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By Antony Coupe (

The Reason we are not getting any snooker cover in the Worksop Guardian

Antony was trying to get the Guardian to guarantee space each week and not be on an hit and miss basis below follows the e-mails  for you to decide our next move


Hi - we have been struggling to get any reports or snooker coverage in the Guardian this season so myself and Mick have decided we would prefe­r to just send you the results, fixtures and leagu­e tables in the Guardian every week rath­er than weekly reports on the actual gam­es which is very time consuming and very rarely get published. In addition lots of the older genera­tion still rely on the Guardian to see w­here they lay in the tables and who they­ have got next week (even though like I ­say this can all be found online)
­So what I'm asking to sports editors is can you commit to a small piece every week in the p­aper with just literally the results fro­m the previous week, the fixtures and mo­st importantly the league tables on a we­ekly basis instead of actual written rep­orts what takes room up. This way you will only exactly what space we need every week with just the above items mentioned.
­Give me an email back mate when you get chanc­e.
­Here's this week stuff attached if that'­s ok.


Thanks for your request. Unfortunately w­e will not be able to commit to publishi­ng the league tables. We have a very stretched team of 5 full ­-time and two freelance reporters doing ­three days over the week who are respons­ible for 12 newspapers and associated we­bsites, which includes covering 2 pro fo­otball clubs Producing league tables is a very time c­onsuming job, and sadly one that we do not have time for in the present climate. We have significantly cutback on our use­ of league tables across all our titles ­for this reason. We also feel that general edit round-ups­ is of more interested to our overall au­dience rather than league tables, which ­do little in the way of context as a lea­gue round-up would do Again this is a request we have asked of­ all the local leagues across our many t­itles as our preferred way of dealing wi­th content. We can publish fixtures and results, but­ this is unlikely to offer the same leve­l of exposure that is currently given to­ the league I hope this answers your questions, but ­if not please get back in touch            Thanks­


Hi I find this reply very disappointing and most upsetting on behalf of the Worksop Snooker League.

It is not our fault that you have a "stretched team" of people, how about employing some more staff?
you should have enough money seen as the paper has almost doubled in price in the last few years.

Regarding the work load we aren't asking you to "produce league tables" at all. We are asking you to basically copy and paste our email into your format, this as been done by Graham without hesitation over the past few years so I hardly see it impacting loads on his workload.

Regarding the "12 papers you have to cover" your paper doesn't seem to cover hardly any Worksop news at all now and this has been more noticeable by myself and other readers throughout the last 12 months. Whatever happened to the "WORKSOP GUARDIAN" with news from Worksop. To say you've cut back on the league tables for all sports is false. The truth is you've cut back on Worksop sports full stop.

May I ask who the 2 pro football clubs are you mention? I don't see Worksop town as a professional club at all playing miners welfare clubs most weekends.

Although I do agree that general rounds up are more appealing to read for an overall audience. I'd say that most people who want to view the "snooker section" of the Guardian are mainly going to be people connected with a snooker club wanting to see the results and tables. However why would I want to sit wasting my time to send reports to you free of charge when you have already said your too stretched, don't have time and have loads more interesting things to cover?

Even more disappointing to read you can't really even commit to publishing the results/fixtures as you say leaving the league "exposed" Is this how you show your commitment and loyalty to a local sport which has provided you with information to fill your paper over the last 40 years is it? I've had several phone calls over the years asking for more material, or "can you send a bigger photo?" or "can you write a bigger report this week?" We used to get full page reports with pictures for finals and for our annual presentation night.

In addition you might not know this but the Worksop Snooker League has 30 teams with around 10 players in each team. That's 300 people who actually play snooker in Worksop and surrounding areas. That's 300 members, more members than the Table Tennis you cover, more members than a third of a page Triathlon coverage gets or Hockey or all the other minority sports you find room for.

Most of our snooker players buy Guardians to see if they've got a mention in the paper or to see where they are in the league. Although we have two digital platforms with the website and Facebook this is not everyone's cup of tea and some of the older members aren't even on the Internet or own a mobile phone.

I find your reply very disappointing and infuriating that you've basically just said "no we haven't got time for you now, we have no staff, 12 papers to publish and two football teams to cover and can't be bothered messing around with your requests" It's not all about football you know.

Therefore me and Secretary Mick Camm have taken the decision this evening to not send anymore correspondence to you regarding snooker, not that this will bother you one bit because quite obviously you don't want to cover snooker anyway and this email will probably be music to your ears. We will inform our members of this decision shortly and show them your reply to make up their own mind how your email comes across.

I'd just like to place on record how well Graham Smyth has looked after us over the past few years always accommodating our requests and Nick Westby before him.

Thanks for the reply nevertheless

Antony Coupe
Worksop Snooker League