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Anything entered in red was altered at this years A.G.M.

1. The League will be run by a Committee headed by a Chairman, all who are elected annually at the A.G.M.

2. The League will employ a Secretary/Treasurer this may be two posts. Salary to be determined at the A.G.M.

3. The Committee will meet periodically (as required) an attendance fee is allowed to each member attending.

4. All teams within the league must register annually. Registration fees and table levies all to be decided at the A.G.M.

5. Team and player registration fees must be paid at the time of registration. The Committee may not allow teams into the league who have not paid these fees.

6. The league teams will be divided into two equal divisions. Where there are an odd number of teams entering the league either Division may have the extra team subject to the Committee's discretion

7. Promotion and relegation: Three teams will be relegated from Division One to the lower division. 3 teams will be promoted from Division Two to the higher division. More teams maybe relegated or promoted to balance the leagues subject to the Committee's discretion.

8. IF a team pulls out of the league without completing their fixtures that team will count towards relegation.

9. All new teams entering the league will start by playing in the lowest division.

10. Each team will play all the other teams in the division, home and away. Each team may choose its own playing night from Monday to Thursday.

11. It is the home team captainís responsibility to complete the score sheet, this is to be folded and players playing order to be entered. This to be hidden until the opposing team has entered their playing order i.e. secret selection.  The score sheets are then signed at the end of the match so both captains can check the score card is correct and verify the result.  Home team captains are to fill the electronic score card on the website, or ring the result to the Secretary by no later than 6pm on Friday of that week.

12. In all league matches teams are to consist of four players, each player is playing for one point; therefore each match is worth four points. Players must be present at the start of their frame. A named reserve maybe used to replace a non attending player provided their name is entered as a reserve at the start.

13. When a team has only three players the non-offending team claims the forth point. If there is less than three players the match must be re-arranged and the offending team will be deducted 2 points.

14. If a match has not started by 8.05pm the home team will be made to re-arranged they will be deducted 2 points.

14a  If adverse weather causes matches to be cancelled secretary to be informed and NO penalties will imposed. Notice will be put on website

15.  Matches are to start at 7.30 p.m. prompt. It is the responsibility of the home teamís captain to have the table ready for this time. In each match teams must provide a referee and a marker.

16. The league is a handicap league and the maximum start for new players is Plus +10. The onus is on the team captain, when registering the team to put the new players off what he considers is a fair mark. Plus 10 being the maximum. The Committee will alter handicap marks as it sees fit. The handicap is now open ended allowing all players to find their true handicap mark, however still with a maximum start of 60 points. The Committee now has the ability to police new players who are entered of an unrepresentative handicap by removing some or all of the points gained from this player, then the Committee will set a fair mark for that player.

17. Handicap changes are to be implemented after a player has played Three then again after four matches. The following formula will apply;

                   Played  3   won   3               The handicap mark goes down by 5  points

                   Played  3   lost   3               The handicap mark goes up  by 5  points

                                        then again after there 4 match

Played  4  Won  4  Lost 0  - The handicap mark goes down by 5 more points.

Played  4  Won  3  Lost 1  - The handicap mark goes down by 5 points. unless already adjusted

Played  4  Won  0  Lost 4  - The handicap mark goes up by 5 more  points.

Played  4  Won  1  Lost 3  - The handicap mark goes up by 5 points.   unless    already adjusted

All new players entering the league will have their handicap altered after each frame in his first block of 4. 5 point alteration either way after EACH FRAME. Then after their first 4 frames the player will be handicapped like all other player above in Rule 17.

18. At the end of the season players handicaps will be altered if you have only played 3 matches out of your last block of 4. And have won or lost all 3. Handicap is adjusted by 5 points from the start of the following season. Examples - Won 3 out of 3 matches the player goes down by 5 points. Lost 3 out of 3 matches then the player go up by 5 points.

19. The team captains will handicap players in their own team. However players who play off the wrong mark will automatically lose the point and it will be given to his opponents. This match will be classed as void for handicapping purposes. Team captains must be vigilant over handicap marks. There are no excuses for playing off the wrong mark.

20. In the event of a tie at the end of the season for league positions it will be decided firstly on matches won. Secondly on the number of 4-0 wins. Thirdly on head to head on past results for that season. Finally if the positions can still not be decided a play-off on a neutral table will take place with five players to decide the outcome on the basis of first to win three frames wins.

21. Tables levies to be sent to the Secretary every five weeks. Fees to be decided at the A.G.M.

22. All winners and runners up in league and competitions can now receive cash, this will be paid out at the presentation night. Anyone who cannot attend the presentation night may send a representative to collect their prize by sending a letter to the Committee to inform them who will be collecting their prize in their absence. Any prize not claimed will go to a charity. The charity will be decided at the A.G.M.

23. League team knockout prizes will be 1st 2nd and equal 3rd. The knockout cup will be played over an aggregate of all four team membersí scores. The only time the black ball will be re-spotted will be in the event of scores being level in the last frame.

24. Teams will be given prizes in all divisions; first, second and third places.

25. Snooker scratch competition is best of 5 frames for every round. Prizes for first, second and equal third.

26. Captains cup is the best of three frames. Final is the best of five frames. Prizes for first, second and equal third.

27. The handicap competition is the best of three frames. Final is the best of five frames. Prizes for first, second and equal third.

28. League Pairs is best of three frames. Any two registered players may play together, but must always play from the first named players club. Players will use team handicap marks. To do this both marks are added together are then halved (disregarding any half mark) An example is ( +25 and +20 = 45 halved =22 Ĺ ).  Therefore the mark is 22 this mark is applicable to all three frames. Prizes for first, second and equal third.

29. Aggregate Pairs is three frames on aggregate throughout the competition. Any two registered players may play together but must always play from the first named players club .The teams handicap is worked out using the same formula as the league pairs. Prizes for first, second and equal third.

30. Competitions semis and finals to start at 7.00pm wherever possible and be played on neutral tables. If two teams/players from the same club play each other then their own clubs table maybe used.

31. All competition fees and prizes to be decided by the Committee.

32. All competition draws will be published on website and Facebook page. The first team/player named will be the home team/player. They must contact the away team/player within seven day of the competitions being published on the Website and offer three dates (not all in the same week) on which the match maybe played. The away team/player then chooses when the match will be played, if no contact has been made in this time then the away team/player can claim the home venue. If neither team/player makes contact both team/player will be disqualified  Any disputes or claims must be in letter form and with the Secretary to put to the Committee within 24 hours of the closing date of that round.

33. When a match has been arranged and in the event of the player not turning up, the non-offending player must wait 30 minutes after which he can claim the match in writing to the Committee. Applies to knockout competitions only.

34. If a team has to cancel for whatever reason that team will lose two points and then;

a)          Re-arrange and play within 14 days of cancellation.

b)          Inform the Secretary on the first day of cancellation.

c)          Irrespective of who cancels it is the home teams who must re-arrange because only   they know the availability of their table.

35. Any team not sending a player (registered to their team) to the A.G.M. to represent their team will be deducted 4 points from the following season total.


36. Players visiting other clubs must abide by that clubs rules. Some clubs do not allow any person under 18 in to their club. Under 18s who join competitions risk being scratched if they are drawn to play at a club which does not allow their entry. Club restrictions are to be notified to the Secretary when registering the team.

37. The League is an amateur league and does not allow current professional players to register or play in any league or competitions matches.

38. It is the responsibility of both players to ensure that the scoreboard shows the correct handicaps on the board before the start of the match. If the wrong marks are put on the scoreboard both players will be deemed to have played off the wrong handicaps and both players will lose the match.

39. A player of the year competition to be awarded to the player with the highest percentage of wins in league matches against the total amount of matches played. In the event of a 2 or more equal on percentages the Committee will decide.

40.  All players to conduct themselves in a correct manner when visiting member clubs.

41.    The miss rule was vote to be used in all matches  but only when

         A)     a red can be seen full ball and you choose to take one off the cushion hit it or a           miss can be called

         B)       you pot a red and end up in the back of the pack you can see the black but chose to take a baulk colour hit it or a miss can be called


42. The Committee will interpret the above league rules as they see fit.