pink. FINAL SCORE: JAMES McNALLY 3-2 GUY DENNIS   Report by Karl Goulding   thanks to Graham Mason for refereeing and Russ Cairns for marking

League Pairs Result       R Pemberton & S Armstrong v C Frost & Guy Dennis       Roy and Scott came out easy victors receiving 60 start from two of the leagues best player Guy Dennis and Craig Frost. After a few safety exchanges with Roy trying his best to keep Guy off the table and picking up a few points here n there the first frame went to Roy n Scott with 4 reds still on the table. 2nd frame again looked to going same way but Scott left Craig in with a great chance only for Craig to knock is tip off and after sticking it back on he potted a few balls before missing what should have been a frame winning chance. After that Roy again kept guy safe and it was Scott who did the damage with a great 21 break which put them well in front again. Needing snooker with 3 reds on Roy picked off a easy red n green which sealed the frame and final.

HANDICAP SEMI FINAL RESULT:Andy Camm v Lee Ryan   James McNally eagerly awaited the winner of this clash and it was the Stanley Street C player who won the first frame on a slow table with his opponent caught in the blocks. The second frame saw the Stanley Street G team captain; Andy more up to speed and very soon Andy had a decent 30 break helping him to put the pressure on Lee. The match was levelled when Andy potted a final brown and Lee was left gazing into space and giving himself a good talking to. Determined not to let his hard work not be in vain Lee tried to dig deep but Andy's safety and potting just had more consistency about it, needing three snookers; Lee tried to get one but failed and left Andy the match ball which he took without a second thought.
A big thank you to match referee Richard Griffiths - Breakers X and also the match scorer Russ Cairns - Stanley Street G for their time.
FINAL SCORE :- Lee Ryan 1 - 2 Andrew Camm      report by Karl Goulding

Week 26

Thanks a lot to Warsop for a good night of snooker. I would like to give a big thank’ to all of Clipstone team for a good season not forgetting Pete Cotton who couldn’t complete the season. Thanks to all the teams that came to Clipstone s/club and we hope that we made you welcome  report by Steve. Mellor

Week 25

Hodthorpe A v Bowling Club (Div 2):-   Excellent games of snooker Baz winning first game with three excellent pots on blue , pink and black to sneak over the line against Ian , Phil played a great game to reply including a 14 & 21 break to reply and make it 1-1 , Matt then played a steady game getting the better of Tony on the colours onto the last game Dave playing Geoff making his return to the league after 5 long yrs both played cagey games with nothing between them all the way with Dave prevailing on a re spotted black enjoyable night with the bowling club men onto next week with all to play for will the A team get the better of the B team at the final hurdle good luck to all may the best team get promoted

Week 24


Woodend Pub v Clowne Liberal (Div 2):-  All 4 frames could of gone either way, a really tight affair but all of them went to the home side including a fluke on the respoted black by Wes but all in all a good night's company from the Clowne blokes.

Arena C v Arena B (Div 1):--1st frame martin vs Harri ; from the start Martin was playing catch up with Harri potting well to keep his lead going onto the colours , Harri potted the yellow then a few shots later was unlucky to go in off the green , martin then potted the green doubled the brown a straight blue and then a double on the pink to win.  2nd frame Alan vs Oliver; Alan was getting 30 start soon made it 46 points ahead but that is where he stayed until the last two reds which he potted one with the yellow and the when playing the last red knocked the pink in to leave him 14 in front with the colours on, Alan potted enough to leave Oliver needing snookers which he never got but to sow good he was potted a nice 22 break to make the score a bit better. 3rd frame Richard vs Warren; this frame was nip and tuck but it was Warren who run out an easy winner. 4th frame Mark vs Arran ; this frame to be honest Mark never looked in trouble and ran out an easy winner , final match score 3 -1 to the C team

Institute A v Tickhill B (Div 2):--  A keen match was always on the cards with the A team keen for some revenge after losing the first meeting 4-0 but alas it wasn't to be with a repeat of the score line. In 3 of the matches Tickhill B came from behind to win their frames - the best team won on the night.

Week 23

D Millichip & P Hughes v B Stubbs & C Jacobs (league pairs) --  Darren and Paul getting a 12 start the first frame was a tight affair with not much happening for either pair but Darren and Paul took a lead big enough for the opponents to require snookers with just the colours remaining leading to a concession Darren and Paul 1-0 the second frame started where the first left off but Darren got an early chance but then missed a simple pink to the middle letting in Brian to get his arm going with a 33 break and then unfortunately and frustratingly missed a blue to the middle, Paul replied with a 17 keeping them in the frame, with the colours going in 1 by 1 the frame was in the balance 11pts the difference with just the pink and black left, all four players had a chance at the pink then Darren missed the pot "by a postcode" and four cushions later it dropped into the middle bag leaving half a chance on the black which he took and potted the black to win the frame and the match 2-0 commiserations to Brian and Carl who were very gracious in defeat. very sportsmanship throughout from all involved and from Darren and Paul's point of view a enjoyable result

D Duncanson & Steve Nettleship v Daz Presgrave & Kyle Gaskill (Aggregate pairs ):-- Not a good night for the ex- servicemen, Daz was on fire knocking an excellent 53 break in the first frame, we had no answer but it was a good friendly game, good luck to them both in the next round. Hope for better luck in the league pairs

Woodend Pub v Clipstone (Div 2):--Some good tactical snooker from both sides and a fair result on the night, good company from the clippo team

Hodthorpe B V Bowling Club (Div 2):--  All frames was close could have gone either way.

Langold Pocket v Bassetlaw C  (Div 1):--   Don potted some good balls and won first frame in a canter. Up next Kev Baines who's back full of confidence and finding the game easy again. Getting start off Martin McNamara had a very easy game with Martin not actually playing his best and Kev playing really good snooker. Next Paul Tinker also played good snooker for an easy victory over Craig Smith. On last Mike Henson who finally showed what he's capable of with a couple breaks 40-35 which could have both been big breaks. Still finished with total of 114 so again great snooker. 4-0 to the pocket maybe, Roy will keep his captaincy after all !!!

Tickhill v Grove Mill (Div 2):--   Monday night Tickhill welcomed Grove Mill. Up first John Hartley played Chris Hewitt good close game this with Chris needing all the colours to win we all thought he was going to do but a mistake on the blue let John in to take the frame. Next Carl took on a new player to us Mr Gregory who potted very well to make it a close frame which Carl won. Next frame Chris Hambrey took on another good young player Rob Slinger bit hit and miss at times but Chris came good at the end. So three up with one to play last Dave Hartley played James McNally in a rerun of when we played away same sort of game good tight snooker from both players which Dave eventually won. thanks to the Grove lads for a good evening

Week 22

Arena C v Stanley St A (Div 1);--   The Arena C entertained Stanley Street C on Tuesday night; the first frame saw a tense affair go all the way down to the black with Karl Goulding overcoming the away team's Steve Tracey.
The second frame brought together Phil Clarke and Daz Preston. Despite early contributions from Daz, it was Phil who got in more often, taking the frame to put the home side two in front.  Frame three saw Richard Young dent the Arena C's 100% start, a lethargic performance against Mick Kirk. Not suffering Richard's poor play for long, Mick soon went in front and took the frame with many of the colours still remaining.
With the hope of a draw still viable, Jack Wilson had to overturn a 60 point deficit and beat The Arena C's captain Mark Kinnell. Early exchanges saw Mark set the early pace with small contributions. Down by 63, Jack came roaring back with a 24 break. As frame moved on, points were exchanged until with 5 colours left, Mark had a 25 points lead. In vain, Jack snookered Mark but he escaped many times. Later a chance came Mark's way to win the frame and match and he took it.  Final score 3-1 to Arena

Institute A v Woodend Pub (Div 2):--   A keenly fought contest with some good breaks from both teams but the high break of the evening was D Woollen's 28.

Week 21


BOWLING CLUB THROUGH TO THE FINAL    Team knock-out semi final, Worksop Bowling Club vs Woodend. First men up Cliff Toplis (scr) against Tony Broughton (-10). Cliff settled much the quicker hitting 24 unanswered points extending his start to 34. Tony then began to find form and with a number of small breaks pulled the frame back to eventually win by 2. 2nd up Ian Baines (+15) and Dave Wollan (-10). Ian made the most of the 25 start keeping Dave at arms length for most of the frame. Only a couple of points in it going into the colours but Ian took control on the final balls winning by 19. Third up Trevor Harrison (+30) vs Paul Broughton (-5). A captains innings by Mr. Harrison giving a masterclass in how to play to a big start. Paul could do nothing as Trev kept chances to a bare minimum with Trev eventually taking the frame by 40. Last men on Chris Pasturel (+10) vs Gavin Parry (-15); Gavin given a mountain to climb giving a massive 82 point start to Chris. Gavin put in a heroic effort to pull himself to within touching distance 21 behind with only 4 balls remaining including a well taken 31 mid frame. Chris then took brown and blue to make things difficult for Gavin. A drawn out exchange on the pink with Gavin needing 3 snooker saw Chris go in off to give Gavin hope but eventually sank a long pink to win by a flattering 30 points and a rapturous applause from Groupies Kath and Lindsey.

Arena C did Langold Pocket C and Stanley St G a favour by beating their Notts Arena neighbours 3-1 on Monday night, winners on the night as already mentioned; Alan Emmingham, Mark Kinnell, and Phil Clarke for Arena C. Daniel Hoult for Bassetlaw C.

Breakers S v Stanley St G (Div 1):-- 2-2,well played Daz and Paul, 2 breaks of 23,and 24 made it a good frame from Daz ,Paul had a 25 v Andy, best game from him this season, missed pink cost Ricky his frame, with black over the bag, and the captain played pants again, having a shocker of a season, Patrick played well and deserved his win, good news stopped the run of defeats lol.

Woodend v Grove Mill (Div 2):-  Some good snooker from the grove mill lads and deserved a 3-1 win and a good 32 break from Chris .Hewitt as well

Dinnington A v Harworth   (Div 1):--   In the first frame Steve was on fire and only missed three pots all the frame and Richard needed snookers once the last red went down, 1-0 Harworth. the second frame went pretty much the same way with Keith never allowing Proc to eat away at the start he had to give him, 2-0 Harworth. the third frame saw Jordan having to give away his usual 60 and like so many other weeks it was a crippler, Darren didn't really play that well but even so Jordan needed a snooker on the colours, 2-1 Harworth. the last frame was a close game but Mark knocked a nice break in near the end that meant Stan needed all the colours to take the game, Stan made a valiant effort but was unlucky to go in off the pink leaving mark a little tester in the middle bag to level the score on the night, 2-2. thanks as always to the Harworth lads for making it a great nights snooker.

Week 20

Arena B v Breakers S (Div 1):-    The league leaders take another step towards the league title after beating the pool kings 3-1 tonight, a result which was kind to the pool kings. Macca got us off to a great start comfortably beating Shane by a staggering 73 -8 score line. Olly played very well to see off Scott. Josh unluckily losing to Daz Millichip. Josh with 3 unlucky in offs together with 2 lucky snookers from Daz meant they nicked the third. Hayden played solid against Ricky to run out an easy winner and make it 3-1 on the night. Gracious as always in defeat. Cheers guys.

Week 19

Woodend Pub v Tickhill (Div 2):-   First up was Gav and some good solid potting got the home team off to a flyer and up 2nd was Tony, playing some good snooker again and a fine 30 break all but sealed the frame. Frame 3 was a closely fought battle with a fine 35 break from Chris only for Wes nick it by fluking the black! frame 4 saw young Matt Edwards play some good positive snooker and get a fine win, good company from the Tickhill chaps and some high quality snooker played 4-0 woodend good result!

Institute A v Hodthorpe (Div 2) :-  A fine evenings entertainment, especially for the visitors winning all four matches with the last game on 76:76. The black was re-spotted and at the time of writing is still on the cloth as the white ball magically disappeared into a pocket!   Report by Stuart McQueen

Week 18

Breakers X v Arena C  (Div 1):-  Wednesday brought together Breakers X and The Arena C minus 1. The first frame saw Richard Griffiths demolish Mark Kinnell in a matter of minutes. Griff doing the damage with a forty and thirty eight break. Second frame David Wheat played Karl Goulding and it was Karl who ran out the winner keeping most of his handicap intact. Then for the big news, frame three saw Guy Dennis beat the league's high break currently held by Lee Ryan and post a 88 break against Richard Young. No doubt Guy also took the frame and the Breakers took the match because the away team had no fourth player. Final Score Breakers X 3 Arena C 1

Hodthorpe A v Clipstone (Div 2):-  Good result again for home side. Could have gone either way but settle with a draw

Week 17

Harworth v Arena  B (Div 1):-   No shock result at Harworth as Notts Arena B took all four points to march towards the title. Up 1st Jordan Mann gave his usual 60 start to Arran Mallender. Jordan gradually pulled the deficit back with a few small breaks and got within 15 points when he potted a black and watched the cue ball fall into the middle pocket. Arran then added another 10 to his score and Jordan needed snookers on the colours. After a couple of efforts Jordan Conceded and Notts Arena went one up .On 2nd Jonno Burns played his 1st league game in over a year against McCauley Croft. Jonno was potting reds but just couldn't get a colour. On the other hand Macca was potting well with breaks of 18 and 15 and in the end ran out a winner 81-42. 3rd up Keith Fisher took on Ollie Turner. Keith had a nightmare frame failing to pot a single ball. The eight points he got came from fouls by Ollie. The Notts Arena player potted almost everything he went for which included a fine 44 break and won easily 87-43.On last Mick Burns played Hayden Staniland, Mick held on to his 25 start until, half way through the frame, Hayden knocked in a 29 break. Mick hung in there and regained the lead on the colours. Needing one of the last two balls Mick attempted a long pink which got close but missed. Hayden stepped in and potted a good pink and black to give the visitors all four points. Report by Mick Burns.

Dinnington A v Langold Pocket (Div 1):-   2-2 , could have been anything really!, the first frame got to the green with both Darren and Don all square, but Don played a great snooker that gave him the chance to clear up and that's just what he did, 1-0 to corner, second frame paired up Proc and Kev for the millionth time and Proc slowly got his nose in front to level the score on the night, 1-1. In the third frame Alan started off like a train with three reds and three blues from Paul's break off, both Alan and Paul had chances through out the frame and by the colours Alan had a tidy 26 point lead and the frame looked all over but Paul took his chances and clawed his way back to take the frame on the black, 2-1 Dinnington. in the last frame Roy got off to a steady start and Richard was always playing catch up, Richard fought back to make Roy work for it but when he left Roy the blue over the middle bag it was all over , 2-2 on the night and a fair result, many thanks to corner lads for a great nights snooker

Week 16

Hodthorpe B v Grove Mill (Div 2):- Another great result for home side 3-1. Good company from Grove mill team

Langold Pocket v Arena C (Div 1):--   Martin v Roy good game with lots of safety play and some great escapes from Roy after Martin played had put in some really tough snookers. Roy edged the game and bragging rights on the blue.     ( unlucky martin)   Karl Goulding simply potted Kev off the table with some great pots. Well played Karl.. Alan won next game with some more snookers that Richard found tough to get out of giving Alan close on 40 points in total. Last up Andy smith looked like winning easy against Phil Clarke only for Phil to get back in the game but Andy kept is nerve to sink pink to win. Great captaincy from Roy so keeps his job for another week or so!!!!!!

Woodend Pub v Stanley St A (Div 2):-  Some good potting from the Stanley street lads gave them a 2-0 lead but were pegged back after Gav fluked the pink and some crisp potting from Tony levelled things up, a draw was a fair result

Breakers S v Harworth B (Div 1):-   good 3-1 home win v Harworth. Dean v Steve good play by the pool man,1-0,solid frame from dinger made it 2-0 v Jamie, Ricky giving 40 start to Keith, very close frame, needed pink and black, got the pink, but found an in off on the black,2-1.Scott v Stan another close frame, but the pool ace ran out the winner, always a pleasure playing the Harworth lads ,good luck to the Harworth team for the rest of the season.

Langold Pocket v Arena C (Div 1):-  :- Roy Pendleton (-15) v Martin O'Connor (-25). Martin went for his chances and Roy played match snooker and staying in the frame whilst taking his chances. The two were closely locked for most of the frame until Martin let Roy in on the brown to win the 1st by (66-46). 2nd frame Kevin Baines (0) v Karl Goulding (+30). Finally the real Karl Goulding turned up for the Arena C, and within no time the score was level, a 27 break and other notable contributions doing the damage.(107-17).3rd frame Alan Eyre (+5) v Richard Young (+20) . Richard started fine, but Alan however, potted himself into the frame and with good safety, wore Richard's handicap away. With Alan in front the handshake came with Richard wanting two snookers and all the balls to win.(73-47) Finally; Andy Smith (+5) v Phil Clarke (-10) In this final frame it was Andy who took firm control and went out into a 40 point lead before Phil started to make a late comeback. With the final colours on the table, Andy had a 26 point advantage. This was soon cut by Phil to 12 with a yellow, green, brown and blue and barring a better positional shot from blue to pink it could have been a steal for the Arena C. In bad position; Phil went for a long pink from the baulk line and left Andy a chance to seal it for Langold. A chance he grabbed with both hands,(63-45). 3-1 to the Pocket

Week 15

Harworth v Stanley St C (Div 1) ;- Harworth and Stanley St C shared the spoils in a 2-2 draw at the Comrades. !st frame saw new player Pete Pashley continue his good start with a win against Will Goy. Pete potted well and ran out a comfortable winner 51-29.On 2nd a close game between Jade Boughton and Scott Wilson. The frame went all the way until a nervous Scott potted the final black to level the match [ unlucky Jade ].On 3rd Jordan Mann gave 60 start to Nigel Bond and looked like winning when he reduced the handicap lead to just 11 points near the end of the frame. A relieved Nigel potted the final pink to sneak the win for Stanley St. The final frame was forfeited to Harworth because Stanley St only turned up with three players. Report by Mick Burns.

Warsop WMC v Langold Pocket (Div 1):-  First frame Luke v Alan  Luke potted well didn't leave anything for Alan comfortable win for Luke, frame 2 was the opposite John potted well for Langold & Matt never got going, the same in frame 3 Roy played well & Brock didn't get started, Last frame Terry Dowson v Mike Terry receiving 25 had a nice 27 break Mike needing 1 snooker on the colours got the snooker required potted from yellow to blue after a few good safety shots from both players Terry potted a good pink, honours even & a good nights snooker

Week 14

Woodend v Hodthorpe A (Div 2);-  A good night with top lads n nice to report a win .Four games of snooker which could have been any result but all woodend lads played well at the right moments

Week 13

Warsop WMC v Arena C (Div 1):-  A good win for the lads from Warsop, Ade v Martin add played solid all the way through & won comfortable, next Ian v Karl Ian giving 55 start he pulled them back steadily & won it on the black, Brock v Mark Brock giving 60 start didn't get going at all & never caught up, last frame Pat v Richard Pat giving 35 caught up straight away & won easily... 3-1 to Warsop WMC

Warsop WMC v Arena C (Div 1):- First match of 2016; Warsop the venue for Warsop WMC v Arena C. 1st frame Martin O'Connor played but lost to Ade Westwood, a frame where Martin gave too many points away in cheap fouls, 2nd frame, Karl Goulding v Ian Scott, a more nerve jangling frame, decided on the final black with a great pot by Ian. So Warsop 2-0 up and into the 3rd, Herbert Brocklehurst faced Mark Kinnell, but Mark took his chances and the handshake came along with 5 of the colours still on the table. So leading 2-1, and all to play for last to play were Richard Young and Pat Dillon. Richard never settled and Pat just picked him off and made useful contributions to win the match for Warsop 3-1. A good day at the office for Warsop WMC and special praise must go to them as the Arena C side turned up over 45 minutes late because of a mix-up on playing nights. Report by Karl Goulding


Notts Arena B v Langold Pocket (Div 1):-  Notts Arena B started the new year where they left off with a 4-0 win over Langold Pocket. Olly on first with a good steady game against Alan. Josh managed to hold on just from Pem to make it 2. Hayden beat Tink with knocking a 30 in to seal the frame. Macca fell over the line on the black against Dom after Dom gave him a lesson on how to get snookers. All the best everyone for the new year

S & J Mallender v J Joynson & T Salt ( Aggregate Pairs):-  Steve and Josh Mallender just managed to scrape through to the next round against Jordon Johnson and Tom Salt. Jordon and Tom played a solid first frame to win by 20, a good clearance by Josh in the second  meant we won by 31. Going into the last Jordon and Tom played a solid game and was favourites to take the match but a fluke on the blue by Josh then the pink was enough to steal the frame. Unlucky guys the best team didn't win I'm afraid

Warsop Ex-servicemen's v Clipstone (Div 2):-   Another great night of snooker with a great bunch of lads, three of the four games lost on black ball, Kev's game was a little easier. 4-0 could easily of been 3-1 the other way but luck ran out for ex servicemen tonight, looking forward to rematch at the end of the season, good luck in division 1 lol

Grove Mill v Institute (Div 2):-  1st Frame N Wells ran out a clear winner potting some very good balls mid frame to open up a wide lead leaving J Hind needing snookers on the colours 2nd Frame B Farnell made a good start however A Gregory regained his concentration and potted the brown, blue & pink to win 3rd Frame was a very tight frame with very few colours potted. It was no shock that it made its way to a black ball game and D Bottomley potted a very good black to take the victory 4th Frame saw J Richards catch up his start very quickly and with 4/5 reds left the points were neck and neck however S McQueen then potted a few good balls and J Richards fouled to force S McQueen back in the lead. J Richards took control again just before the colours and won the frame Very good bunch of chaps from Institute and we wish you the best of luck for the season

Tickhill v Clowne (Div 2);-   Back home at last for the Tickhill lads and a great start for us playing a good Clowne team, three of the four frames were close the pick being frame three which finished 78 players 77, how many games do you get 77 and lose. Still a good win for us in good company thanks lads

Dave and Nigel McCarthy beat Turner and Peacock 2-1 in the league pairs. A scrappy 3 frames all went to colours with the McCarthy's winning on a re spotted black in the final frame

Week 12

Breakers X v  Notts Arena B ( captains cup):-  Breakers X took on Notts Arena B in the captains cup with Steve edging it 2-1 after a close fought game. Fish was gratuitous in defeat as always.

Woodend Pub v Hodthorpe B (Div 2):-  Last game before xmas Have a good one everyone A game of two half's as they say Down in first two games but won second two won with breaks of 33 for Gav and 28 for Dave making a draw

Langold Pocket v Breakers S (Div 1):-   Close games with 3 black ball games. Could have easily been 4-0 to either side but well done to breakers who got the result 3-1

Clipstone v Tickhill (Div 2):-  . it was nice seeing Tickhill again, also was nice to here they have gone back to there place .back to snooker I went on first it was a close game till the when I went on to win 1-0 Richard seemed to have a new lease of life pottered very well went on to win 2-0.Mat just can't get it together had no run went down 2-1.then came 10-10 Alan lost his lead then came back potting the blue pink black to make it 11-11.thank to Tickhill merry xmas to all see you in 2016  Report by Steve Mellor

Week 11

Clipstone v Breaker  S  (Captains cup):-Shane came here broke first and I was up against it from the start even with my 50 start he was on my back went to the black which he left a long one which I pottered1-0. Game2 I got my act together and the 50 start was to much I took that one 2-0 thanks for the game Shane Report by Steve Mellor

Anston v Clipstone (Div 2):-  Top of the table clash at Anston as they hosted leaders Clipstone and it was the Anstonians who came out on top. 1st up Jordan Joynson had his first taste of giving 60 start as he took on Ed Reilly and Jordan played a great frame with some excellent match play to keep his 100% record and make it 1-0 to Anston. 2nd frame saw another 100% player in Charlie Elliott take on Matt Ball, both players struggled to get colours with reds but in the end a brilliant blue and pink won it for Charlie and make it 8/8 for the season. 2-0. Next up Dennis Turner took on Steve Mellor in a close frame with Dennis gradually getting the handicaps back then Steve getting his advantage back onto the colours Dennis took a great long brown then blue and when Steve left the pink over the middle Dennis stepped up potted it then rocket doubled the black to snatch victory and make it 3-0. Last up Ryan Purcell against Alan Dunkley with Ryan not at his best Alan continued his brilliant run of form to maintain his 100% record of 10/10 well done Alan. 3-1 to Anston on a great night with the Clipstone lads always a pleasure see u all in the return.

Hodthorpe B v Stanley St A (Div 2):-  Excellent result for the home side. Couple of close frames, could of been a different result but good four points.

Arena A v Arena C (Div 1):-   first game was Olly against Karl Goulding, Olly started off the best with a good safety game to reduce the start, Karl then started to get into the game half way through with some good long pots to extend his lead going into the colours, then and in off on the yellow for Karl was enough for Olly to clear the colours to black to make it a black ball game which he potted a few shots later. 2nd frame was Hayden v Karl Creswick this was a one sided match with Hayden running out an easy winner to make it 2-0. 3rd frame was Macca v Richard, Richard did enough all through the match to stay in control of the frame and keep his handicap start, a chance missed on the colours from Macca was enough for Richard to take the frame to make it 2-1. last frame was Harri against Mark, Mark was in control of the frame from the beginning to be 50 in front of the colours, Harri gave a good fight back to get get it down to just one snooker needed on the blue but then a foul from Harri was enough for mark to win and make it 2-2 on the night.

Breakers S v Dinnington A (Div 1):-   good win for the pool kings 3-1 v Dinnington A, solid frame from Simon put us 1-0 up Daz then played a steady frame,2-0,same style from Ricky made it 3-0, Shane v m Lancashire, the pool king giving 30 start pulled it back got in front,  rattled pink, then lost on the black ,poor stats for the season from the captain, hope my luck changes soon lol the white rabbits have gone AWOL, cant buy a win at present, well played team, and thanks to the Dinnington lads, good night of snooker

Week 10

Arena C v Breakers S (div 1):-  It was a bad night for the pool men as they got snookered at the arena; 1st frame Martin v Shane; this was a great frame with Shane getting off to a great a start pulling out a 30 point lead but it it all changed when he failed to get out of a snooker and then to leave a free ball which put Martin right back in frame, it came down to last four balls to which Martin took brown ,blue and pink to win, 2nd frame Alan v Mark; Alan struggled to get going and him missing easy shots and mark taking advantage it did not look good, but Alan soon found his potting and won by taking pink & black; 3rd frame Phil v Ricky this frame was all Ricky as Phil never got going and Ricky playing great to run out an easy winner; 4th frame Karl v Dean; this frame to be honest Karl never looked in trouble and ran out an easy winner to make it 5 wins on bounce all 3 - 1.Report by M Kinnell

Warsop WMC v Arena B (Div 1):-    A good night of snooker all round with the young pretenders!! maybe it's their year to be crowned?? The first three frames all decided on pink or black, last frame Macca's long potting kept him in front all the way.. Could have been 3-1 either way but it went the young guns way.. Very entertaining night

Team KO

Arena C v Corner Pkt (Team KO)  :-  1st frame Karl Creswick v S Armstrong ; well this was a frame when Karl potted reds and no colours and what ever he tried it went wrong so it finished Karl losing by 57 so leaving the arena facing an up hill battle. 2nd frame Mark Kinnell v Alan Eyre ; this was good frame with both Mark and Alan playing well with Mark winning by 20 . 3rd frame Karl Goulding v Paul Tinker; in this frame Karl never looked in trouble and won by 43 . 4th frame Alan Emmingham v Don Squires ; so after the first three frames Alan including his start got 21 ; this was gone after a foul and a good 19 break , then it was nip & tuck until Alan knocked a very good 20 break and after that he never looked in trouble until the colours Alan potted a good green and when he missed the brown and with blue, pink and black out in the open we feared the worst but don potted the brown but did not get on the blue , a few shots later Alan potted the blue to leave don needing a snooker which he never got the chance to get so Alan potted the pink to put the arena men into the next round ; it was a great match and well played to Alan and his team. Report M Kinnell

Ex-Servicemen's v Breakers S (Team KO)  :-   good night of snooker, lots of safety and some excellent potting, went down to a black ball and could easily have gone either way. Ex servicemen go through, only pool players lose out, just

Harworth B v Breakers X (Team KO):- . Breakers X came through with a win over Harworth B on Thursday night, Craig Frost got the away team off to great start when he defeated Steve Boughton by 30 points despite giving 60 start. Breaks of 29 and 22 helped pull back the start and with just eight points in the game with four balls remaining Steve had a straight forward brown to the middle but missed and Craig cleared up to win the frame. A closer frame followed when Graham Fry played K. Gaskill. A fair bit of running by the Breakers player saw him lead for most of the frame and when Graham potted the black the away side won by 13 points, Stan Smith played 3rd against John Fisher and it was John that started the better pulling back the 25 start and taking the lead, Despite Stan coming back towards the end it was a win for Breakers by 22 points. Jordan Mann had the task of giving R Griffiths 115 start in the final frame .A forlorn task but Jordan put on a bit of a show with breaks of 29 and a 33 clearance which gave some respectability to the score. Well played Breakers and good company.

Week 9

Breakers S v Warsop WMC  (Div 1):-    2-2 for the pool kings, Shane v Brock, close game until in off ,leaving red over middle, red, pink, yellow, green ,brown and blue, game over for Shane, Dean v Ben, solid first frame for dean 1-1 Mark v Matt, 9 reds potted by mark and not a colour, easy win for matt, Ricky v Ian, looked like an easy win,40 in front, missed green, in off, free ball, let Ian back into the match, colours unto the pink,t hen pink missed by both players, ricky snicked a thin cut in, honours even on the night.

Dinnington A v Bassetlaw C (Div 1);-        Dinnington recorded a third successive 4-0 win but the Bassetlaw lads can count themselves unlucky not to win at least one frame on a night when a 2-2 would have been a result no one could argue with. Tim took the first tight frame when he saw the brown go down to leave Andy needing snookers. The second frame went all the way to the pink and although Daz Presgrave only really missed 3 pots in the entire frame the 60 start he had to give Daz Pyatt was a major blow and Darren took the pink to make it 2-0. The third frame also went to the pink, Alan did well to keep in the frame as Chris made a good start but when he left Alan an easy pink the frame was over, 3-0. In the last frame Richard had to claw back a 25 point handicap but after Dan made a decent start Richard started to find his form and after sinking a nice green, brown and blue it was hand shakes time with Dinnington taking the match 4-0. Thanks to the Bassetlaw lads for making it a great nights snooker and taking the unlucky 4-0 on the chin

N McCarthy & D McCarthy v T Wilkinson & P Dillon( League Pairs):-     just to let you know myself and David won  Terry Wilkinson and Pat Dillon tonight in league pairs three close games with Pat having a nice 44 break in the second match Report by Nigel McCarthy

Week 8

Harworth v Dinnington A (Div 1):-   Things went from bad to worse for Harworth on Thursday as they suffered a 4-0 home defeat to Dinnington A. Keith Fisher took on Mark Lancashire in the 1st frame and lets just say it wasn't the best game either of them have had. Both players struggled throughout but after 45 minutes Mark put the away side one up. On 2nd Steve Boughton played Paul Crew. This was a better game with both players making some good pots. The frame was close with just the last three balls left when Paul, snookered on the blue, had to play a swerve shot to escape. He missed the blue on the way down, hit the top cushion and made contact on the way back and watched the blue drop in the corner pocket. A few shots later it was Paul who potted pink to put Dinnington 2-0 up. On 3rd Jordan Mann gave his customary 60 start to Darren Pyatt. Jordan made a nice 36 break but unfortunately was 80 points behind at the time. With not enough balls left on the table Darren ran out a comfortable winner. On last it looked like Harworth were going to pick up a point when Stan Smith held the lead for most of the frame against Neil Procter. With Stan 20 in front on the green he failed to get out of a snooker and Neil eventually potted the remaining colours to sneak a win.4-0 to Dinnington, back to the drawing board boys. Report by Mick Burns.

S Robinson & J Bell v B Elliott & C Elliott (League Pairs):-   : 2-1 win for Dinger and Shane in the snooker pairs v Bruce and Charlie Elliott, the pool kings gave 22 points start per frame, won the first on the blue, second frame 12 in front with pink and black on, then Charlie potted a great pink ,full length down the rail and a good black with the rest, best 13 break of the season, to level the game up at 1-1, Final frame slow start by the pool players, but a couple of little breaks caught the start up, pulled away 16 in front with blue pink and black on, another great pot by Charlie, on the blue, but missed pink, dinger potted it, to win the game, always a pleasure playing the Anston boys, close match.

Grove Mill v Woodend (Div 2):-    1st Frame was a very scrappy affair with both players potting the odd red colour but it was mainly a frame of missed chances. W Holland potted well and kept his lead throughout the game playing some good safety to keep R Liddle out. Frame was all but over when they reached the colours 2nd Frame was following suit of the first until the last few reds when A Gregory had a low teen break to get himself back on level terms only for him to play a good positional shot on the yellow but unfortunately he forgot to pot the blue leaving T Broughton an easy yellow. T Broughton sunk the yellow, green, brown & blue before fouling on the pink leaving 18 in the frame. A Gregory couldn't get the snooker and ended up fouling leaving the frame to T Broughton The 3rd Frame saw an exceptional potting display from G Parry. He kept T Burrows out and took his chances making a fine 34 break to all but settle the game. T Burrows battled back potting two red colours before G Parry stormed in the last red down the rail forcing T Burrows to concede 4th Frame saw D Padley attempt to make it a whitewash for Woodend and after a tight few safety shots around the black D Padley went for a long red and missed it leaving C Hewitt with a chance to capitalise. C Hewitt took his chance and made a 38 break. Which was followed by a 21 break with a red left on leaving D Padley to concede. Good bunch of lads. Good luck for the season Woodend!

S & J Mallender v M Hagen & N Beeston (Bassetlaw pairs):-  Steve and Josh Mallender beat Mark Hagen and Nigel Beeston in the Bassetlaw pairs. A missed brown by mark and a 22 clearance by Steve in the second frame proved vital albeit with a lucky pink.

C Hambrey & J Hartley v D Millichip & P Hughes (League Pairs):-  A good start from Darren and Paul saw them pull a good lead bur with some resilient play from the home pair and some bad attempts at pots from Paul saw the home pair peg the lead back and heading into the colours saw the frame finely balanced, unfortunately a small mistake from the home player left the black dangling over the pocket for Darren to pot and take the frame 1 up. The second frame was a bit more cagey affair with both sides attempting safety play with some shots working and some not, the home side took a small lead going into the colours but then a few unfortunate in-offs helped the away pair back into the frame and a timely pink pot from Paul saw the away pair take the frame and the match 2-0   Thanks to the home pairing of C Hambrey and J Hartley for a great game and enjoyable night report by Darren and Paul

Warsop WMC v Stanley St C (Div 1):-   Ade is back giving 30 start he soon pulled them back with a nice 28 break followed that with a 22 some good exchanges on the colours with Ade winning it on the brown.. A similar game for Terry giving 30 he also had a 28 then some good safety from both players a couple of small breaks helped Terry win .. Brock receiving 5 from Jack, Jack potted well early on to go 20 ahead Brock coming back with a 22 it was nip & tuck then Brock potted a good green then brown &Blue to put him 15 ahead he left pink in the jaws of the top pocket jack managed to keep it out but potted it in the middle.. Final frame Pat giving Mick 15 nip & tuck all the way down to the black a few good safety Mick left a 50 50 pot into the green pocket which pat missed black finishing over the middle pocket 3-1 to the home team & a good nights snooker with the lads from Stanley street

Institute A v Stanley St B (Div 2);-  An enjoyable match played in great spirit and a fair result. 2-2

H Lowell & W Lowell v I Scott & M Scott (Aggregate Pairs) :-  I Scott & M Scott both played good throughout the matches by winning the first game by 48 points. They both kept the game close towards the end of the last frame. In the second frame, H Lowell & W Lowell won by 54 points making it 1-1 on frames. However, I Scott &M Scott lost their last frame to a black ball game which ended with H Lowell & W Lowell winning the match by 2 frames to 1. Well done to both I Scott & M Scott for a challenging match.

Week 7

Woodend v Ex-servicemen's (Div 2);-   Good night all round Solid performance from Capt. Dave with a 37 break Wes still learning match play not yet up to Dave's level Good game from Gav against Jim Tony lost his form for now hopefully so another draw 2 2

Arena c v Harworth B (div 1);-    1st frame Karl Creswick v Steve Brougton; this was a very scrappy and low scoring frame which Steve won by 20. 2nd frame Martin O'Conner v Stan Smith; this was a great frame with Martin giving Stan 35 start , Martin clawing the start back with small breaks it all came down to the pink & black which Stan potted to force a re-spot, after a few safety shots it was Martin who took the frame. 3rd frame Richard Young v Jordon Mann; with Jordon giving the maximum start and with Richard not potting much allowing Jordon to pull all the start back and that stage it looked like only one winner but give Richard credit he hung in there and it looked all over when Jordon had a easy pink to the middle pocket but to everyone's surprise he missed it and then Richard potted a great shot so it came down to a black ball safety game a few shots later Jordon looked on in despair as he hit a good safety shot but then watched as the cue ball went in the middle pocket to hand Richard the frame by 2 points. 4th frame Phil Clarke v Mick Burns ; to be honest Phil never looked in trouble and ran out an easy winner, so it finished 3-1 but could have been 2-2, all I can say unlucky Mick and your team good luck for the rest of the season Report M Kinnell

Breakers S v Arena B (Div 1):-2-2 draw v the young guns, should have been a win for the pool kings, Simon v Macca well played Simon won well against a misfiring Macca, Scott v Harrison solid frame from Scott ran out easy winner, Paul v Harri, Paul should have had his first win, well in front till the colours only needed one from four ,a rattled blue, and pink, was close for 3-0,but Harri nicked it with a good pot on the black, Shane v Hayden, no luck for the pool king, rattled black, opened the balls up, Hayden had a 22 break from the miss, game over well played young man, great set of youngsters, sure i can get a couple of pool players from them lol

Institute A v Bowling Club (Div 2):-  They played well to a man. Whitewash comes to mind!

Langold Pocket v Breakers X (Div 1):-  Great night all close games could easily have been 3-1 or 4-0 either way but after some good snooker finished all square 2-2.

Week 6

Breakers X v Dinnington A (Div1):-  Another good win for the X men, running out 4 – 0 winners over Dinnington A. Daniel Appleby started with a win against Richard Turner. Both players had chances to win but Dan potted the vital balls to win on the colours (61-29) 1-0 Guy Dennis on next against Mark Lancashire. A good solid start from Guy got him into the frame early and he made inroads into the 60 point start. Onto the colours with nothing in the frame a yellow to pink clearance gave Guy the frame (83-67) 2-0 The longest frame of the night followed with Daryl Peacock against Darren Pyatt. Daryl played and potted well but the black and a number of reds became wedged over a corner pocket. The frame turned out to be a very cagey affair. Unfortunately, after opening the reds a little, Darren found himself in an excellent position to pot the black, but in doing so, knocked a red in too. A big turning point in the frame and Daryl took advantage to record a good win. (68-57) 3-0 Last man Kyle against Alan Simpson. This low scoring battle came down to the pink. Alan was fortunate to snooker Kyle behind the black with the pink close to the bag. Kyle failed to hit the pink, leaving a golden opportunity for Alan. Somehow he missed the match winning ball. Kyle potted pink, but a poor safety on the black left another chance for the Dinnington man. This again wasn’t potted, leaving Kyle a long black. He missed, but saw the black travel back up the table and drop in the opposite corner bag. (50-39) 4-0 A good hard fought match against Dinnington A, unlucky not to take home a point. Good luck for the season lads… Report by Guy Dennis

Grove Mill v Bowling Club (Div 2):-   The first frame saw T. Burrows up against C. Toplis What can only be described as a scurfy affair before T. Burrows took control of the frame and took a 39 point lead into the colours. Where despite a spirited effort from C. Toplis, Tosh came on top 53 - 10 Second frame saw R. Slinger take on P. Clarke giving him a 30 start. Phil made a good start but Rob managed to get his start back going into the colours where P. Clarke needed a snooker on the pink but he resulted in potting it which saw Rob take the win 68-60 Third Frame saw Worksop League debutant D. Tomlin take on I. Baines. Daz giving 25 start struggled to get into the frame and some great potting from I. Baines saw him storm home 76-14 Last but not least saw J. Richards take on T. Harrison. Jamie giving 35 start fell further behind with T. Harrison increasing his lead to over 50 points. Going into the colours Jamie required 3 snookers, which he managed to get and took the win by 1 point. 69-68

Tickhill B v Woodend Pub (Div 2):-  All square tonight first frame went to Woodend quite easily next two went to Tickhill then the best frame of the night went to Woodend. Some good snooker played and a fair result

J Mallender v P Hughes (Handicap):-   Josh Mallender played a good solid game in the handicap against P Hughes from breakers. Several high teen breaks and a 20 break was enough for Josh to win 2-0

S Robinson v B Godley (captains cup):-   Shane beat Barry 2-1,first frame won by Barry, on the blue, levelled at 1-1,little 18 break, pulled the start back, brown made the frame safe ,final frame, a couple of small breaks got the scores level, the pool player opened the gap, a potted blue left Barry needing a snooker ,then pink won the match, good close game, a couple of lucky shots helped both players,5-4 to Barry lol.

Week 5

Dinnington A v Welbeck A  (Div 1):-  points shared between Dinnington and Welbeck, the first frame was all over when Welbeck's Richard hill knocked in a tidy 57 break to leave Tim playing catch up. The second frame was a close one and Welbeck's Ricky Wyld had to sit and watch as Proc fluked the brown but then went on to sink a great blue and pink to pinch the frame, 1-1. The third frame started off with a long safety battle and this played right into Darren's hands, as the colours found the cushions Welbeck's Simon Broughton (giving a 40 start) struggled to get a break going, 2-1 Dinnington. The last frame was another close one and Lanky had a great chance to take it on the brown but let Welbeck's Phil Robinson off the hook only to see Phil take the final colours to take the match 2-2.

Arena C v Breakers X (Div 1):-   not much to say really but breakers x played very well to run out easy winners which ended 4-0 Report M Kinnell

Warsop WMC v Dinnington C (Div 1):-   First frame was a game of missed chances with Terry getting the run of the ball falling over the line.. Second up Brock played good solid snooker & Mat had bad luck all the way 2-0 to the home team next up Terry Dowson v Tom salt Tom potted very well & Terry never recovered his start.. Last frame Pat v Pip Pat potted well to get to within 3 behind but Pip just edged it with some good pots of his own on the colours.. So all in all honours even & a good night with the lads from Dinnington

Grove Mil v Hodthorpe A (Div 2):-  Decent nights snooker with every game pretty scrappy resulting in close games and no big breaks Hats off to Hodthorpe A who brought a full team and observers to make a good audience Draw was a fair result

Team Ko Week

Anston v Dinnington A :-  First up Dennis Turner lost out by 40 points to Tim Cook a 38 break by Tim doing the damage. 2nd frame Charlie Elliott beat Richard Turner by 17 to reduce the deficit, then 3rd frame Jordan Joynson beat Neil Proctor by 26. This meant Wayne Race took a 3 point start into the final frame against Alan Simpson, it was close throughout then when Alan took the blue it left Wayne needing both pink and black and when his chance came that's exactly what he did pink in the middle then a very good pressure shot on the black across the bottom cushion to win the local derby for Anston. Unlucky to the dinno lads but a big Well done to our lads great result.

Harworth v Hodthorpe B;-    Harworth progressed to the next round of the Team Knockout on Thursday after beating Hodthorpe B.1st up Steve Boughton gave 25 start to Ken Kiddell and struggled to pull back the deficit at the start of the frame. He eventually got going though and with some good potting took the lead with the colours remaining. Some more fine pots on the colours meant Steve won by 20 points. On 2nd Graham Fry gave 15 start to Mick Allison. The frame followed a similar pattern to the 1st frame with Graham in the lead with the last five balls remaining. With Graham in front by 15 with just black on the table he tried a cut shot and watched the white ball drop in the middle pocket. Unlucky Graham but still a win by 8 points.3rd up Stan Smith gave Karl Hughes 20 start and a close game followed until Stan potted some great shots on the colours to win the game by 13 points. All that meant, after adding the scores and the handicaps together, Jordan Mann would be giving Danny McKenzie 19 start on the last frame instead of 60 or more. A couple of small breaks and then a good 32 by Jordan took him well into the lead and some more solid potting on the colours confirmed the win for Harworth. With thanks to Hodthorpe for the great company. Report by Mick Burns.

Bowling Club v Grove Mill :-   Bowling Club look to kick start their stuttering league form with the visit of Grove Mill in the team knock-out. First at bat Cliff "Houdini" Toplis and Chris Hewitt. Cliff made a good start extending his 15 point handicap but three breaks of 20+ from Chris soon cancelled this out and saw the Grove man hit the front with a couple of reds left. Chris' good form continued and saw the Grove man finish the frame with a healthy 39 point lead with Cliff taking the final black. 2nd up Ian "Scratch-man" Baines against Andy Gregory. A poor 2014/15 season sees the scratch-man languishing out on +25 but in a tight frame the 25 start made all the difference. Andy struggled to make any inroads into the handicap with Ian keeping chances to a minimum eventually holding the start and running out winner by 27 points and reducing Groves overall lead to 12. Third men in Capt Trev "Grinder" Harrison taking on Jamie Richards. Another big start for the Bowling Club with Trev getting 35 points and needing them. A tight frame initially, then Jamie saw his chance, a well taken red, black, red lifted his confidence and when the second black rattled in the middle only to drop in the opposite pocket Jamie made the most of his luck with a well taken 39 break to level the frame, and the match with half the frame to play. Trev then did what The Grinder does best and locked the frame down, keeping Jamie from scoring eventually taking the frame by 5 point leaving Grove Mill with a 7 point lead from the first 3 frames. Chris Pasturel and Rob Slinger stepped up for the final frame shoot-out with Chris' 10 point start reduced to 3 overall. GAME ON. Chris settled quicker with the first early chances but some good safety from Rob soon brought chances of his own. The frame stayed within a few points all the way and the pressure began to build as they hit the colours level. A drawn out exchange on yellow, green and brown saw Rob with a small 2 point advantage and a mistake from Chris saw Rob
with first chance on the blue. A wayward shot from Rob saw the blue finish mid table with cue ball behind the baulk line, black over the middle pocket and pink to the left of its spot. Chris potted the long blue but over-ran position on the pink. A couple of breathes to settle the nerves and keep the crowd in suspense and the pink was down to cheers from the Bowling Club faithful, simple black to round things of and Bowling Club go marching on recording their first win of the season.

Arena B v Clipstone:-   Win for the young guns  Macca inflicting the damage

Stanley St B v Clowne Liberal:-  knockout Clowne Liberal won by 7 points

Langold Pocket v Institute A ;-   Pocket won this with ease after M Henson and R Pendleton gave them a great start gaining a total of 95 points. Scott Armstrong on 3rd kept the start intact for Alan on last who simply only had to pot a couple of balls to win. Great night good set of lads and this win could see Roy keep his captaincy for another week or two.

Week 4

Clowne Liberal v Clipstone (Div 2):-  Clowne lost 4-0  whooped again

Anston v  Stanley St A (Div 2):-   First up Jordan Joynson played another great frame to beat J Woodward to carry on his unbeaten start to the season.1-0. next frame saw a misfiring Dennis Turner lose out to C Hedley not to take anything away from the victor potted well throughout 1-1. 3rd up Wayne race against George Smith only looked one winner for most of the frame when Wayne got the yellow George needed the remaining colours and 1 by 1 he got them and when Wayne uncharacteristically missed an easy (ish lol) pink George doubled the pink and potted the black 1-2. Last up Bruce Elliott versus Damian Padley, Bruce gradually got the handicaps back and looked to be going on to win it with Damian not firing and then Bruce potted pink and then cut a nice black in the top corner only to watch the white go down the table and into the bag 1-3 Good night with the Stanley St lads see you all in the return.

Hodthorpe B v Institute A (Div 2) :-   Great result for home side, could have gone either way but home side had a bit of luck

Welbeck A v Notts Arena C (Div 1): Alan Emmingham got the visitors off to a winning start by playing well to beat Phil Robinson. Ricky Wyld brought the evening back to all square thanks to some fine potting in his victory over Mark Kinnel. On third Simon Broughton took on Karl Goulding and both players played well. A fine break of 43 by Simon proved to be be a mid-frame turning point and it followed that Simon took the point for Welbeck. The final frame went all the way to the black. With one red left Richard Hill looked to be struggling against Phil Clarke. However, a timely break of 26 forced a black ball game which Richard eventually won. A good nights snooker finished 3-1 to Welbeck. Thanks to all who took part.

Breakers S V Bassetlaw C (Div 1):-  Honours even 2-2 draw with the Bassetlaw C team, Simon v Mark close game Simon fluked the brown game over, Ricky v Jason, very solid play from Jason, kept Ricky under the cosh,1-1.Paul v Dan, looked like an easy win for Dan, but Paul came back good pink, but an under hit pot to the middle, left the black over the middle, Dan dropped it in, Dinger v Keith, solid play from dinger, left Keith in trouble, thought Keith was going to need a map, to plan away out of the snookers, fair result on the night,8 points from 4 games, par for the course lol

Tickhill B v Bowling Club (Div 2):-   A very close match with three black ball games. A good night as usual with the Bowling club lads.

Week 3

Harworth v Breakers S (Div 1):-  Breakers S came out on top at Harworth on Thursday. The match started well for the home side with Steve Boughton maintaining his 100% record with a win against Scott Bradley. A 24 break by Steve mid-way through the frame proved to be the difference. Both players potted well but the 20 start Steve had proved to be vital. The visitors levelled things up in frame two. Dinger Bell played a very solid game against debutant James Boughton. Good potting and some fine safety play by Dinger kept James out of the balls and the match was all square at 1-1.On third Jordan Mann had to give 60 start to Ricky Morris. Not surprisingly the start was too much and Ricky ran out an easy winner. Sorry to say Jordan has become a bit disillusioned with the handicap system giving 50 and 60 start to very good players every week. We may not see him in the league for a while. On last Keith Fisher played the pool king Shane Robinson. Shane gradually pulled back some of the 40 start he gave Keith. Then when he knocked in a good 35 break he took the lead. Keith replied with 14 and the frame came down to the last three balls .It was Shane who finally won when he dispatched the blue and pink to give Breakers a good 3-1 win. Report by Mick Burns.


Grove Mill v Hodthorpe B (Div 2):-   Some close games after Grove Mill needed to give starts in every game. The first frame was close with Tosh needing a snooker on the pink. Unfortunately he couldn't get it and Karl took advantage Rob Liddle played very well in his game and caught up the start pretty quickly enabling him to take the frame. Jamie Richards followed suit and did the same. Karl White then remained 50 points behind until 5 reds were left. He then potted all 5 reds separately with colours and the yellow, green and brown to leave himself needing blue & pink to win. Danny then struggled to get out of a snooker on the blue and knocked the pink over the pocket leaving Karl to pot it.
Report by Chris Hewitt

Ex-servicemen's v Stanley St B (Div 2):-  Great night of snooker, four tough games with excellent company. Jim Shaw's first game with a very nice 20 break, just came up short for the debut win. Three black ballers, which could easily have gone the other way, with a bit more luck

Arena C v Langold Corner Pkt (Div 1):-  1st frame Karl Goulding v Don Squires, this frame took just over an hour to play but Karl was never in any trouble and ran out an easy winner, 2nd frame Martin O'Conner v S Armstrong, Martin had to give 45 start and played a good frame potting the last 3 colours to win, 3rd frame Karl Creswick v Paul Tinker this was a frame where both players had their chances with Karl winning on the pink, 4th frame Phil Clarke v Alan Eyre, this was a very open frame with both players potting well it all came down to the black when Alan unlucky double kissed the black to leave Phil an easy pot to win, so it finished 4-0 to the arena c, well played to Langold it was a good match played in good spirit

Week 2

Hodthorpe B v Ex-servicemen's (Div 2) :-  Good result.3-1 to the home side Enjoyed ex servicemen company. Real good laugh from both teams

Arena B v Breakers X (Div 1);-  Arena B welcomed former champions The X Men to the Arena. After their 4-0 win last week the X Men came with big hitters and got off to a good start. Dave played a good solid game against Olly taking the frame on a black ball finish. Up next was Guy against Macca, Guy just never got going and a 16 break by Macca meant guy needed all the Reds with high valued colours to get back into the frame. When guy missed the pink after potting the offered his hand 1-1 Third was Josh against Griff. Griff started very well knocked in a great 29 break only for the plant to rattle the jaws, Josh potted a couple but a fluke on the yellow by Griff looked like it was over. However a miss on the blue going in off open the door for josh. This was going to be another black ball finish josh doubled the pink to leave a difficult black with the rest which he potted much to the delight of the crowd, Griff couldn't believe it. Last up was Hayden against Fish, Hayden started off well taking control The frame then to stalemate as the black was over the pocket and all the Reds around. After what seemed like an age Hayden ended up knocking the black in to open the match up, was this a brave move as it let Fish who couldn't pot a colour after the red. Some good small breaks by Hayden put Fish under pressure and all though he tried with the snoopers Hayden kept his cool and went on to take the frame to give the youngsters a 3-1 win. report by Steve Mallender
Arena B v Breakers X (Div 1);- The X men took to the road with a tricky away tie at the summer league champions Notts Arena B. Wheaty up first against Oliver Turner. With both players playing well and making cracking pots, with well thought out safety play, this game was nip and tuck all the way down to a black ball game. But it was Wheaty who stroked the black in to claim the frame (78-76) 1-0 Guy v Macculey in the next, with Guy getting off to a reasonable start but missing a straight forward pink to let Macca in. He knocked in a good break in to take control of the frame and ran out an easy winner. (23-89) 1-1 The third frame saw Griff v Josh Mallender. Giving 60, Griff started well and knocked in a 28 break to reduce the deficit and looked odds on for victory. But all credit to Josh, who never gave up and came with a ‘cheeky’ double on the pink to leave a half ball cut on the black with the rest which he knocked in. Griff didn’t do much wrong but a superb finish from Josh. (74-86) 1-2 Bringing up the rear, Captain Fish against Hayden. This was initially a very tactical affair with at one stage the black surrounded by 8/9 reds blocking the corner pocket. Hayden had a 30pt lead and decided to smash the reds up conceding the 7 pts. With the reds spread everywhere Fish now had a chance, but spurned his opportunity and Hayden played well to take the frame (33-74) 1-3 Well played to the Arena on their win, carrying on well from their summer league success. report by Guy Dennis

Corner Pocket v Warsop WMC (Div 1) :-  After a marathon first frame lasting over an hour Alan kept his head in front to make it one nil. Next up newly crowned captain Roy got a lesson on safety play and steady potting by Brock. Looks like being first captain sacked in first moth lol. Next up Paul Tinker looked like struggling due to bad look and every ball simply rattling on every pot. Finally managed to get balls to drop and win with pink on. Last up S Armstrong who on his day makes a mockery of his 20 handicap started with a little run of the balls but once let in he potted red black 3 times to pretty much seal the game. Scotty played some great safety only for Scott to reply like a minus man himself. 3-1 to the pocket so good captaincy I would say. Report by Roy Pendleton

Week 1

Stanley St G v Langold Pocket (Div1):-   Having finished 3rd in Summer League, hoping for a flying start for winter League  Pat Gee on first against Mike Henson, Pat 32 in front when a poor safety let Mike in to clear up to the brown for a 62 break (should have been 84) Well done Mike!!  1 down.  Danny Wallace  v Kev Baines Kev always in control until a missed snooker on brown put back in again only to  hit black this  totally changed the game and Danny went on to win  1-1  Mick Camm took on Roy Pendleton. Mick receiving 40 start held on till final red Roy 31 behind took red, green and colours up to the black few missed chances followed before Mick trebled the black to win 2-1  Andy Camm v Alan Eyre.  Andy misfiring slightly couldn't not get close to Alan who went on to take the flame on the brown  2-2 a fair result

Bowling Club v Stanley St A (Div 2):-   Really bad opening match for the Bowling Club -- things can only get better !! But well played to the Stanley St boys great start to the season!

Harworth v Bassetlaw C (div 1):-    A score draw in the season opener for Harworth against Bassetlaw C.1st up Steve Boughton played Keith Marsh. Steve had 35 start and held his lead for most of the frame. A few good pots when he needed them kept Steve in front to put the home side one up. On 2nd Jade Boughton took on Chris Longbottom. Jade received 25 start and with some good early potting extended her lead to 40. A couple of pots and a few flukes got Chris back in the frame but with the colours remaining Jade still lead by 25.It all went wrong for Jade after that. A couple of fluked snookers that Jade missed made the game close and it was Chris who potted the final black to sneak a win. on 3rd Jordan Mann played D Hoult. Jordan Gave his usual 60 start and pulled back the deficit with a fine 32 break followed by a 25.When Jordan took the lead late in the frame the Bassetlaw player could not respond and Jordan put the home side back in front. On last Mick Burns played Jason Bernie. A long safety battle followed with neither player getting much of a chance. A good 20 break by Jason mid-way through made the frame close and then he went in front with the colours remaining. Mick had a chance when he potted the last red and got perfectly on the blue but somehow managed to miss the easy pot. That proved to be decisive as Jason ran out a winner. Final score 2-2.

Breakers X V Breakers S (Div 1);-  The new season saw the X Men in determined mood and get off to a flying start with a 4 – 0 winner over Breakers S. Dave Wheat opened up against Ricky Morris. Dave played a very solid game and took his chances well. Ricky struggled with his potting and going into the colours needed a snooker. Dave failed to get out of a tricky snooker on the yellow which gave Ricky a chance. The frame came down to a pink ball game, which Dave duly took clipping a tough pink in along the cushion. (64-47) 1-0  The second frame saw Guy Dennis giving maximum start to Luke Wiggleworth. A bit of a scrappy frame with Guy eventually getting into the frame with a 28 break, eventually winning on the blue. (91-62) 2-0 Next saw Griff play Darren Millichip. Griff started off brilliantly, catching and passing Darren midway through the frame with the aid of a 25 break and solid potting. Darren then started to play and a 17 break gave him a healthy lead going into the colours. The frame turned on the blue, with Darren potting what looked like game ball, only to see the white ball trickle into the middle bag. After a safety exchange, Griff finally got the chance he was after and cleared blue; pink and a miss able black with the rest to clinch the frame (95-83) 3-0 Last on battle of the captains, with the new X Men captain Fish battling it out with the veteran pool king Shane. Another scrappy game with number of reds potted without colours. Shane closed in on the 20pts start but failed to take his chances and Fish capitalised to take the game on the brown.(65-36) 4 – 0

Grove Mill v Clipstone (Div 2);-   1st Frame P. Cotton kept his lead until the last few reds where R. Slinger came from behind to storm into a strong lead going into the colours leaving P. Cotton needing snookers on the green 2nd Frame was a close game up until the last few reds and colours when T. Burrows took control 3rd Frame was a mixture of some very bad luck for J. Richards and some very good potting by S. Mellor 4th Frame A Dunkley took control early on increasing his start before C. Hewitt came back into it with a few good teen breaks before A Dunkley doubled the blue and potted a good pink Good night all round

Tickhill B v Hodthorpe B (Div 2);-   The Tickhill lads all had to give big starts tonight but came through to take a good 3_1 win over a Good Hodthorpe team .All the frames were close affairs which could of gone either way and we were glad to take the win. Good night in the Hodthorpe lads company